Forgive me, it has been several days since my last post….

Work gets more manic by the day, and I have to be honest that this constant fire fighting and lurching from one disaster to another is getting a tad tedious.  We haven’t had anything as boring as business as usual for years.

Not to worry, I have two days off now, but am preparing for an important day tomorrow, with a couple of opportunities I cannot divulge full details of here.  I shall when the time is right of course dear reader.

As I career (see what I did there) at full speed into my mid life crisis, I have a feeling that it is time to stop playing things safe, and take a risk or two.  I fear these opportunities will come to nought, and I shall once again be cast into a pit of firey depression and self loathing,  cursing my ineptitude, incompetence and all round lack of va va voom.

So a short post today as I must retire to my pit in the hope that a rested brain will stand me in good stead tomorrow, and my form shall be that of the top variety.  A change is required, and I hope I can deliver, as the frustrations of day to day work are growing.  Nine years in, that is no surprise.

I wonder if others have the feeling of “being found out”?  I am of the mind that those who succeed are those who can hide that the best.  Nine tenths of a bullshit facade and one tenth real ability.  Hmm, time to relieve the shoulder of the chip, best foot forward, and show some self belief fat boy.

Onwards, upwards, and I shall report back when it is appropriate.

One thought on “Forgive me, it has been several days since my last post….

  1. Promised to shut up, but could not *possibly resist* a, “Damn Straight” here.

    As you were. Aces blog, of course.

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