iPad, iPod…really iCan’t be arsed.

So this week saw the long awaited launch of the latest thing with an i in front of it from Apple.

Working for a company that sells this stuff I really should give more of a toss, but I can’t seem to muster the enthusiasm.  I have caught a few soundbites about this new thing, and really the thing that sticks out more than any of the product features is,  just how high is Steve Jobs’ voice?  Imagine Mickey Mouse on helium.

Only dogs can hear him

I’m a bit confused by this iPad thing to be honest.

Firstly, it sounds like some sort of sanitary product, with built in wireless.  Now that can’t be a good thing.  Secondly, I was pretty sure that the world had decided that tablet PCs were, well, rubbish, and having seen sales peak at about seven worldwide, they had been consigned to the bottom drawer of the IT industry.

However, it seems if there is an i in front of the name, then it instantly becomes the MUST have product of the decade.

Don’t get me wrong, I type this here rambling on a shiny silver laptop with a picture of fruit on the lid, and my phone has the symbolic i in front of it.  Both items however are supplied by work, and I would never be able to justify the expense, heck, the inflated expense of the Apple logo from my own pocket.

My iPhone is superb, no argument, and how I lived without that App which tells me where the nearest Starbucks is I will surely never know.  This laptop, again is fine and dandy, but to the intense chargrain of many an Apple freak I am running Windows on it.  I know I will be hunted down by the Nerd Army for such blasphemy, but I just can’t get used to an Apple OS after being brought up on that there nasty Windows.

A big iPhone, without the Phone bit

Anyway, I think I shall write to Mr Jobs, as I have already developed the next big Apple release.  This week, I made the mistake of handing in my perfectly functioning 3G iPhone, tempted by the carrot of a new 3GS.  Upon doing so, everything worked perfectly….apart from the Phone bit.  So I could browse the internet, receive emails, and via a suitable App and the magic of Twitter see what several minor celebs had for breakfast.

Unfortuantely for the best part of this week, I could not text or phone anyone.  Having two girls of 12 and 14, this cut off their primary form of communication with me.  So my iPhone turned into a very small laptop.

So, with that in mind, and the new iPad thingy, my new device idea is…..wait for it…..

an iPad Mini!!!

All Steve has to do is turn off the phone bit of an iPhone and Bob’s your uncle.

So if Mr Jobs happens across this here little blog, my terms are very reasonable, and I hereby copyright said idea until your big fat cheque lands on my doormat.  Don’t bother phoning me Steve, as likely as not, it will be broken again, and even if it isn’t I won’t be able to tell what you are saying unless Henry my Cocker Spaniel is around to translate.

Till the next time…..

3 thoughts on “iPad, iPod…really iCan’t be arsed.

  1. More baffling is Job’s dedication to his jeans n black poloneck combo. Seriously, he has not changed in all the years he has been launching this iguff. What I want to find out is how fast can it spin when you sit it on its curvy rear….my bet is impressively fast right up until the point it sails of your itable and lands on the ifloor breaking into lots of ipieces

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