Sick and tired

This shall be briefer than a Helen Flanagan bush tucker trial.  I am sick and tired.  Not a reference to another impending rant but a genuine reference to my physical being.  What I thought was just dog tiredness for the past week or so has turned into the lurgy.  Whether the tiredness was a first sign of the illness or the tiredness allowed it to possess my body I don’t know and it matters not.  I am male and ill….pity me!

The girls have had it for a week and just as they started to recover both Louise and I have inherited whatever they had.  It gripped me on Friday and I spent a day at work in my dressing gown.  This was for a pajama based day in aid of Children In Need but it felt quite apt.  If only I had worn something underneath it, I may have attracted fewer strange looks, and less of a breeze that may have made matters worse.

So allow me to battle the throat, the sniffles the hot and cold sweats and weirdly horrific heartburn, and I shall return to you next week, plague free and back on form.

For now, I shall retreat to my bed, chair or whatever position of self-pity suits me best, and try my best not to infect you via this bloggage.  Alas, I have a busy and travel full week ahead.  Deep joy.


Till the next time……

3 thoughts on “Sick and tired

  1. Same down south in rainy Reading, my lot have all had it over the last 10 days. Poor Emily has been off for 4 days from school and looks like she won’t be in tomorrow.

  2. Hope you all feel better soon. I’ve been in bed all weekend trying to get shut of it for work tomorrow. Although I protested vehmently that there was enough there already, the lurgy refused to listen and it has planted itself firmly on my ample chest. I now sound like a 60 a day lifetime smoker even though I have never smoked. Ah well…it’ll give the kids in school something to entertain them in their maths lessons tomorrow 😦 as I rasp deeply. Get well soon x

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