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Well, my illness of which I do not speak has taken all of last week to go away. I still hack up the odd lung now and we’re two weeks from the start of the illness of which I do not speak. See, I told you I was ill, or I would have if I spoke about it.

If you’ve been reading here for a while you will have noticed that I have slipped in the odd reference to me being banned from a certain Facebook Disney group. I won’t name it, but I’ll bet most of you can guess which one. I have the distinction of being banned despite never having posted in it. It’s a source of regular amusement for me. From time to time the online Disney community can be a right set of dicks it seems. I don’t aim that at the admin of that Facebook group. It’s their group and they can be as stupid as they wish with their rules, it is more of a general comment.

My online echo chamber, from a Disney perspective is made up of what I see to be exclusively nice folks that I first “met” on The Dibb and then from my trip reports, blogging etc. Anyone who thought I was a dick has long since fallen by the way side and everyone I interact with are without exception, lovely, supportive and a joy to have around. There’s a hardcore of Disney folks, most I have never met, that now make up part of my feeds on almost all the social medias. We have met a few of them too and they have been without exception lovely folks.

At the time when I was writing trip reports on The Dibb and they were quite popular I came across a very small taste of what these higher profile vloggers and bloggers seem to get from time to time. People suspected I was cashing in and making heaps of cash and making veiled comments about the fact that trip reports should be free for others to get information from etc etc. They always were (and still are) online, I did the books for a few reasons…

  • Everyone told me I should
  • I was planning to write a novel and wanted to learn how to self-publish etc
  • They are a great way to preserve our memories should The Dibb ever explode.

Anyway, I wasn’t making money, I don’t from my blog, but perceptions are everything and sometimes a little jealousy/resentment can happen to anyone, even when in my case it absolutely wasn’t needed or justified as I’m just not that good at it.

(Oh, by the way….go and buy one of my books!) 🙂

Anywho, this week I saw The Trackers having some beef on Twitter. For those of you who don’t know, and it won’t be many, The Trackers are a very popular couple who vlog every day. They’ve become a success because their videos are good. It’s a simple concept but there you go. They come over well on camera, do good content and aren’t dicks. In the land of YouTube they are a rare oasis in the sea of over exuberant follower addicts with their hauls, giveaways and overly enthusiastic false demeanour. My twitter timeline is awash every day with follow suggestions for “Hey, we’re Ben and Kate (made up names) a couple from Random Town, England and we vlog our WDW trips and share the magic”, and they have about 17 followers. Just my opinion but most YouTubers aren’t bearable to watch for me, but The Trackers get it right I think. For those who love vlogging that of course is fine and it’s none of my business, but it’s just an example of the huge numbers out there doing it and how well those like The Trackers do to stand out.

YouTube is a jungle and I know very little about it, but outside of the Disney community the big vloggers all now seem to have a book deal, some a record deal and all in all have found some way to monetise their followers. Fair play to them. It beats working for a living and I know I couldn’t do it.

So back to this beef. I couldn’t get to the bottom of it from the tweets I saw but someone on Twitter has it in for them. They seem to be upset about them getting paid for some content/videos and/or being invited to special stuff and maybe even getting certain activities or accommodation funded. I don’t get it really. It’s the obvious result of them having almost 300,000 subscribers, most of whom like Disney stuff. I’m not sure what they are expected to do really. Turn down invites to stuff that will make great content for their channel? Refuse any sort of monetary compensation and/or not take any money from ads on their videos. That’s how YouTube is funded, they are creating content folks want to watch so I don’t see the issue.

It may be a green eyed monster for sure. Like anything, once something gets popular it is hard for it to stay the same. They will get shitty comments on some videos, they will get trolls, they will get people who resent them for all sorts of reasons. The effort they must have put it in to get to this point is unimaginable. I’ve had this blog since 2009 and it reaches a good number of people, but the effort, expense and commitment to “breakthrough” is beyond me. It isn’t that important to me and I don’t have the time and maybe the ability.

So if you are trolling The Trackers or anyone else making something of themselves, have a word with yourself. They aren’t perfect human beings and exposing your life as they do on a daily basis must be exhausting. Sure they could stop, but they clearly enjoy it and I’m sure it’s nice to have the attention they do and be stopped in the parks for photos. That even used to happen to us every now and again and it is a lovely feeling.

Now, having written all of that as the protector of things vlogger/blogger, what does grind my gears is when I see WDW themselves posting stuff about some random Mummy blogger writing about a freebie trip they have been given. That to me is different, mainly because they didn’t ask me ( 🙂  ) but also because that is a bit blatant for my liking. If anything it makes me less likely to be booking a WDW holiday. Now of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t, but it irks me a bit. Am I a hypocrite? Almost certainly…. Anyway, you can troll me in the comments to let me know!

