Mr & Misses.

Last Saturday evening, we went to my brother’s house for a small get together.  It was a celebration of his and his wife’s twentieth wedding anniversary.  As my brother often says, ten years of blissful matrimony, but he’s been married for twenty.

During the evening, we played a game of Mr & Mrs.  Now you might imagine that this is a recipe for disaster, with several drunk couples arguing over whether their partner is “sweet or savoury”.  You’d be right!  We came second.  You can only imagine how hard I had to fight not to show my outrage and disappointment at this, to preserve the fragile facade of a nice night out.

We lost (yes, lost, not came second) by half a point.  This was naturally all Louise’s fault.  Well, Louise plus half a bottle of Bacardi.

Paul Whitehouse
Int Milk Brilliant!

We both missed out on questions about each other such as “Who would your partner want to play them in a movie of their lives” as they are quite subjective, and hard to guess at.  By the way, for me I said Paul Whitehouse.  Louise said Angelina Jolie…to play her…not me, whereas I said Megan Fox.  Wait, here is a chance to post a picture of Megan Fox.

Megan Fox
Megan is a fox

Those slip ups are fine, as the questions have a million different possible answers.  But when I get asked what was Louise’s first job, and I get the right answer and she doesn’t, then my allergy to losing kicks in.  The night trundled on from there, filled with Tapas, which was lovely, and alcohol, which did for Louise, and saw us revisit the Tapas at around 2am.  I was delighted.

This week at work has flown by.  Whilst it is always nice to get to the weekend a little quicker, the trouble is that those weekends shoot by at high speed too.

The reason for the whizzing week has been work.  As I alluded to last time round, my role at work is changing, and I have spent most of last week in summit style negotiations with other manager types, sorting out who works where, and does what.  Add to that the doing of actual work as well, then the week passed in a blur.  This of course has meant a few late finishes, scuppering any plans to get to the gym and write any further trip report days.  I finally got around to one yesterday.

The Other Guys poster
The Oscars won't be troubled

So by the time Friday evening arrived I was knackered, and ready for some relaxing, eating and fun.

We ticked all the boxes with a trip to the local Cineworld to see The Other Guys, preceded by a visit to the local Frankie and Bennys.  My one regret of the evening was eating too much there to allow me to unleash my full power on the Pick n Mix.  I had a decent bash, but found myself having Pick n Mix left at the end of the film, which is a crime really, but fear not, I finished it off for breakfast the next day.

Will Ferrell, much like Jim Carrey, appeals to me, as they usually turn up in silly, funny films that allow you to let them to wash over you, without having to worry too much about complex plots.

The panel that hand out Oscar’s will not be troubled by this one, but it is great fun.  Ferrell, again much like Carrey, tends to play the same character in many films, but I for one am not bored of it yet.  His pinnacle will always be Ron Burgundy, (closely followed by the scene in Elf where he belches and says “Did you hear that?), but this was a good one too.

There are also some cracking cameos from the likes of The Rock, Michael Keaton and best of all Samuel L Jackson.  His appearance is brief but just fantastic.

Whilst we enjoyed the film we left the girls and one of their friends (Mikey…and he is a friend who is a boy rather than a boyfriend) at home to watch Camp Rock 2.  Having seen trailers for it both in the US, and again back home, I would rather watch a 24 hour marathon of Heartbeat, so our escape was well-timed.

The girls enjoyed it and I suspect Mikey endured it, but it also seems that they were inspired to create their own cinematic masterpiece.  Frankly, I think that this beats Camp Rock too.

Cookie Monster & Jam
Click on Cookie Monster!

Looking to next week, the major event will be Louise’s admission to hospital tomorrow for an operation.  We have been here many times before of course, but it is never something any of us look forward to.  It is a fairly big one this time, and she will be in for the week we think, and then off work for a good few weeks after that.

I know you are all immediately feeling sorry for me, having to manage the household single-handedly, but please spare a thought for Louise too!!

The girls are staying at Nana’s all week, as I will be a blur between work and hospital, plus it means they can stay in bed longer of a morning as Nana lives about two minutes stroll from their school.

