An unexpected week of successes

It would have been very hard to predict how this week was to pan out.  Monday saw me bedazzle several persons of some import, with details of what it is I have been up to for the past nine and a bit years.  Tres satisfying I must say.

After what has been almost a year of derision, doubt and another word beginning with d, some folk have had to quickly back track.

Then, later in the week, along with a colleague, I seem to have influenced more persons of import to make a decision that should see work be a whole lot easier in the long run.  It is tricky being so cryptic here, but it wouldn’t take too much for someone to stumble across these ramblings and connect the dots.

I made it to the gym three times this week, which is the best for a while, with all my jaunts out of the office.  I am to be away away again in a week or so at one of our Southern locations as a project needs “executing”.  More of that after the event.

Away from work, I re-discovered the genius of Jellyfish via YouTube.

Jellyfish are genius, trust me.

It really is a travesty that they ony delivered two albums (of absolute class, originality, melody and the finest harmonies known to man) before disbanding.

Please check them out.

Then, this evening I have sinned by starting xmas shopping before the month of December commences.  Things have changed since the girls were younger, as xmas day mornings used to consist of four hours of trying to free the latest doll from the truly ludicrous packaging.  These days, it is electronics, clothes and cash.

The weekend beckons, and this sees us at the mobile shop trying to get the girls onto a mobile tariff that will accomodate their text addiction without breaking the bank.  Then on Sunday, we are off to the Good Food Show at the NEC, so the challenge will be getting the girls out of bed early enough.

Till the next time.

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