Till the next time….

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34 thoughts on “Disney Beef

    1. I honestly hadn’t thought about it. If there’s a demand of at least one copy then perhaps I should 🙄👍 Thanks for the nice comment about them.

  1. We love Tim and Jen and any Orlando lovers who do not yet follow them on YouTube should look them up.

    Some people do not like people who do well and think they are better than them, but don’t put any effort in. I know who I would rather follow 🙂

    No baby news? Can’t wait to say hello to the new Disney fan 🙂

  2. I’ve read the Bible of trip reports twice and your 2013 Kindle book twice. For the money, it’s exceptional value and testimont of the effort put in to each and every trip report. Having visited Disney after reading your books, I appreciated the amount of helpful knowledge. Plus I’m easily amused and have a soft spot for the certain antidotes. 🙂

    1. I’m the same I loved the books and was sorely disappointed at you having to leave / give up a certain Disney forum because of what I could see was plain jealousy. Creating good content in any realm is not easy and I take my hat off to those that can do it. Even a Sunday blog has to be interesting and your blog certainly is I read it every week. Sadly I don’t have any time to watch Vlogs and don’t really like Disney much either but your TRs made me laugh out loud.

      I would consider also buying your latest TR if it came out on kindle 🙏🏻 Keep blogging Craig. Oh and I’m dying to know which Facebook page banned you ? I wouldn’t have a clue since I don’t look at Disney at all.

  3. I totally agree with you. People are mean-spirited because they are jealous and lazy. Filming and editting a vlog is hard work – as is writing amusing and detailed trip reports. (I happily bought your books and will buy any others you publish.)

  4. I have always enjoyed your trip reports and love your Sunday blogs – I’m not on twitter as my girls say I’m ‘too old’ but please ignore these keyboard warriors – obviously jealous that your ‘unsponsored’ Blogs are considerably more articulate than theirs !
    I’ve always thought you deserve some sort of recognition from Disney – as your trip reports have been responsible for our 5 trips to Florida x


    1. Too kind Clare. I’m glad to say I get very little grief these days on my own little corner of the internet. Those with bigger followings seem to attract the loons 🙄 My principles would prevent me from accepting any free trips courtesy of Disney…Oh wait, no they wouldn’t 👍

  5. I read some tweets where people posted their address and where tim works. Why would you do that? People are so horrible sometimes.

  6. I have to admit, I’ve read both of your trip report books several times. I first started reading your trip reports when we had to cancel a Disney holiday way back in 2012ish and I’d not been for nearly ten years at that point. I like having them in book form as well because it meant I could read them on the plane on the way to Orlando! 😉
    For me, I enjoy seeing how WDW changes in the space of your trips an it makes me nostalgic for our own holidays there. It’s a bloody addiction, isn’t it?! We are supposed to *not* be doing WDW and just the south of Florida next year to save for a big trip in 2019. However, I’m already pricing up changing our return journey (we are flying into Fort Lauderdale on flex tickets so it could be changed), buying annual passes and adding five days on renting dvc points! 😉
    I also remember the backlash on the Dibb. It is a shame but ultimately, I know how much work goes into the trip reports and fair play for publishing them as I’d be gutted if anything happened to the Dibb and mine went missing. My one from Christmas 2013 hasn’t got any working photos anymore as they urls have all changed from when I first posted them (from what I can work out). The issue with photobucket being another example of losing something that takes a lot of time and effort to create.
    On another note, I’ve recently got into the Tim Tracker v logs and they are great! I’m happy if they get special access and stuff as it means we get to see it too ~ especially when our Disney trips are few and far between.
    I can’t believe you’ve been banned from a group you never even posted on, that’s so random! 😂
    Thanks for posting your blog, I enjoy having a read each week. Kim (Leyfy on The Dibb)

    1. Thanks Kim. I’m always amazed by comments like yours and it makes me appreciate everyone who reads/supports the nonsense I trot out. Happy (re) planning 👍

  7. I think the Trackers are great. It’s a shame that some people have to be so negative and downright rude. I remember the backlash you received on the Dibb and was actually shocked, I have always enjoyed reading your family’s adventures and am looking forward to many more, especially with the imminent new arrival. I am actually a little envious that you got banned from that Facebook group, without ever being on it – I am sure it’s the one that I am a member of and have nearly been ko’d for voicing a really bland and innocent comment, you certainly can’t disagree in any way, polite or not. Keep ‘em coming Craig and we will keep reading.


  8. I always loved your trip reports on the DIBB and remember the back lash too – but I’am so pleased you went on to get your work published – they were good for a reason, you are a bloody good writer! I loved them because we too have two daughters and so I could relate to your trips – because we’d done the same! And your last day write up always made me cry as the passion you and your family have for Florida we also have too and you always summed that dreaded last day perfectly.

