I must be getting old.

Years ago, when I was young, my Mum used to always say..

“Its Friday again…these weeks are just flying by”

They never used to seem that way to me, but the older I get, the quicker the weeks fly by.  This week has shot by more than most, as I spent almost two days out and about, down in Stroud to be exact.

I used to get out and about with work all the time, but with increasing responsibility, and having developed a hatred for traffic jams in a previous job which involved around 40,000 miles a year, in recent years I haven’t so much.

Anyway, I enjoyed my little trip, apart from the journey down, which should, according to the sat nav, have taken just under three hours, and ended up taking nearer to six.

I stayed over in a lovely place called The Ragged Cot.  Great value too in terms of the room (£65).

Ragged Cot Room
My room.

So I spent Tuesday evening there, having a lovely dinner with my favourite supplier.  I had Olives and Bread to start, followed by a lovely steak with a stilton sauce.  It was well done in all ways.

Wednesday saw a meeting with the development team at Merus Software who are a really great team, and are close enough to being rocket scientists to make me look good!!  I forgot to say that Wednesday started with a full English, despite still being full from the night before.

After what then turned into a large lunch, I waddled to the car around 3pm, and battled my way up my favourite motorway, the M5, to then battle a lot harder to get up the M6, my least favourite by some distance.

It was dark, pouring down, and busy.  So after three hours staring at a set of brake lights I got in around 7pm.  I declined any tea!!  Too full.

The rest of the week was pay back for daring to leave the office, with a very busy Thursday (see last post) and an equally manic Friday.  So here we are, Friday evening, sat, laptop on my…well, lap, watching the girls flick through music channels.  Adam Lambert’s new single is on right now.  An incredible voice indeed.

So what have we learned this week?

Spend more time out of the office, be ready to pay the price for doing so, I need to go the gym a few more times to work off my excessive dinner, breakfast and lunch and writing a blog like this is probably only of interest to me!!

Oh yes, and to top of my hectic week, a friend and colleague (who won’t be either if he does it again) phoned me from West Palm Beach, to let me know how his holiday is going, under the pretence that he was making sure we were coping without him.  Thanks, I enjoyed that Steve.

Till the next time.

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