Hello world!

No big intro or back story.  Can’t really be bothered to be honest.  You’ll get to know me as we go along.  This might help.

A very busy and stressful day at work today, consisting of two interviews, (one of my least favourite activities) a couple of meetings, a one to one with one of my managers and about thirty thousand interruptions at my desk whilst desperately trying to clear the backlog caused by daring to have a day out of the office yesterday.  Wow, that was a long sentence!!

Despite having done what I do for more or less nine years now, I’ve been trying to educate myself a little recently on the vast, complex and mystical world of digital marketing, social media etc.

Being a recent iPhone convert (well, I got one from work), I have been dipping my toe into the waters of podcasts.  Some for pleasure, like Stephen Fry, Dave Gorman and Ricky Gervais, but others about work stuff.  I have to say I have learnt some things that have actually been of use in my day to day job.  When I use these nuggets at work, my guys, who thought I was just some sort of “jack of all trades” charlatan, give me a worried look, realising that I might actually know something about what I employ them to do all day.

Seems to me that all these experts in the dark arts of online marketing are called Kelvin or Niall, and wear posh open neck shirts, with cufflinks the size of golf balls, and only drink £7.50 coffees from Starbucks.  99% image and 1% knowledge in most cases, but have a £950 day rate.

Actually I must apologise to a real Kelvin, who does know his stuff, and appears on one of these here podcasts from AI-Digital.  I’ve found their podcasts the most informative, even though Kelvin tends to say “as it were” about every six seconds.  🙂

Work is weird at the moment, but really has been that way for the past four years, and it feels like we’ve been in a state of constant upheaval for all that time.  We have a new MD this week, but he is only interim (but so were the last two), so we’re all charging round trying to press palms and make a good first impression.

It seems like a groundhog day loop of getting to know, impress and educate a new guy every year or so.  Stability, where art thou??

I’m too tired for insightful prose tonight.  Not a great night to start your blog then is it?  Anyway, Phil and Kirsty are on the telly, the girls are at guides (and need picking up in thirty minutes), and my eyelids are like lead.  Early night I think, with tomorrow being a little less manic than today.

Now, if I can work out how to publish this thing…….

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