Sick and tired

This shall be briefer than a Helen Flanagan bush tucker trial.  I am sick and tired.  Not a reference to another impending rant but a genuine reference to my physical being.  What I thought was just dog tiredness for the past week or so has turned into the lurgy.  Whether the tiredness was a first sign of the illness or the tiredness allowed it to possess my body I don’t know and it matters not.  I am male and ill….pity me!

The girls have had it for a week and just as they started to recover both Louise and I have inherited whatever they had.  It gripped me on Friday and I spent a day at work in my dressing gown.  This was for a pajama based day in aid of Children In Need but it felt quite apt.  If only I had worn something underneath it, I may have attracted fewer strange looks, and less of a breeze that may have made matters worse.

So allow me to battle the throat, the sniffles the hot and cold sweats and weirdly horrific heartburn, and I shall return to you next week, plague free and back on form.

For now, I shall retreat to my bed, chair or whatever position of self-pity suits me best, and try my best not to infect you via this bloggage.  Alas, I have a busy and travel full week ahead.  Deep joy.


Till the next time……