    We have looked out for The Trackers whilst we’ve been in the Orlando bubble as our youngest is a massive fan of theirs. I hope this all calms down for them, totally unnecessary.

    Until next Sunday …… keeeeeeeeeepppp writing!

  9. What I could never understand about people getting annoyed about your trip report books was
    A) if you don’t agree with it, don’t buy it…….and
    B) The reports are yours, you can do what you like with them!!
    I bought both and thoroughly enjoyed them despite reading most of the reports on the dibb already. It was my choice to buy them, no one forced me, but I wanted to. I wouldn’t have the time or effort to give someone grief over it.
    Hope the new arrival is here soon to melt your heart as a grandparent.
    But most importantly of all, Liverpool are back to winning ways! 😉

  10. Ventured back on the Dibb recently after a long break due to no holiday for a few years so I wasn’t aware of the backlash – do you ever go on it now? I enjoy your blogs each week, I live in South Oxon so not far from your Marlow visits and often wonder how surreal it would be to bump into you – however, not sure I’d recognise you without Ryan! Keep up the good work.

  11. I’m another one who read all of your trip reports on The DIBB and then went on to buy the book for my kindle. They are a reference as well as being extremely entertaining and I have no problem in anyone charging for them because there is a hell of a lot of work that goes into them – I know because I was incredibly inspired by you to start writing my own reports, although I could never make ours public as I fear I’d live out my days in a cold, damp cell. I’ve turned back to The DIBB over the last few months as we’ve started to plan our trip for next May, but it’s a shadow of its former self. I just hope you realise how appreciated you and your wonderful family are for sharing your holidays and blogs with us all.

  12. Love your trip reports! I have them all in my kindle and have read them numerous times. I also have two daughters very similar in age to yours so they often mirrored our visits. I also live in the north west (Preston) so that makes a lot of the things you write in your blog very familiar! Would love you to publish the rest of your trip reports so I can add them to my collection ! We will be in Orlando at the same time as you next year and will also have a first timer in out party as our daughter’s boyfriend is coming with us. I am following your planning with interest as it gets me all excited for our upcoming trip. Keep up the good work !

    1. That’s two requests for more books….this time next year I’ll be a millionaire 😁🙄 We will no doubt see you in WDW 👍

  13. I have read both of your Florida based books numerous times, and would love to see any past or future trips put into book form. You have a definite buyer waiting for them.

  14. Love your trip reports and books and I’ve watched Tim and Jen for a while too. You are quite right to highlight this – they come across as really nice genuine people and no-one deserves to go through this kind of vicious nastiness. I watch other blogs but they don’t have the quality cameramanship (is that a word?) or spot on commentary that the Trackers do. Keep up the good work Craig!

  15. Love all your trip reports. Finally inspired me to put up my 50th birthday trip on you tube .

    Have you thought of doing any vlogs yourself?

    1. Not really Lesley. I don’t think I’m built for the camera 🙂 One of the girls might on the next trip, mainly to capture Freddie’s first time.

  16. Spot on as ever, you have echoed my thoughts exactly, love the Trackers and not the other Mommy’s on free trips. Daily vlogging takes dedication, hard work and daily commitment, they deserve the invites and events they go to.
    Did you see the Disney thirty stays in thirty days? So jealous but you can’t help loving the Gee family and their ethos, fair play to them and the life they have they made.
    Your reports have always made me chuckle and one must recognise the work that goes into them, I did a huge one for a big Cali trip and and Xmas WDW trip, felt they were a bit different and I know they have helped people but they take time and are hard work. I have not done the many bi annual WDW trips as I think there enough new folks giving a new take on them, or those like you and Wizzo who just write them so well!
    Hope Freddie arrives soon and loved your books, one on my kindle too!
    Sandie, Twentyyears on the DIBB.

  17. All I will say is Lids and big Nebs!

    Now what year was that?!

    Followed you from The Dibb to here because I enjoy your writing. Keep up the good work!!


  18. I’m sorry to hear you left the Dibb. I totally missed that anything had happened but then I only dip in there now and again these days and I’ve noticed a lot of familiar faces are missing!

    I’ve read your trip reports since way back when the girls were wee and really enjoyed them. So it’s been lovely to follow your family again on here ( not a stalker honest!).

    Like someone else mentioned above its just as well you made your books as the early trip reports on the dibb no longer link to the photos (I’m so glad I at least printed mine out).

    There is a lot of negativity out there for some reason. I really feel for the the Trackers as they come across as such lovely people. I think there are some people who are unable to understand the sheer amount of work that goes into editing a blog or writing a trip report and get upset when they think people are getting something ( even just attention) for nothing and they have no comprehension of the hard slog it can be.

    I hope you keep writing your trippies for many years to come.

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