I have written three books now, the latest being my first ever novel, All This And More.

David is the lead singer in a very average white band. Sean is an increasingly disillusioned record company executive with a history of signing some of the biggest music acts on the planet. The changing state of the music business, post credit crunch corporate finances and a boy band that isn’t a boy band bring them crashing together during a finger buffet and a Joe Jackson song. Things are never the same again, but for some, that is probably a good thing.

Book Cover
All This And More


If you prefer an actual book, or don’t have an e-reader you can get the hard copy of All This And More here.

This novel is non-Disney related, unlike the other two books, which are non-fiction travel journals documenting our past trips to Florida.

For over fifteen years now I have been writing about the trials, treats and tribulations of our holidays to Florida.  They are packed with helpful information for those planning a trip to that part of the world.  You may also find some cheap innuendo and the odd spelling mistake.

Knowing that now, how could you not want to own and cherish your very own copy?  You do? Well, you are in luck.  I have finally got around to pulling them all together into a book, Mkingdon’s Tales of Family, Food and Florida, for your e-reader device.

Book Image
Mkingdon’s Tales of Family, Food and Florida

The latest trip report The Going Limp in Orlando Tour 2013 is now available from Amazon too. This is the most recent holiday, celebrating the 18th birthday of my eldest daughter Emily.

Book Cover
The Going Limp in Orlando Tour 2013

If you are kind enough to buy any of my books, and enjoy it please feel free to leave a glowing review on Amazon!  I thank you!

26 thoughts on “Books

  1. Anybody wondering if reading the above trip reports is a worthwhile investment of their time, do it, you will not be dissapointed. Make a cuppa, grab a few biscuits and read.

    Jodie. xx

  2. I totally agree with Jodie, I have read Craigs reports several times and think they are ace!


  3. Craigs going back to Florida!!!!! I thought he said on his last trip report this wouldn’t be happening for some time?!?!?

    bring on the next trippie 🙂


  4. Word of warning: These trip reports are seriously dangerous… as soon as you start reading one you will want to read them all as they are far too entertaining!!

    Seriously though, start from 2003 and work your way forward to the present, they are so worth the effort…. actually it’s not effort to read them, it’s just fun!

    Oh and Dan… hasn’t Craig mentioned in several of his trip reports he wont be going back anytime soon?! And doesn’t he go every year? haha!!! 😀

    Cant wait for the next trippie either… no pressure Craig!


  5. these trip reports are amazing craig!

    Cant wait to read this years already, im a little dissapointed tho that you are going on the 20th, we fly home on that day, shame i wont get to see ryan!!!!


  6. Having gone a good 10 months without a florida report I had to decide whether to see the doctor for medication , keep reading the old reports or book a trip myself, the latter which I did in order to remain sane.

  7. Craig,

    So glad your report is starting to go on! I am going back to the homeland next year 🙂 it will be my 4th time and cannot wait!

    Your trip reports are fantastic and i do certainly get some strange looks when i burst out laughing in the office.



  8. Well Craig, we are very disappointed in you. We fly out to Orlando on Thursday & we were hoping to have read your completed trip report before we left. YOU HAVE FAILED US!!! Not that we hang on your every word or anything!!!! Anyone would think you had other things to do!!! Love reading them & look forward to them every year. Just thought we would rub it in again that we are going on Thursday for 2 weeks, we will be thinking of you!!! Keep up the good work.

  9. Have to say that I have read and laughed my way through all of the reports , a joy to read. Having been to Disney (Florida) for the first time last year I know the passion, having visited Disney Lite (Paris) so many times. It took me all of 2 nanoseconds to book for next year when my Sister In Law (her better? half and their offspring) suggested we go as a group at some point. I think the speed of booking took everyone by surprise, now just 262 sleeps to go..

  10. Craig – Having followed your trip reports since joining thedibb back in 2006, I have to say you have a gift for writing,and my whole family love your reports.

    Glad to see you have booked again this year, so have we but we are going till October 22nd with a stay in Hilton Head Island and 2 week in Orlando.

  11. Hi Craig!

    We have decided we are going back to Florida next year and are looking at villa’s.

    Having not stayed in a villa before, could I ask you if you could reccomend any villa’s or areas that you have stayed in? I’ve obviously looked on the Dibb, but there are so many!

    There will be between 6-8 of us going.

    Hope you dont mind me asking!


    1. You can’t go wrong with a Dibb villa in my view. For us the best locations are around Formosa Gardens, as we like to be as close as possible to the action. There are equally lovely villas down the US27 on developments such as Highlands Reserve, but it is a little further to drive into WDW each day. This time we are spending a few nights in this villa, which is a little further out than Formosa but not much. We don’t mind so much this year as we aren’t doing Disney parks, and we are only there for 5 nights. I guess it depends what your plans are.

      So if we were looking for a villa for the entire holiday I would look at villas in and around Lindfields, Formosa Gardens and Sunset Lakes.

      I hope that helps!

      1. Brilliant – thanks Craig!

        Did think Highland Reserve looks good but will look at some in the areas you have suggested now – thanks!

        Looks like I’ve got a lot of research and booking coming up!

        Looking for the best flights now and getting more and more confused every day – as we want to go next October or November a lot wont quote yet!

        Oh well – its all part of the fun!

        Thanks for your help – let you know when we’re booked! 🙂


  12. I have to read one trip each night, really love the book on Kindle, getting me in the mood for our trip this summer, thanks for sharing your stories Craig.

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