The “Why’s It Taking Long” Tour 2022 – Day Sixteen

So it’s Tuesday January 18th now. The holiday is on its last legs and I now get to document that tricky travel home day. It shouldn’t take long.

I awoke at 7am, probably the latest I had slept all holiday. Alanis Morrissette has a song all about that. I did want to go back to sleep but could not, so instead, I checked us in for our flight home and rested in bed until about 8.30.

I showered, dressed and finished the packing with Emily up and about around 9am. With precision timing we walked out of the room at 10.58 no doubt much to the disappointment of the housekeeping staff. We met Rebecca, Tom and Freddie at the car and somehow got all the luggage to fit with room left for us all to sit down.

The first order of business was gas. With all the food we’d been eating it wasn’t that shocking, but I also needed to get some petrol into the car. I don’t know why but I detest filling the car up and last night had ignored the low fuel light which I now regretted as I had no idea if what we had left would get us to a gas station.

I fired up the in car sat nav and searched for gas stations, setting off to the nearest one which looked to be just a few minutes away. That journey was fraught but it looked like we were going to make it. As we approached our destination there was a distinct lack of gas station where the sat nav said there should be one. I swore quite a lot.

Cursing the in car sat nav and the relatives of everyone who was involved in its construction, we headed for another, a worrying distance away. We ended up down on the 192 and for the second time arrived at a piece of land that should contain a gas station but did not. Abandoning technology in favour of my eyes, I spotted one over the road and with everything crossed that the fumes in the tank would get us there, I headed that way.

We made it, I filled up and reflected on a needlessly stressful start to the day.

With that pressing need satisfied, we moved on to the next one which was of course food. I pointed the car towards Lake Buena Vista and another visit to The Cheesecake Factory. It took twenty minutes to battle a busy I4. We arrived at 12.05 and it was surprisingly busy for that time on a Tuesday. We were seated immediately though.

We of course started with Nachos.

Nachos are probably one of Louise’s favourite things on the planet and as if she had sensed their presence from across the Atlantic she called just as they arrived with absolutely no consideration for us being hungry.

I sneakily passed the phone to Emily so I could eat.

We were also presented with a lovely bread service. It didn’t last long enough to be photographed.

Freddie ordered Chicken Strips

With apparently much improved camera skills, Rebecca and I had the Fried Chicken Sandwich.

They did not persist for Tom’s Chicken and Avocado Sandwich.

Emily had the Impossible Burger.

Again, everything was superb.

As we were just finishing our meals, Rebecca cried out in pain, complaining of very strong shooting pains in her stomach. I briefly had visions of missed flights, hospitals and a grandchild born in the US, but thankfully, they passed before desserts arrived, as I was not missing my cheesecake for anything!

Emily and I shared a Tiramisu one.

The bill was $164 and I somehow expertly managed to spend every last dollar on my Caxton card. It’s a life skill.

Unavoidably we now had to head to the airport. We stopped at a nearby bin to dump all the “trash” accumulated in the car and then set the sat nav for MCO. Knowing this sat nav we would be in Key West by sun down.

We arrived at the airport safely and the car drop off was very simple. We also dropped off our toll tag thing which had worked a treat. Our bag drop experience was probably the easiest ever with no queue at all.

Security is always grim at MCO and it looked to be horrific, but once we had been through the passport check, we were through in fifteen minutes or so. We monorailed to the gate and found some seats. The queue for a Starbucks was worse than security but we got one eventually.

An announcement that boarding was starting at 4.30 was made, which was odd as we were not due to take off until around 6pm. We got to the gate and were surprised to be allowed on immediately with no queue at all. Once we were on the plane we realised why. The thing was empty. I would say there were twenty people on the flight.

Boarding was complete by 5pm and we were airborne by 5.30. This is the time you really just want to be home, but for me, this time, even more so even though I was dreading work and the scales.

The prospect of the cold, grey UK is never one I relish but clearly, this time, none of that mattered and I just needed to be home.

The flight (pardon the pun) flew by. This was easily the quickest and most pleasant journey home we have ever had. We all spread out of course, so had loads of room which made the whole thing very, very tolerable.

Despite still being full from our lunch, I demolished the food provided and soon enough we were on the ground in Manchester. Nothing of note happened on our arrival. Immigration was OK and our bags appeared fairly quickly as there weren’t many on the flight at all.

We drove home to find Louise had locked us out by putting the security bar on the front door so we had to knock her out of bed. We were home.

I have shared a lot of (negative) thoughts throughout the trip already, so there’s not a lot left to say here, however that probably won’t stop me doing so. I have to add for balance that real life, since returning has been stressful, odd, worrying and busy and this may have impacted upon my writing style/mood too. Because it has taken so long to write this thing, at times I honestly couldn’t remember how we really felt beyond the brief notes I made too, so perhaps I have done the odd disservice here and there.

We did enjoy lots of the trip of course and we will look back on it with fondness in the future I am sure, but it definitely was not the same as we have enjoyed in the past. As such we have no immediate plans to return, or have any idea when we might. This is driven a little by our recent experience but also by real life stuff such as Louise’s Mum’s condition and required care and the fact that Rebecca is literally just about to give birth and that new arrival will need to grow some before we could consider a trip to WDW with them.

It’s weird not to have that burning desire to return that I normally have once back in the UK. A tangible sign of my apathy is that, despite now being best friends with high profile Florida vloggers, I have not watched one vlog since our return. Of course, life has been busy, and a post trip slump can be normal, but to me that seems weird. I do think that many first timers now may get home and feel the same way and be back in Magaluf the next summer.

