A Lack Of Positivity

I hope everyone had a glorious festive period. My radio silence over that time was intentional. You didn’t need me moaning about the usual stuff as you celebrated. Also, a lot has happened since I last posted.

The main thrust from a COVID restrictions point of view is that there haven’t been any, yet. I’ve long since given up trying to predict what may happen. We will just deal with whatever happens as it does. That all became fairly insignificant on the 22nd of December when Louise’s mum was found at home after not answering her phone for a few hours, having had what was thought to be a minor stroke. She was taken to hospital and remains there.

At that point of course none of us were even thinking of the holiday. It was apparent at that point that based on how she was then, we could not be sure of anything, least of all a trip to the States.

Over Christmas her condition has improved marginally and at least she is speaking a little and knows who we are. The hospital she was in for the first week or so was in lockdown due to a COVID outbreak and it was heart-breaking not being able to visit. We Face Timed every day so at least she got to see us that way. She has now moved to her local hospital and Louise at least is allowed to go and see her.

The long term implications of all this are unknown at this stage, but as much as we can say, she seems relatively stable now and out of immediate danger as much as anyone aged 90 can be after what she has been through. Please send her your collective best wishes for a good recovery. Here she is in better health not long ago.

Over many long discussions, despite Louise deciding not to travel, she has been adamant that the rest of us should go. We have been debating and worrying about this constantly and none of us are entirely comfortable with that option.

It would take too long to cover here all the different elements and factors around making this decision and whichever way it ended up going, none of us could say we would be totally happy.

With Mary now in a bed in her local hospital rather than the specialist stroke unit at Salford and with her having improved slightly, we have decided to take the trip without Louise. Even typing that makes me uncomfortable, but for many reasons, and mainly not to break Freddie’s heart by cancelling, we are going to go ahead.

If I heard someone else was doing this I would be shaking my head in disappointment and bewilderment so I understand anybody else doing the same. I could go into all the reasons for doing this but it would only be to make myself feel better and that wouldn’t work either, so it is what it is.

All this comes before any concerns about the current state of the pandemic of course but everyone who can be is triple jabbed or recently recovered in Tom’s case and he now has to wait to get the booster, so we have done all we can. This trip has always felt like a war of attrition and going despite many internal voices screaming I shouldn’t seems the only way this saga could have ended.

What sort of trip we will have I don’t know. It obviously won’t be the same without Louise being there for a start before we add in the worry about Mary and how Louise is coping back at home. There will be a lot of video calls for sure. Whether we will be able to relax and have some fun remains to be seen but at least Freddie will get to go on what will be the first trip he remembers after what has been almost two years of telling him he is going to see Mickey. Moving the trip again wasn’t an option for a couple of reasons. One, Rebecca is 20 weeks pregnant so any trip for her now will need to be at least 12 months from now when the new arrival is at least six or seven months old and of course we have no way to know what will be happening with Mary with anything like the degree of certainty we would need to know when a future trip my be possible for us all.

Rocks and hard places have been the story of our festive period.

So I’m a mess of conflicting emotions. I feel like a dick for going and leaving Louise at home but she wants us to go and have a good time. In addition to abandoning my wife and mother in law I am flying my family into the eye of a horrendous COVID storm in the shape of Florida and more trivially most of the parks seem to have closed 70% of their rides for maintenance the day before we get there. Can you feel the positive vibes gushing forth for this trip??

Hopefully it will all feel better once we get there. Negative tests permitting of course.

Speaking of which, I did my required testing this morning and the results confirmed my suspicions and feelings about myself right now.

We are all thankfully negative. Once we had decided to go ahead we have literally hidden ourselves away for days trying to avoid all human contact. It feels like more people have COVID than not right now, so a full house of negatives is a miracle I was not expecting.

Let’s see what we can make of this trip with all these positive vibes going for it!

As ever on our trips, I’ll be going live on the Mkingdon Facebook page from time to time so give that a Like if you want to be pestered by that.

Till the next time….

12 thoughts on “A Lack Of Positivity

  1. As Craig I’m really really gutted to hear this. I wish your mum in law a full and speedy recovery and strength to Louise at this time. I hope that you can enjoy some of the holiday but I know it won’t be the same without your wife. All the best for 2022 and safe travels.

  2. How awful for you all Craig. I am sure that it was not the joyful Xmas you would have hoped for. Best wishes to Mary and for her continued recovery and I am so sorry that Louise can not go. I am sure that I might have made that decision too.

  3. Firstly good luck to Mary. Strokes are a right pain in the bottom Mary and you need to fight each day with the determination to improve 🤗

    Secondly for what it is worth I think you are doing the right thing. I am sure that Mary will think so too. She is in the best place and getting the treatment she needs.

    Triple check all the paperwork and have fun 🙂

    Go and enjoy yourselves. Show Freddie how magical Disney World is. I am sure he will miss his Nanna been there but there’s always next year.

  4. Sending all our best wishes for a speedy recovery for Mary. If this has all taught us anything it’s to live for today. Look forward to making the memories you can then share with Louise and Mary- it will give you positive things to talk about in your FaceTime calls. There are far more mask wearers here in the Florida mall and Walmart than in the Trafford Centre or Tesco’s at the moment, so maybe the world is listening – best wishes for an amazing break- you all deserve it

  5. That must have been a really hard decision to make but seeing the joy on Freddie’s face will surely make up in a very small way for Louise not being there.

    Wishing your mother in law a speedy recovery and the rest of you safe travels.

  6. Oh no what a turn of events, so sorry for you all having to make these decisions. It may always feel like the wrong one but you have to go with it and take some joy wherever you can at this point.
    Hope all goes well.

  7. I can only say I would do exactly what Louise has done , you all have to try and make the best of what is an absolute twat of a situation x Sending your Mother in law a ton of good wishes , she looks a very sprightly 90 and this will be just a hiccup xxxx Go and do your very best to enjoy some of it , you and Louise have a excuse for a “ only the 2 of you “‘trip
    Stay safe stay healthy , don’t feel like a c u next Tuesday xxxxx

  8. I don’t usually comment, just enjoy reading, but wanted to send my best wishes for Louise & her Mum 💕. Hope she has a speedy recovery & you manage to enjoy your trip as best you can.

  9. So sorry Craig, wishing Mary a speedy recovery. My father had a few strokes and the first one is frightening but he recovered well, it just takes time.
    It is the right thing to go for the rest of the family, don’t blame you in the the least. People who are not Disney/Florida die hards like us may not get it but sod ‘em, we do.
    It will be hard with Louise not going but she would also feel awful if she held you all back, as would Mary I expect.
    We fly Tuesday, and were still negative yesterday, so hopefully will still be so at 7am tomorrow by video. May see you I the parks somewhere, in your week two, we are at Vero beach first for a few days.

  10. Aaw no….my thoughts are with Louise and her mum hope Mary makes a quick and full recovery..I would have been exactly the same as Louise so go and make this trip as good as it can be for Freddie and you all so she knows she did the right thing and can enjoy your joy 💞 safe travels x

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