About mkingdon

What is an mkingdon?  Well, it is a long story, but a simple one.

I have an addiction to Walt Disney World and Florida, and have done little else but holiday there for the past ten years.  Worse than that, I have written about it too, in the form of long and detailed trip reports, now available to own at an Amazon near you.

The origins of “mkingdon” are online.  Planning these trips involves many hours of research, usually on Disney forums.  Upon joining my first many years ago I had to choose a username.  I chose mkingdom, with the obvious relation to the Magic Kingdom.  However, I am cursed with less than perfect typing skills, and I actually entered mkingdon.

So it all started there really, and people have come to know me as that, so I’ve sort of adopted it as my online identity.

Behind the name is a forty something Boltonian with two daughters, and Louise, a wife.  I work in eBusiness stuff, and endure it to the best of my ability.

You can find me in various places online.  You should follow me on Twitter, and there is an Mkingdon facebook page too.

If you want to get in touch with me for any reason then you can email me or fill out the form below.

19 thoughts on “About mkingdon

  1. Hi Craig,

    You may recall a while ago i contacted you and told you my story about how my wife was having a tough time at work and i booked Florida 2010 as a “massive pick me up” ???

    What i wanted to know is do you still have that PM in your records as mine has disappeared for some reason and i was thinking of doing my first ever Trippie and wanted to use some of that text as a pre trip report.

    Many thanks

  2. Hi Craig.

    I thought i saw you the other day in Salford Quays, i was going to catch you up just to say hi but i decided against it in case you thought i was some kind of nutter.

    I have to say that we are going back to WDW in Aug 11 for 3 weeks. we were last there in Aug 09 and to be honest your trip reports have made the whole thing of planning, saving (18 months) and general waiting around for the trip to happen, much more barable. we have 2 children 16 yo DS and a 10 YO DD. all 4 of us really enjoy your reports.

    My wife’s Dibb user name is jill8933.

  3. Hi Craig.

    Just wanted to say how much entertainment I have had reading your Trip Reports.
    Like you I too love the whole Disney/Orlando scene, going again October 14th 2010 for I think the 5th or 6th time.
    Look forward to reading your next update on the Dibb


  4. Hi Craig

    I’ve never really posted on any boards before on a regular basis, but having finished reading your last trip report I felt I must put finger to keyboard….

    I just want to say a really big thank you for the enjoyment me and the family have had reading your trip reports over the years. I stumbled across your reports on the Dibb when I was planning our one and only trip to Florida ( so far – I’m going back as soon as possible! ) back in 2006, where I proposed to the Wife in front of the castle!, and quickly became an avid reader.

    Your reports are so funny, entertaining, touching at times and were also very informative to first time Florida visitors like we were. Since then I have read the reports many times over, and, like many Dibbers have commented, almost feel like I know you, Louise, Rebecca & Emily personally – not forgetting your Mom and Dad too!

    I realise that it must take a hell of a lot of time and effort to produce these superb reports but from the comments you have received, you must realise you give a lot of enjoyment to an awful lot of people.

    So I thought it was about time I made the effort and said…..

    Thank You Craig – you really are the King of Trippies!!!

    Best Regards to you and your family and please dont leave it too long for the next report – wherever that may be!

    All the very best

    PS I’ve put this on the Dibb site too, just to register my appreciation there!

    1. Colin

      Not quite sure what to say after that!!

      What lovely comments. It does blow my mind a little when I look at the number of views for the reports, and realise that thousands of folk read them. Quite scary.

      It is a lot of work, but one post like this, and it doesn’t seem so bad.

      Thank you again.

  5. Hi bud! Y’all ready for the festive feasting and merriment? Whose house are you having a family row in (assuming you are like 98% of the populace) this year?

    1. I am always ready for feasting, I don’t need some religious occassion as an excuse 🙂

      The remaining family in the UK will be at ours on the day…I doubt it will be an all nighter!!

      1. Craig

        Hello, like everyone before has said, I have followed your reports for years and the joy they have given me is beyond measure. You’re family seem wonderful and seem very important to you. I have a wife and 2 kids and have all the photographs taken down through the years of us all growing up. I have only started doing facebook (To become a friend of Outback and Olive Garden). I don’t do twitter or anything else, but i read the Dibb and it brightens the winter months between holidays. I am lucky enough to get there every year and our trip in August over the last few years has co-incided with yours. Same again this year, we arrive on 6th August. So if a 6′, 16 stone baldy irish man approaches you in one of the parks and is unable to talk due to being star struck, please understand. Your trip reports are therapy after a hard days work.

        Keep it up my man.


      2. I never know what on earth to say to such lovely comments…thanks seems a bit weak….but seriously thank you!!

  6. Hi Craig

    I am nearly all the way through your trip reports on The Dibb and I just wanted to say thank you. They have kept me throughly amused. I am sure that my husband thinks that we are having some sort of cyber fling as I read a couple of pages every evening and usually giggle away as doing so.

    We are taking our two for the first time in October this year (DD5 and DS4) and cannot wait. I am hoping that my husband gets as obsessed with the place as you are so we can continue going back every year.

    It has been lovely seeing your girls grow up in to beautiful young ladies with every trip report I read. They are very lucky girls.

    Keep writing.


  7. Hi craig ive just found myself reading your trip reports again as due to hubbies health probs we havent had our disney fix for 2 years now and its seriously depressing.I love your trippies as they remind me a lot of our holidays centred around the best food obviously haha,i particularly like last years title as im a scouser and huuuggee lfc fan and didnt take any offence of my accent haha,keep up the good work as your hugely entertaining.

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