Fifty Shades of Beige

I’m sick of moaning. You’re sick of me moaning. I get it. This week’s post could very easily be a shit fest of self-pity and woe is me. Let’s face it, most of my posts are, but in a week where every day I am thinking where I should be instead, it would be a miracle if it were not.

I will desperately try to perform that miracle.

FYI though, so far this week we should have eaten at O’hana, Teak Neighbourhood Grill, Bahama Breeze and today would have been Yak & Yeti.

On the plus side…..erm……I don’t have to go to work next week. When cancelling my annual leave I retained a week just to not be at work for a bit. I have been working hard and I haven’t had a break since before lockdown so I need to be away from it for a bit. The fact that we are currently in the middle of decorating a couple of bedrooms is the perfect metaphor for 2020.

Tomorrow is my actual birthday. Unlike in the alternate universe in which I would be in Epcot, I have no plans other than I am playing golf with my Dad in the morning. I’m not very good but I enjoy it. I have given very strict instructions that there should be no elaborate celebrations. Of course, we aren’t allowed to be together in groups larger than….I mean on a Wednesday, if it’s raining, I can see six members of my family….erm, every other week, if I close my eyes I am allowed to sit outside with…..

No, I haven’t got a clue what we are allowed to do, but I know that a large family gathering, even if I wanted one, is not allowed. I know it makes me an ungrateful grinchy knob, but I just don’t feel in the mood for big celebrations. I’m sure I will see everyone that matters at some point, at whatever the currently allowed distance is and that’s all that counts.

I did pick up my car on Thursday. It’s nice. It’s like my old one, but silver and a bit newer. It has a lot more gadgets though including voice commands. I need to sit in it for several hours learning what everything does so that I can use my voice to do things and concentrate all my efforts on moaning about my commute, should I ever do that again.

Still, at least the weathers’s been nice.

A Collection of House of Cards' Best Frank Underwood Side-Eye GIFs | Frank  underwood, Kevin spacey, Redes sociales

A lot of the angst we are feeling is due to the fact that the rescheduled dates in March feel very shakey too. For a family used to having a concrete countdown, this does not work well. How’s Florida doing? Better, if you believe the reported numbers. I don’t so much.

Ever since the reporting of numbers was moved from the CDC to the Whitehouse, amazingly, the numbers of cases have immediately and drastically declined. Even if those numbers were true then case numbers of around 3,000 per day and deaths of over 100 still do not make great reading for the state….never mind what’s really happening.

So I still cannot foresee borders being opened, certainly not before the election over there. With the new (please!) President not taking office till January, any lifting of travel restrictions to the US from the UK is going to be close to the wire for a 1st of March trip I think.

So as this descends into another moan-fest I should slap myself, count my blessings and stop being an annoying douche bag, right?

I have reached 50, all of my family are here and healthy, we are not living in poverty or hardship and I have a car that I can talk to. I am like some sort of portly, older Marty McFly, living in the future we all dreamed of….apart from the highly contagious deadly disease and the fact that there’s no Huey Lewis in Bolton. Swings and roundabouts and I need to watch Back To The Future again.

Anywho, as I live through the last few hours of my forties I suspect I won’t feel very different when I wake up in my 50’s tomorrow. As I plan to live to at least 120, my mid-life crisis isn’t due until I am 60. The coming decade of my 50’s holds the hope of it being better than my 40’s. We went through a lot during that time. Louise returning to study to become a nurse was a challenge, there was also some “nastiness” right at the start of my 40’s that saw my, to that point stellar, career hit a few bumps. (It wasn’t at all stellar and hasn’t been since either). Those and other financial challenges were tough and hopefully behind us. There were all sorts of dramas involving the girls, but this is par for the course and I expect nothing less in every decade to come to be honest, but hopefully, as they get older these shall be less frequent and less traumatic.

Of course, Freddie joined us in my 40’s and that would be the highlight of any decade. I hope to spend however many decades I have left spending as much time as possible with him, whenever possible, in Florida.

Some of you reading this will have been with me through all of that and in some cases, for many years before. I first started over sharing stuff about my life and family online around 2003 on various forums (remember those?). I don’t even find my own life that interesting so I can only applaud in awe your tolerance for mediocrity and average writing. We’re approaching twenty years of me papping on and both of you that read this every week are still here.

I am away now to spend the last day of my 40’s doing a bit of decorating. At some point, at a time totally of my own choosing, I will also walk the dogs. The fact that I should, by rights, be in Animal Kingdom won’t be on my mind at all.

Till the next time……

14 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Beige

  1. I feel your pain, it was my 50th last Monday, I spent it here instead of being at MK ….thankfully my “holiday” is almost over and as the end gets closer, I feel happier…as we still have next year 19th August booked up xx all the constant calander reminders over the past 11 days have been a killer, why I didn’t delete them all I dont know xx anyhooo happy birthday for tomorrow xx

  2. My husband was 50 in June. We were going to have a party and then fly out to Orlando for three weeks for him to see Star Wars land. Instead he went to work on his birthday (he’s a nurse) and we got a takeaway. It was just a load of ‘what ifs’. Oh well! We should’ve been home now from Florida so I’m kind of over it a bit…. sort of…! I still can’t make up my mind whether or not to book 2021 or just leave it another year. Oh well! Happy birthday for tomorrow anyway 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday! We too should have been in Orlando this week. My husband turns 50 in October. I’d been resigned to not travelling and coping ok but these last few days have seen me re-watching some favourite Disney vloggers and now I’m really missing it. Let’s go at Christmas said the husband so I purchased a lovely new hoodie with Mickey logo on the front in leopard print – perfect for Animal Kingdom. Thanks to lockdown diet this didn’t fit and needed to be returned. The ten year old cried when we were talking about it and said he didn’t want to travel and catch Covid-19 (more anxious about it than I had previously thought) so now all plans are off until this pandemic is over or until we can convince the boy that it’s safe.

    1. That’s rough. It shows we probably don’t fully know the impact on children of all this. And I hear you on the lockdown “diet” 🙄

  4. Craig, I would love to be in Florida right now, away from the hassles of work. Hopefully Trump gets booted out and Joe Biden gets to work on the Covid crisis ASAP. We all need a bit of Florida magic to make us feel better.

    Happy 50th have a great day.

  5. I was fortunate enough to spend the actual day of my 50th birthday on Castaway Cay.. mid -DCL cruise. It was raining and windy.. and I was circling some part of clinical depression ( not related to the birthday.. I count myself lucky, many don’t reach our milestone) but just generally ‘meh’. The whole day was a let down despite of the surroundings. Pah!

  6. Happy birthday for tomorrow.
    You won’t be where you want to be but you will be with the people that mean most to you, take comfort in that.

  7. From another who’s turned 50 this year in the UK rather than in WDW have a fantastic day tomorrow. The daily reminders of previous years trips and diary reminders of where we should be Currently are a killer but a reminder of how lucky we are – doesn’t stop any of us moaning though :-). Enjoy the golf and the week off

  8. Hope you had a good birthday with your lovely family. We were supposed to be going in October so have a small idea how you’re feeling. Here’s to next year 🍻

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