The Cold War

Probably only because of the amount of lunacy going on in the world right now, somehow, news of my dreadful illness last week was not covered by main stream media. Sad!

At the back-end of last week I had a sniffle and felt a bit rough. I soldiered on admirably, not even abandoning my trek to Marlow. I know, I know, not everyone is made of the right stuff like this. As this week started, Monday saw an escalation of illness not seen since Oliver Reed’s liver in the 70’s. I was in work on Monday but that evening my condition quickly deteriorated into a life threatening state and it was clear I would be going nowhere near work on Tuesday. I haven’t had a day off work with illness for years, so to end up having to take the rest of the week off only shows how sorry you should be feeling for me.

So this week has been a bit of a wipe out and I have felt terrible. This was so far beyond “having a cold” that I waved to that cold as I raced past it on the road to whatever illness I invented, such was its ferocity. I have produced so much snot from my body that I can only imagine that I am made up of 90% snot and 10% fat.

Anyway, never one to labour the point of my illness, I won’t go on about it. I’m starting to feel human again now although yesterday I went to do some food shopping and almost passed out next to the milk. So it is therefore very important that I don’t do much today so that I may return to work tomorrow and rescue the business which has obviously been struggling without my contribution for a few days. I also seem to have passed it on to Emily. I can only hope that her version is not as life threatening or she isn’t as big a baby as I am.

As I said, I’m not one to go on about things like this….

Thanks to everyone for your tips and advice last week. It shows that no matter how many times you go to WDW you can never know it all. I have added several notes to the spreadsheet to check some things out and added other things to do, such as a tip to phone ahead to Keke’s as they get really busy. Nice work folks!

I know a lot about how *we* do WDW of course, but there is always lots more to learn from the experience of others.

I now have even more places I want us to eat at that I cannot fit into the plan. Toojay’s and Olivia’s were suggested and I have seen The Wave on a few trip reports/blogs and really fancy that too. I need a longer holiday or a bigger appetite.

The other key tip I need to run the plan through is the busy day guide, so thanks to those who reminded that this is a good idea. That isn’t an exact science of course but it will do no harm just to make sure we’re avoiding the worst of the crowds.

Anywho, back in the real world, Rebecca reached the 37 week mark yesterday. So I guess from this point on, Freddie can appear at any time. I know Rebecca would be delighted should he choose to come a little early. She is not enjoying the whole pregnancy thing. I suspect a lot of this is down to the discomfort she is in, but knowing Rebecca, it’s also more than a little related to her impatience to meet him and start being a mum.

Her hospital bags are packed, the house is fully prepped and both her and Tom are like kids on Christmas Eve.

So apologies for a blog that is a bit of a wash out. It reflects how my week has gone and I can only hope that my health and the content here improves in the coming week. Thankfully my malaise has coincided with a couple of weeks off from Mustard gigging due to band member holidays and on that note I did promise you some photos from our glamorous photoshoot didn’t I?

Well, you can see them on our Facebook page and should your mouse wander over to the Like option whilst there then that’s probably for the best isn’t it?

Till the next time….

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3 thoughts on “The Cold War

  1. Aww poor you, although I’m sure everyone else in the house has suffered along with you 😁 glad to know you’re feeling better now and haven’t left us all blogless this week. Keke’s will be on my list for next year too and good tip to call ahead.

  2. Keke’s was the one I was disappointed with last year. Mind you that might be because we waited so bloomin long for a table because it came so highly recommended. In the end it felt a bit Meh!
    Hope you feel well again soon

  3. Waiting for a new baby is so exciting and you may have news for us next week! Having stayed and eaten at OKW Olivia’s this year, I’d not alter my spreadsheet for it… but.. The Wave.. oh yes, my friend, this is our fav place at WDW. No fancy gimmicks, just great food and great service. I fill my spreadsheet in around my Wave dates…

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