Sinderby, Snotty Spaniels and Secrets

Let me deal with the secrets thing first.

Well I can’t tell you, otherwise it would not be a secret.  All I will say is that I am working on something that I hope comes off, and if it does it should be better for me and the family all round.  More news as it breaks…you shall be the first to know.  Actually you won’t as Louise would be quite upset were that to be the case.

I have to point out that my lovely silver sexy Macbook has gone to the great big recycle bin in the sky, and I have been landed with, I mean I have been lucky enough to get a HP EliteBook in its stead.

It seems OK, but the keyboard feels very different and it keeps putting a \ when I just want to do a capital letter.  Frustrating, and I therefore distance myself from all typos in this ere post.

Snotty Spaniels, you know about.  We ended the last post with us making an emergency dash across the M62 to drop the little git off with our friends who were to let him recuperate in the country air of North Yorkshire.  Luckily we had planned to go and see said friends last weekend, so this meant Henry could have a week in the land of James Herriot, and then come home with us, a week later.

Henry the dog
Het up Henry

So this weekend just gone, we spent the lovliest of times with Steve and Di in Sinderby.  After an uneventful journey, apart from Rebecca acting as iPod DJ all the way there, and inflicting the very best and worst of Emo culture upon us, we arrived to see Henry distraught at being seperated from us.

We were also blessed with the weather, and for the first time this year actually dined Al Fresco.  I have no idea who invited Al, but he was welcome.  The rest of the day was spent wandering around a pretty little town/village called Leyburn, where Louise and Di spent what felt like three days in a soft furnishing shop whilst Steve, myself, the girls and Henry waited ever so patiently outside.  I had never heard a dog tut until Saturday.

On the way back to Steve and Di’s we stopped off to feed two donkeys (Steve and Di do this regularly, we didn’t just stumble across them), and they were in a field right next to Marmiom Tower.

Marmiom Tower
Through the arched window...

We then retired to a nearby beer garden to sample the delights of the local brew, namely Black Sheep.  Again, a first for the year, having a beer in a garden named for that purpose.

We then retired to Sinderby for a lovely meal courtesy of Di, quite a lot of wine and beer, and for the second time in a week, a session huddled around a fire pit.  I must admit the temperatures dictated we didn’t move too far from the flames!!

Henry spent the evening being a right pain in the backside, as he located what we think was a hedgehog house, in the back garden, and would not leave it alone.

One by one, the girls first, we retired to bed, with us all giving in to droopy eyes by midnight.

Sunday saw us mainly eat to be honest.  Bacon butties all around for breakfast, followed by lunch at the local boozer, which is a true country pub with stunning food.

Henry in the car
Say Cheese

After a brief stop off at Tesco in Thirsk we find our way home via the A1 and M62, with Henry on his way back to Chez Williams.  He has had a busy week, and a very hectic weekend which may explain why, for once he did not whine all the way home.  Instead he fell asleep almost immediately and looked like this until Bolton.

The rest of the week ahead is full of meetings and secret things which I really hope will all come to fruition by weekend or at worst early next week.  Don’t worry, it won’t be anything as exciting as I’m building you up to expect!!

My head is all over the place to be honest, which probably accounts for the rambling (more than usual) unstructured form of this post.  Apologies.

I’d like to thank the keyboard on this laptop for making this post twice as difficult to type as normal.

Till the next time…..

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