No, No, No, No, No….oh alright then Yes.

So I picked up my glasses on the way home from work on Friday evening.  After a very tough week, with some (even though I say it myself) pretty spectacular political shenanigans from me to save one of my team’s job, (they will never know how much they owe me!!), I did what is termed an “early dart”, and was back in Bolton for 5.30, without any form of guilt at all.

Having paid a whopping £2.60 for an hours car parking, I was in the shop for around twenty-seven seconds and back at my car throwing away the ticket, and trying not to be too angry at the vast loss of earnings.

I then spent all evening at home, waiting for someone to notice my change of eye attire.  They didn’t.  Should I commit such a heinous crime when Louise has three hairs dyed a half-tone lighter, and I am on tongue and cold shoulder for the next three weeks.  The reason Louise didn’t notice was that she was stamping her feet, and berating me to get her own way.  This was not for the granting of bodily pleasures, even though Lord knows they are worth berating for, but rather a new dog.

You will know of our Henry and how we said goodbye just a few weeks ago.  So we have been enjoying a little less stress in our lives, as much as we miss the old bugger, and so the thought of a new puppy and all that entails did not strike me as an attractive option.  However, to add complexity to this situation, this new dog request is fogged with the air of guilt, as we (for that read Louise when tipsy) promised Emily a dog if and when she did well in her exams.

It was just my luck then, that this week brought results day, and one way or another, Emily getting the results she needed to get into the sixth form at her current school, to do the A levels of her choosing.  Drat and double drat.  The nerves felt on Wednesday night and on the way to school on Thursday were palpable, and Emily was a little jumpy too.  She didn’t break any records with her results, and didn’t pass her Maths, but this is a Williams family tradition as we’ve all had at least two goes at that one.  But come September, she will start four A levels, Media Studies, Film Studies, Photography and English Literature, whilst re-sitting Maths soon.  Those A level choices will give you a hint at Emily’s strengths, which like mine, are some several miles away from Maths!!

All this cleverness and success meant that we were sort of backed into a corner dog wise.  However, my objections, based on wee, poo, stress and in no small way expense, were aired all Friday evening, and we went to bed agreeing to disagree.  By that I mean Louise and I, who wants a new dog more than Emily!!

There was a nice break from hostilities on Saturday as we cleaned for a good few hours in the morning, in preparation for some guests for the weekend.  Steve and Di, my oft referenced DVC friends, and colleague (Steve, not Di) were coming over.  We had a lovely time, with a lunch at home, with lots of chat around our recent holiday, and Di’s upcoming one, followed by what I believe is termed as a “run out” in the car.

We drove to Whalley, where we had posh coffees in Benedicts, and then allowed Louise and Di to wander the many posh frock shops.  Purchases were made, the full extent of which I am too yet fully appreciate.  It was on this wandering of Whalley that I saw for the first time, the full extent of my new reactor lenses.  I know that sounds all James Bond like, but I had opted for some new fandangled lenses in my specs which turn all dark when the sun shines.

I am yet to be convinced of their aesthetic value, although the lack of squinting is appreciated.  Having seen myself in a shop window, I was a little taken aback, as I do look a little…how can I say…..mentally impaired.  I hope I can get used to it.

Later in the afternoon we had a drive to a local country pub called The Strawberry Duck for beers, wines and shandys, as this was a watering hole that Steve and Di frequented before they defected to North Yorkshire at the turn of the century, and is pretty local to our house.  A lovely day all round.  Now what could possibly improve a day like this?  Well, food!  We ventured to a Greek restaurant in Horwich called Sokrates.  Louise and I had a Mezze, which consisted of lots of little bits of lots of things.  After a lovely meal, with great company, we headed home, and promptly when straight to bed!!  Rock and roll!

So after a lot of sleep we all eventually woke up, and wandered to a local Deli for brunch.  Yep, more food.

Steve and Di left us at around lunchtime, when Louise immediately resumed the head pecking about the dog.  Now, you know I wear the trousers, am boss of the house, say what goes, and absolutely would not bow down to this childish miethering.

So, meet Oli, our new Old English Sheepdog puppy.

Oli the Old English
You had me at peeing on the carpet
He is quite obviously trouble

It is all against my better judgement, but after foolishly agreeing to just go and look, it was no shock to see us leave with one reserved, and a new arrival at the Williams household in about four weeks, once he is old enough.

Emily has chosen the name Oli (after Oli Sykes, who is some tattooed screamo bloke).  Promises have been made about looking after it, and all that stuff, and we will see of course.  Emily also said she’d help!!  I have my “I told you so ” face readied with a smug rating of 100.

We went to a breeder near Barnoldswick, and spent a good few hours, first getting to know the Grandad (of the puppy), who is HUUUGGGEE, but lovely, and then playing with the last two brothers of a litter of eleven.  The Mum made an appearance too, and we had a long chat with the breeders, to the point that we were happy with them.  Emily eventually made the selection from the two, and I drove home with happy females in the car.  It’ll never last.

So we’ve had a busy old few days, with GCSE results, glasses, visitors and silly decisions to buy a puppy, so this will explain partly why there has been little or no trip report action recently.  I hereby promise to do one tomorrow with not being at work and stuff.

Our eating has not improved in any way this week, with a meal out on Thursday to celebrate Emily’s success, and weekend of indulgence with Steve and Di.  Must do better.

Till the next time…..

9 thoughts on “No, No, No, No, No….oh alright then Yes.

  1. Quite possibly the cutest dog EVER! Lookin forward to the next installment of the trip report as well!

  2. Congratulations to Emily on her results!

    Oli is absolutely gorgeous!!! Come on admit it you love him already!!

  3. awww i love the doggy – such cuteness althought will turn much hairiness and dirt when it grows!!!!

  4. Invest in a super sucking Dyson sometime in the next 4 weeks. Other than that you will get even more attention from the ladies than normal when out walking with Oli

  5. whatever possessed you????? No seriously, Oli is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait for future blogs with news of the antics Oli gets up to…lol. I feel a john grogan in the making 🙂

  6. Love Oli! He is so cute, and I can’t wait to hear his antics.

    Still – with another male in the house, you’re getting closer to wearing those trousers ;). Get him onside quick!


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