Just a brief post to say we are back home.  We’re all knackered, Emily is still in bed, with her body clock all over the place.

My mind is making the slow and painful transition from Florida to reality, and with every “normal” activity it gets worse.  I’ve just done the BIG SHOP, and all I will say is that doing that at Asda feels very different to the supermarket shopping we have done in Publix and Walmart!!

The full horror of work awaits tomorrow, and having made the woeful mistake of glancing at work emails on my phone whilst away, I know of some of the dross that awaits me.  Joy!

As for the trip itself, it was excellent, and we have had a superb time.  Yes, we missed Disney, and the holiday certainly felt different for the lack of it, but there are holidays to come to fix that of course.  So in the absence of a lottery win, or an imminent chance of moving to the US, real life begins again.  Meh indeed!

I will try to make a start to the trip report over the next day or so.  First job is to get all the photos and videos loaded up ready to go.

Till the next time….

9 thoughts on “Meh!

  1. Welcome home.

    S’pose the problem with Emily’s body clock isn’t really a problem when she has no work or school to look forward to in the near future!

    Hope tomorrow isn’t too harsh for you.

  2. Welcome home Craig and Co. I know exactly how you feel, having just arrived back ourselves. Sounds like you had a great time despite the lack of Disney. Can’t wait to read your trippie. Hope the jet-lag vanishes quickly for all of us x

  3. Welcome home – I hate the whole jet lag thing especially when it is almost straight back to work. Look forward to the trip reports.

  4. Glad the weekly blog is back and you being back makes my trip closer! Glad you had fun and hope the transition back to real life is not too painful.

  5. Welcome home!
    Glad you had a great time! Apart from
    Missing the Disney magic are we to take it that the “holidays to come” quote means you are already planning next years! 🙂 we start planning in the airport on the way home 🙂

    Looking forward to the trippie, and hope the return to the real world today is not too bad

  6. Glad you had a great time, like everyone else I can’t wait for your trippie now 🙂 hope work hasn’t been too painful?

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