In recent days, I can almost sense the distant rumblings of interest in another trip stirring, but they are some way off yet. It feels like some time is needed for WDW to sort itself out a bit. Post COVID staffing levels will be a big factor and getting those back up to where they are required will help them to re-open everything which in turn will hopefully spread out the crowds and reduce waiting times. My mind has considered a Florida trip with no/less parks too. Strange times indeed.

So in summary, Genie+ is a shit show, or at least it felt that way due to the long wait times. Whether Genie+ is the cause of those, I don’t know, but WDW need to get to grips with the crowd levels and whatever is impacting the guest experience so badly. It was simply not as enjoyable to be in the parks this time compared to literally every other time. The two new/different things in the mix are the COVID impact and Genie+.

Aside from the operational impact of replacing FastPass with Genie, which doesn’t seem to have improved the experience, there is also the feeling of indignation of being forced to pay extra for things that were included in your ticket price. I was very offended by this and felt ripped off when shelling out for LL and/or Genie+. This is not something that will endear visitors to WDW for the long term and any short term uptick in profits will be countered by a longer term loss of loyalty. In case I have not been clear, Genie+ is an affront, ineffective and something that will discourage us from visiting WDW in the future.

Universal was good. We were, of course, spared most crowd issues and long wait times due to staying on site and we really enjoyed it. It remains an occasional thing for a couple of days rather than the main stay of our trip, but we loved our time there. We do it infrequently because the front of line is expensive. It feels WDW may be heading the same way.

A definite huge positive from the trip was our villa. The best we have stayed in by some distance and we will return without doubt.

So there we have it. A weird trip for lots of reasons. We will absolutely go again. It won’t be for a while I would think, and in that time I hope things settle down and we can return to an experience worthy of the increasingly huge investment needed to be there.

Thank you as always for coming with us on the trip via these posts. Your patience and endurance is astonishing and appreciated.

Till the next time……

13 thoughts on “The “Why’s It Taking Long” Tour 2022 – Day Sixteen

  1. Great series again Craig, we go out in November, and your views on genie have been worrying and confirming what other visitors are saying. Maybe you, ourselves and others that have visited many times over the past 15 years have had the best of Disney, and those that didn’t experience those halcyon days, though really happy with their stay, didn’t get to see the Disney that was, and maybe, due to commercial pressures, won’t see again!

  2. Thanks for sharing your trip with us Craig, looking forward to hearing about grass mowing tribulations from next week!

  3. I totally agree with you. We arrived on the 9th January and have had exactly the same thoughts as you. We didn’t pay out for Genie plus (Yorkshire tightness) I honestly think that wait times were exaggerated to get people to buy it!

    Unlike you we continue to watch the Trackers and AJ and I feel we missed out on so much that wasn’t available at the time.

    Our thoughts are maybe trips to DLP instead. That 9.5 hour flight was too long!!!

    We are DVC owners so we will just have to see how we feel next time we are allocated points!

  4. Have really enjoyed reading your reports, although they may have persuaded me not to go until next year.

    I’m sure you’ll be planning another trip soon after all you owe Louise one.

  5. We were there at the same time and you’ve summed up the current Disney experience perfectly. We were onsite though, which, with use of the early mornings, made our stay far more productive than yours. However afternoons in the parks were miserable with huge queues for rides and food.
    I’m in no hurry to return soon and can only hope that the magic returns at some point in the next few years.

    Thanks for letting us read along with your trip. Good luck to Rebecca.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to write up your trip Craig, it was an enjoyable read as always. Yours and others who’ve visited recently seem to have very similar experiences so I have very low expectations for our trip on August which is 2 years after it was originally planned now! As an annual visitor for over 40 years I’m worried about what awaits us but hopefully if we expect little we’ll achieve more and be pleasantly surprised, who knows!! It hasn’t started great to be honest as we go for 3.5 weeks (DVC members) and now they’ve stopped the 21 day pass and aren’t selling annual passes at the moment (and refused to honor a sale to me even though I had annual passes that expired during the pandemic) I have been forced to buy two 14 day passes for each member of our party (5 people) as the only way left to cover the length of our trip which is just shocking!!!

    Hopefully the post covid /genie shizzle show will sort itself out soon!

  7. Thank you for once again writing the trip report Craig. Having done this on three occasions on the other site you used to frequent, I know what a labour and at the same time enjoyable process it can be.

    I am badly torn, I want to return to Florida as it has been 9 years since we last went but when I read about the horror story that is Genie+, I can’t work up the enthusiasm. We have been 4 times in total, the first being in 1993 and over the years Disney, in the main, seem to introduce so many negative changes, it means that trips to the Disney parks are constantly devalued. For us Disney is not everything and we usually go for 18 days so we cram in as many parks and waterparks as we can so that might be a saver, but even in doing that you are looking at £10-£12K for a holiday for 4. At this point, I do not think we will return to Florida at all which saddens me, as for us, it was the greatest holiday destination in the world.

  8. I have always enjoyed your trip reports.
    We are in WDW now, staying at Wilderness Lodge. We haven’t paid for Genie+ (we’re from Yorkshire). We decided we would stand in line for the rides we wanted. Today we visited Animal Kingdom. We queued 65 minutes for Avatar Flight of Passage, 30 for expedition Everest, 30 for Dinosaur. The bird show was a walk in.
    We left the park early as we were tired from standing. We didn’t buy any merchandise or snacks.
    Other people we spoke to also will not pay for Genie, not many used the Lightning Lanes. Maybe they will realise that if people are in lines they will not spend – we can but hope.
    On a better note we got to ride Guardians of the Galaxy on Monday – it was a special preview for DVC members and it was amazing the best ride I’ve been on. You need to come back just for this.

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