Coin Toss

I really should know better and by now, tempting fate should be the last thing I do, but, if I am honest, at times I can almost convince myself that we may actually get to go on this holiday. Well, from a COVID restrictions point of view anyway.

Other life events, particularly the well being of Louise’s Mum may play their part yet, but I don’t think we will see any further travel restrictions now. Let’s face it, it is impossible to undertake any more testing than is already in place and with Omicron now everywhere in the world, there is very little to be gained from closing borders.

The other event that happened this week has also all but confirmed that we will go. We have bought two new suitcases. That investment means there is no turning back now and we must be aboard that plane.

What sort of trip we will have is a different matter of course, with all these tests, masks and faff but we take what we can get at this stage.

That’s one way to look at things but as with every painful twist and turn through this epic will we won’t we saga it is equally easy to argue that every passing day sees the messaging being ramped up about the need for further restrictions and rather than just do them, the powers that be as ever leak out teasers to test the waters and soften us up.

Literally anything could happen between now and January 3rd. I think it is pretty likely that January will see some tighter lockdown rules in the UK once we’ve all done our duty by spending all our money in the shops and at our Christmas parties, and if we do get to go then we may just miss their introduction but come home to them. Ten days quarantine for returning travellers anyone?

It is a bit surreal to be this close to a trip and still not know if we will go. This is the closest we have got of all the dates we’ve had booked, but for our own sanity I think we have had to not let ourselves believe it is happening. I’m not even sure if and when there may be further reviews and announcements. Having gone into plan B in a panic to divert the media has he now shot his bolt that he had loaded for the 19th of December?

It probably doesn’t matter as only a US change of policy about their borders would scupper us I think. My guess is the first we would hear about that will be if it happens. I am so weary of tossing this same coin what feels like every week now. I’m sure you are too.

So we go on, day by day, edging closer to a final answer. If I were a betting man and had to put a money on one outcome I would say right now it’s more likely we get to go, just. Only just. Much as this endless uncertainty has removed much of the wind from my sails for the anticipation of this trip it has also removed the same wind from writing about it, so we will leave it there for everyone’s sanity and see what next week brings.

Till the next time…..

5 thoughts on “Coin Toss

  1. For what it’s worth I think you’ll get there. I’m looking forward to the pictures from main street.

  2. There is no point in trying to second guess any one at the moment, its all based of very little hard evidence that this new variant is deadly or not. It might be spread quicker but if the vast majority don’t get seriously ill it will just be like the flu. Perversely I think this new variant is actually so far good news as according to the WHO as of 2 days ago there has been no know cases of someone dying of this new variant. Even todays news that some are in UK hospitals with the variant can not be confirmed to be because of it and not caught in hospital. I will off course change my opinion if deaths rack up at a high rate in the future.

  3. We are due to fly the day after you and haven’t booked any of the three potential tests, we are waiting until next weekend and then will sit down and I will lose a day in my life doing API and test bookings. We are staying at P INn LHR on the 3rd so my stump for testing there.
    I am keeping positive this time as if I feel if there are anymore restrictions the travel industry may just collapse. I don’t like Teresa May but she is right, we have to learn to live with this and get on with life undertaking what ever the best is we can do to keep each other safe. Let’s see what the announcement holds, and if so I will then spend NYears weekend moving all the tests! Ho Ho,Merry Christmas.

  4. We have just returned from The Boardwalk and Vero Beach and we were so, so very glad to be able to go. Cast members and other store staff expressed their pleasure at the fact that UK visitors were willing to return and other than the fact that we had to cough up for a pre-flight test just before we came home as well as another within two days of our return, we had a good time. Prices however have really gone up – even in Walmart! – although that’s no different to here either. Fingers crossed for you and the family and Louise’s mum

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