The briefest of apologies to Mr Jobs

Dear Steve,

I know you will no doubt have read my previous post in which I was less than enthralled at the prospect of your new iPad product. I know you are a regular reader of this blog along with all the other movers and shakers in Apple land!!

On Thursday of this week, I was in that there London, for reasons that I shall explain at a later date.  A strange series of events meant I had my hands on one of your new fandangled iPads, and used it for all of about three minutes.

It may well be an oversized iPod Touch, but it is a thing of beauty Stevie boy.  You guys know your design, and it had to be wrestled from my clammy mits.  As long as that free iPad arrives this week I am sure we can now be friends again?

My “first dibs” on the iPad mini idea still stand though.

Probably best to send me an email or similar, as if you phone me I won’t be able to hear your voice.  My view on that hasn’t changed!



Till the next time….

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