Glee, Glasses and Gluttunous Guzzling

So the first week back at work is over, and we are all agreed that we desperately need a holiday.  The seemingly unending monotony of real life stretching out before me is proving a large mental hurdle.  This was not helped by yet more changes at work upon my return which means now I have even more to do and more folk to “look after”.  Naturally a mahoosive pay rise was also forthcoming you say?  Alas, no.

So I was quickly plunged straight back into normality, when all I was hoping to do this week was concentrate on sucking my belly in, clearing my Inbox of the shite it attracted whilst I was away, and hatching a plan for the swiftest return to Florida possible .

We are all simply missing Florida a lot.

I have, as you probably know written a few days up of the trip report, and bloggage shall remain brief whilst that continues, as one thing I am not blessed with right now is an abundance of free time.  The girls are, and they have remained more or less nocturnal since our return, with their bodies seemingly stuck on US time, or maybe it is just normal teenage behaviour?

For some reason, two out of three females in the house have changed their hair colour this week.  Louise started the trend with a visit to the hairdressers to pay a no doubt scandalous amount of money for the priviledge of going brown again.  Rebecca soon followed, but thankfully, with a home made effort.  She has also made a move back towards her natural colour, which is a relief in some way, as the upkeep of the blonde look was financially painful.  I have no idea how long this look will last, and no doubt this will make Emily want to make a change too!!

Rebecca hair

Beyond the horrors of work, I have not a lot else to report for this week.  After two weeks away, and having not cooked once during that time, apart from the odd piece of toast, I do feel slightly guilty at the amount of takeaways we have done this week.  I always give us at least one week post holidays to allow our bodies to acclimatise to a more normal level of calories per day, so the week ahead shall be a little better, I hope.

Oh yes, a major breakthrough last week.  After around six weeks of trying, three false starts and a lot of moaning, we finally got a plumber to the house to undertake some bits and bobs that have been outstanding for ages.  Our drips leak and moistness are hopefully a thing of the past.

This weekend has been chock full of not a right lot really.

Glee 3D
I am missing a bit of this.....

On Friday evening, the girls went to see Glee 3D, so Louise and I went out for tea, as cooking has not been high on our lists this week.  We visited Spice Valley in Bolton, and very nice it was.  We could tell that we have just come back from our holidays for a couple of reasons.

1.  I was expecting regular and free refills on my Diet Coke.

2. As always we over ordered, but managed to eat the lot without too many problems.

Heeding the adverts advice, today I have indeed been to Specsavers to select a new pair of glasses, and have my first eye test for over five years.  I felt it was time!  No massive changes in my blindness, and the new set are ready next week.  Next, on the clean up of things that should have been done ages ago is the trusty Mondeo getting a service next week.

This is like a lifestyle spring clean in August!!

Lord knows what next week will bring at work, and I have to say, that my level of enjoyment, and excitement at the prospect of work has moved down a notch or two further if that were in any way possible.  I suspect this is much to do with the return from holiday, but not wholly.  Next Thursday is GCSE results day for Emily, and I’m sure things are unlikely to be straight forward.  I’ll be taking her to school to get them to offer praise, congratulations, advice, and condolence in whatever measure required.

I should also offer a thank you to all the folks who have recently started to follow me on Twitter.  I surged majestically past 300 followers in the last week, which is both brill and incomprehensible.

Till the next time…..

7 thoughts on “Glee, Glasses and Gluttunous Guzzling

  1. I’ll forgive your miniscule bloggage this time Craig as you have more important missives to deal with 🙂

    Even your miniscule blog is still excellent though 🙂

  2. Worry not Craig, you shall soon slip into a shuffling coma like the rest of us drones. Does the fact I may soon be booking a Florida trip cheer you up at all? No, ah well it was worth a try.

  3. Unlike Beemers, Audis, and those other posh cruisers, Mondys needn’t be serviced, Craig. An occasional tank of juice and fill up of the washer bottle and that’s another 30,000 miles sorted.

  4. Glad you ha a lovely holiday and the first few days of your trippie are going down a storm in our house!

    Looking forward to more!!

    Will be keeping you all In our thoughts and fingers crosses for Emilys result on Thursday! X

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