Nothing To See Here

Having been inundated with a query as to where my blog was today (thanks Rebecca) I thought I’d better just post a note to say that as I am close to death, deep within the man flu there won’t be one I’m afraid.

Try to get through the week the best way you can despite this news.

I’m off back to the drugs.

Till the next time…..

9 thoughts on “Nothing To See Here

  1. Sorry you have the dreadful lurgie- I hate to say it but we have all had it, and still have it.This one lingers, fades and comes back. Just to make you feel better, sorry. Here’s hoping yours does not do this, feel better soon.

  2. Aww poor Craig. Have had the dreaded luge myself so can totally understand. Keep wrapped up warm and plenty of meds. Take Manuka honey as well, it’s a natural medicine.

  3. sorry to hear you are unwell, so many people i know have been unwell over the Christmas period. It seems to be going round. Hope you feel better soon. Lets hope you get lots of sympathy from the family!

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