A brief trip to the capital…

It has been a full week, with two and a bit days in the “smoke” attending the Forrester Marketing Forum EMEA by the Thames.

It truly was a Planes, Trains and Automobiles journey, minus the planes, as my company are too tight to do that.  However, it was car to Preston, train to Euston, and then what seemed like endless tubes to Southwark.  But wait, did I not say the event was by the Thames?  Yes, I did.  So why the did I go to Southwark?

Simples!  It saved about £20 a night on the hotel.  The tube fares and shoe leather cost about £40, but hey ho!!  The Travelodge at Southwark was a total hole, and was barely one up from a hostel.

Anyway, enough moaning.  The event itself was pretty good though, with some great seminars from the likes of LEGO, ING Direct, Starbucks and a new company called Magiq, who consist of some folks I’ve worked with for a while, so I wish them well.  I took some inspriation and ideas away with me, before realising that I’ll have to work somewhere else before I can implement them.  Work is woeful, with what seems to be a very slow limp to the finish line.  We need putting out of our misery.  Still, with luck I won’t have to stick around to see it finally take the bullet.

So this week I learnt that my company’s accomodation policy is pitiful, some companies other than mine actually believe that online is worthwhile, and that Starbucks have over half a million friends on Facebook.  One day they will have more than my daughters!!

So after surviving the city I’ve had two very hectic days back in the office, but found time to catch up with my ex boss over a coffee.  It was great to catch up, and to get some sanity from outside the walls of the asylum.

The weekend arrives, and I have things I need to get done, the most important of which is a haircut as I am resembling a cross between Bob Greaves and Liberace.  Not a great look.  Then I need to take Emily (eldest) to the O2 shop to investigate a tariff that is affordable, and can sustain her 40,000 texts per month lifestyle.

As Forrester predicted, the next ten years is all about the growth of the mobile channel in the multi channel experience….and that is just from my daughters!

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