Hopefully (as we always say) this will be the one that gives Louise a decent run at a healthy existence.

An unfortunate side effect of this of course is an anticipated complete lack of trip reportage, for which I now apologise, but some things are more important even than that.

On a positive note, and one for Louise to think about in the next few days of pain and drugs, is that we absolutely have to return to the US for our next holiday.  Why, you might ask?  Well, yesterday, Louise found $33 left over from our holiday.  We cannot be so frivolous as to let that sit festering in a drawer, as that would be an incomprehensible waste.

The fact that the credit card bills have arrived from our latest trip this week, delivering with them a complete shock to the systems as to how we could possibly spend so much in such a short space of time, had slightly dented our ambitions to book our next trip quickly.  But now with a full $33 at our disposal, the die is cast.

Hopefully, with my next post will come news of Louise back at home, along with the girls, and some sort of debt restructuring package in place to allow us to consider another trip overseas.

Till the next time…..

Trussed up like a chicken

I’m off work today.  This is because yesterday I underwent a touch of surgery.  Nothing major, well, major enough to need a general anaesthetic, and a few frayed nerves, but I’m up and about today, if a little gingerly, with more dressings than Paul Newman.

The day started early, and not without nerves.  Upon arrival, insult was added to potential injury when I was instructed to put on my gown, which is understandable, but what are the medical benefits of paper underwear?  I think they are just used as a source of comedy whilst you are asleep.  They certainly are not built for comfort I can tell you.

It has to be one of the oddest sensations and experiences in life to be put under.  Some stranger wanders up, sticks a needle in your hand and talks to you like some sort of begowned Paul McKenna.  However, this was not to be the only odd conversation of the day.  As the theatre nurse came to collect me, we walked down to theatre, and she struck up a conversation no doubt intended to put me at ease.  Of course this started with the weather, but then turned into a very bizarre (one sided) conversation about her recently acquired paddling pool for her kids.  This went on for a good ten minutes, lasting all the way until I got onto the slab.

I now know the relative benefits of your solid framed affair compared to the traditional blow up model.  This is amazing really as my mind was obviously elsewhere, as we were sat in a little room just outside theatre, and I could see and hear stuff going on next door that was quite distracting.

Anyway, back to my drifting off.  I’m sure they have a standard script for these occasions, as he gave me all the usual warnings about feeling a small prick in my hand (which I thought was a little forward as we had only just met) and then that I might feel some cold in my hand.  Then as I started to feel a strange tingling all over, he was telling me all about some lovely warm beach I was on, and that the oxygen mask on my face was really a scuba mask, and I was drifting along looking at fish and stuff……

That is where I left that conversation, as the next thing I knew my name was being called out by some nurse who was all blurry.  Mighty relieved to be awake again, a quick squirt of pain killers and a bumpy trip back to my room brought things to an end.  Within an hour or two I was fairly normal again, enjoying my lunch and having my dressings done, however, not at the same time.  How I am looking forward to having them all removed, as they made a great job of attaching some sticky tape to every hair on my body!!

I was allowed home around 4.30pm, and enjoyed every pot hole on the endless drive home (Louise was driving not me!!).  I then ate the largest McDonald’s known to man as I was starving.

So I have a few weeks of being trussed up whilst stuff heals, but I am told I should be fine to go to work on Monday.  Hmm, we’ll see!!

Luckily I managed to get this done before my new job starts, and of course before our holiday.

Having time on my hands at the moment, I stumbled across something that really made me think on the internet.  No, nothing like that!!!  One of Rebecca’s friends had posted some old photos, and it seems that we officially had the cutest child in the universe.  Well we had two, but I only have photographic proof of one at my disposal for this post.

It is strange that this feels like just yesterday, but on the other hand seems like a lifetime ago.

Rebecca at Infant School
Cuteness v1
Rebecca at Infant School
Cuteness v2

So if any of you have children around this age, not too long from now you will wake up and find out that they have turned into something like the photo at the foot of this post.

Rebecca Now
Ok, she's still cute!

Right, I’m off to make the most of not being able to do anything, although I think I can manage to manipulate the Xbox controller!!

Till the next time…..