Ready Freddie Go

The subject of this week’s blog will come as no surprise. Let me start by thanking everyone who sent their congratulations and lovely thoughts when I posted Freddie’s photo on Facebook earlier this week.

I’m going to try and talk you through the events of the last week but if I’m honest my head is a bit scrambled and I’ll probably get bits wrong. It’s been a heck of a week for all sorts of reasons, not least becoming a Grandad!!

At the start of the week we knew it was likely that he would be coming soon. Rebecca was being monitored daily as she was having a few health issues herself. The main one was Strep B, which I’d never heard of but there was a risk it could be passed on to Freddie so a plan was hatched to kick-start things sooner rather than later.

By Wednesday Rebecca was in hospital knowing that she wouldn’t be going home until he arrived. It took some time and a lot of drugs to start her labour and as much as that was tough for her and Tom, trying to carry on with every day life knowing what was going on and what Rebecca was going through was tricky.

By the end of the working day on Thursday it was clear that he would soon be with us and sure enough at 9.16 that evening he made his entrance at a healthy 7lbs and 14oz. His first few minutes were a little worrying for Rebecca and Tom as he wasn’t doing a great deal when he first popped out and the delivery room soon filled with literally dozens of medical folks all doing their thing to sort him out.

Thankfully all was well but he spent his first night in the intensive care unit just to make sure. He was then quickly moved to special care where he still will be until (fingers crossed) tomorrow when he goes home. He was on a drip for a while just making sure he had no infections but over the next couple of days he’s made steady progress, coming off that and starting to feed etc. The biggest landmark so far was when Rebecca was allowed to dress him. That first outfit had been planned for a long time!

So on Friday we made the trip up to the hospital to meet him. We were all excited and eager to get there which made Louise’s insistence on stopping at several shops to buy a balloon not at all frustrating, making the twenty-minute trip to the hospital last over an hour!

Rebecca was obviously tired but thankfully safe and sound which was a relief after months of privately being terrified about her going through labour. Because they had to speed up her labour dramatically for Freddie’s benefit they put her on some very strong drugs to take her contractions to warp speed. She was told she wouldn’t be able to cope with the pain levels that would bring so they said they would give her an epidural. Unfortunately, they struggled to get that done and it took two hours to administer it during which she was in inhuman amounts of pain. I am a bit glad I didn’t know that until after the event. She has some impressive bruising for her troubles.

We are all incredibly proud of her and also proud of Tom and thankful for supporting her through labour and the last nine months which have not been easy for Rebecca.

One by one, as only two were allowed into the unit at a time, Rebecca took us in to meet him.

With him being in the special care unit in a glass case of emotion it wasn’t possible to hold him, we have that treat to come later today, but it was amazing to have him hold onto my finger and for us to say hello.

Thankfully, after not too long, over the weekend, he was able to be held by his Mum and Dad.

Rebecca was discharged yesterday and if all goes to plan they should be able to bring Freddie home tomorrow but we’re not sure yet.

It all feels a bit surreal at the moment. I’m sure that will change once he’s home and normal life can begin and I can’t wait. The next generation begins, and I’m sure it will be an adventure for all but mostly Rebecca and Tom. There’s a huge sense of relief all round that he’s finally here and everyone is fit and healthy. Here’s to a new chapter signalled by his arrival.

I have to go and get ready now as I have a date with my Grandson during which I’ll hold him for the first time. I shall be starting the Disney indoctrination by talking him through the plan for his first trip!

Till the next time….

Best of Orlando

26 thoughts on “Ready Freddie Go

  1. Congratulations to you all, and welcome little Freddie, what a beaut!! Well done to Rebecca, sounds like it was a tough time for her, but he’s so worth it. And what an adventure awaits him!! Can’t wait to enjoy the new flavour of your blogs, and it’ll be lovely to eventually see a picture of the new Mum with her little bundle of joy. Enjoy your cuddles!!

  2. Many, many congratulations! Freddie is beautiful. I’m sure he’ll be spoiled rotten. Enjoy every moment.

  3. Good grief poor Rebecca, Tom, Freddie and you guys have had a tough few months, however I’m so pleased after everything they’ve been through that Freddie has arrived safely and soundly. Fingers crossed Freddie will soon be at home with his mum & dad where he belongs and they can all start the next chapter in their lives …. where 2 became 3 🙂
    Sending lots of dibb love
    Sarah (aka chattychick157)

  4. Brilliant news and many congratulations. Looking forward to hearing lots more updates from the very proud grandad 👴 😊

  5. Well, I’ve cried throughout every word (and photos and video) both sad and happy tears. The best blog in forever. What a harrowing time for Rebecca and Tom at the start but all’s well that ends well and here’s to Rebecca and Tom having their little boy home quickly. As a first time nana myself, I can tell you that your world will never be the same again 💕💙. I know I’ve said it lots now but CONGRATULATIONS to you all xxx

  6. Well it’s took me forever to read that through my tears ,what a wonderful time for you all congratulations and glad all is okay x

  7. Can’t believe your little girl who stood in front of “that door”every year for “that photo” is now a mum herself 😭 Many congratulations to you all and welcome to little Freddie xxx let the Disney indoctrination commence!

  8. Huge congratulations to you all Freddie is so cute. Hope he gets home tomorrow for loads of cuddles xx

  9. Aww he’s absolutely adorable, huge congratulations to the whole family and welcome to the world Freddie.

  10. Poor Rebecca it sounds like you had a right time but well worth it for the end result. He is gorgeous 🙂

    Grandad don’t tell him everything about his future visit, will be good to have some surprises 🙂

  11. Aww, I was so looking forward to this post after seeing the gorgeous Freddie on Facebook. Congratulations to everyone!

  12. Such great news, i’m sure Freddie will be ready to take himself home as soon as he hears all the plans coming his way! Congratulations to all!

  13. Congratulations Grandad and well done Rebecca. Our grandson started life as a guest of the special care baby unit, he stayed a week. He’s now a mischievous 2 year old, full of life and love. Look forward to the updates..welcome Freddie.

  14. Aww such lovely news. Congratulations Rebecca and Tom on such a cute lil baby. I think he looks like a Freddie too. I’m sure he will bring you all lots of joy and I am sooooo sure he will be spoilt at Christmas by Aunty Emily xx

  15. So glad here is here safe and sound, poor Rebecca, but I am sure he is worth it!
    Seems so strange to see a baby from your baby who stood in front of the doors in all your trippies, how time moves so fast.
    I am sure he will have Florida planning input in droves- it’s called nappy changes and feeds, lol. Enjoy your first cuddle, congratulations Grandad!
    Sandie twentyyears on the Dibb

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