Full Of Freddie

I promise that I will try not to become a grand chlild bore each week bombarding you with nothing but Freddie stuff.  However, this week is not the time for that. It’s felt like a long week, and a tough one for Rebecca and Tom as Freddie was in hospital for pretty much all of it.

He wasn’t feeding too well and was generally taking a while to recover from the trauma that is birth. Frustrated at wanting him home and at the same time worried that he’d be OK, after probably the longest week in the world, Rebecca and Tom were finally able to bring him home on Friday. They were a little naughty and just turned up at our house with him out of the blue having told us earlier that day that they hadn’t heard anything about him coming home.

With him being in special care until this point I hadn’t been able to hold him so this was a special moment which I celebrated by growing an extra chin.

So putting that week of stress and worry behind them, he was taken home so that his parents could then start a whole new phase of stress and worry about important things such as poo, eating and sleeping, which sounds like one of my normal weeks.

That new phase of stress and worry for Rebecca and Tom, I shall needlessly point out, will never end!

There have been lots of gifts and stuff purchased for the new family unit. One thing I gave them was something I wish we had been lucky enough to have. It is free but yet priceless. I set up a YouTube channel for Freddie. I know he won’t be vlogging for a while (if at all) of course, but the idea is that it is somewhere to put as many videos as possible of him, so when his Mum & Dad become middle-aged nostalgia machines they will be able to look back at any given point in his life and watch it all over again.

To make this easier we also got them a vlogging camera. Now, I have no idea if that channel will be made public, that’s up to his parents, but that isn’t the point. Our memories of the kids are scattered across photo albums, trip reports (thankfully) and other stuff crammed into drawers. With technology as it is, this won’t be the case for young Freddie.

So we’re all getting used to our new life with another member of the family in place. Even Rebecca said it felt surreal and unreal but within a very short period of time it will feel like he’s always been here I’m sure. We are all absolutely smitten with him and when you look at these photos, you will probably see why. I say that with not one hint of grand parent bias of course!

He’s a sleeper so far, which is a blessing. He’s already doing six hours or so through the night in between feeds. That’s better than I do! That all may change over time, but it sounds very much like Emily who we had to prod whilst asleep to make sure she was still alive. Nothing has changed there to be honest and if left to her own devices would only wake to be fed and then go back to sleep.

So with very few apologies there ends an entire post dedicated to having a Freddie. It may happen again but I will try not to be the online equivalent of that bloke who keeps showing you the photos of his grand kids in his wallet. Maybe….

Till the next time….

8 thoughts on “Full Of Freddie

  1. Who could get bored about the live of such a cutie? I am so pleased that he is now where he should be, home with his mummy and daddy.

  2. Aw he is beautiful Craig & yes you will go into full grandad mode taking millions of photos & talking non stop about him. Take it from one who knows & our granddaughter is now 6 lol enjoy every min with him xx

  3. Your blog, your choice!! I do however love reading about your family and what you get up to each week and so it feels only natural that we read about how Freddie is doing too. I think it is going to be really good reading about you all going to Disney next year. Making lots of memories x

  4. What a gorgeous boy. We set up a YouTube channel for our little family when the boys were younger. It’s private but extended family have the password. It’s great to review at Christmas to see what we’ve been upto over the past year and to revisit our fave memories from the past few years. It’s also a really good way for aunties and uncles in Australia to see what the kids are doing. It’s a great idea. Hope you all create many memories for little Freddie over the coming years x

  5. It’s great to know young Freddie is now home with his mum and dad. And what a lovely surprise they gave you with their unexpected visit. Can’t wait to read the first trip report that involves the newest member of your family. Congratulations once again.

  6. Glad Freddie is home, thank you for sharing your precious pictures with us, can’t wait to hear about his first Disney adventure !

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