No, I’m A Celebrity….

Right, you had a week off from Freddie photos last week, so you know what that means.

Having slept for what seems like 90% of his life so far, he is indeed living the dream. As you can see from the above photo, his eyes are open more now and he is starting to take notice of his surroundings.

Tom has gone back to work after his paternity leave and Rebecca has managed her first week alone with him. Louise has been off work, so she has helped out a little, mainly ferrying her off to relatives to show him off.

As things are today, he has already been introduced to the world of filters too.

After his first few days of health worries he’s bounced back nicely, putting on weight in a way which proves he is indeed my Grandson and also now parting with stuff into his nappy that is a mix of chicken Korma and nuclear accident. Rebecca feels the need to share those with us via group chat on a regular basis.

The countdown to Freddie’s first Christmas is officially underway. I’m a Celeb is on, every advert is a festive one and most scarily Louise has started shopping. Speaking of I’m a Celeb, they way it is going, it is only a matter of time until I’m on it due to the fact that I once met Sonia and Big Fun at ITV’s Telethon in the 80’s. Oh, I have also spoken to Gemma Atkinson in the ladies toilets in a Manchester hotel. I’m expecting the call from Ant or Dec within hours.

Oh, and I also worked with the cousin of Howard Donald (Take That bloke) at the NatWest in Manchester in the 90’s… this rate, I am more famous than half of the current camp mates. Thinking about it, a week or so ago I was walking the dogs and bumped into Sam Allardyce who lives close by and at Christmas most years my dog walking route takes me past the house of Danny from McFly’s parent’s house and he is often there.

I have other celebrity encounters and tales which frankly mean that I am more famous than Jamie Vardy’s wife. That, along with my 1100+ Twitter followers means that I will also be getting a book deal to publish a children’s story that somebody else actually wrote. However, when they trawl back through my tweets they will find content that is unacceptable and I shall be disgraced and thrown back into obscurity with only the Daily Star kiss and tell story about my Gemma Atkinson encounter to support me in my old age.

Such is celebrity life in this day and age. It’s a world where unexplained celebrities such as Gok Wan get famous for saying bangers a lot and then for some reason nobody can explain, starts to do cookery and people pay him money to do so. Similarly Kirstie Allsop falls into a TV career about houses and then rinses the general public every year with books and TV programmes about making paper chains and decorations out of used tissues and spit.

Keep your eye out for which minor celeb spent the first half of 2017 putting weight on so that they could then lose it before recording their fitness DVD. You too can lose all your weight. All you need is to do it full-time with your own personal trainer and dietary consultant. Or give them £15 for their DVD which you’ll find a drawer long after their fifteen minutes has passed.

Whilst I’m ranting, there’s a special place in hell for the talent vacuums that exist within The Only Way Is Chelsea Island.

Well, that came from nowhere didn’t it. A few minutes ago when I sat staring at the blank page I had no clue that I would be spewing onto the page in such a manner. I’ll probably feel better for it.

Enjoy your Sundays folks. I’m off for a lie down with a wet flannel.

Till the next time…..

13 thoughts on “No, I’m A Celebrity….

  1. Lol…from tiny acorns, huge oak trees grow…and still as amusing as ever. On a different note, we have watched the girls grow up in front of our very eyes through your trippies…now it’s Freddie’s turn…more of him please…he’s deliciously gorgeous 💙

  2. Yay Craig is back loved this weeks blog some
    Nice baby photos for the women followers to get all soppy over then cutting remarks about this crop of “Im a celebrity in celebrity gossip mags.”

    1. I try to keep my bitter middle aged ranting under control but sometimes it has to come out, often when I least expect it 😁

  3. Lol – he’s one handsome chappie (Freddie) that is ! Looking forward to reading all about him as he grows up – having done the same with the girls. Hope Rebecca is managing Ok on her own. I remember how scary it was being left in charge of this tiny human being. Looking forward to next weeks episode 😀

  4. Love the Freddie filters, poor babe lol! And what were you doing in the Ladies toilets of a Manchester hotel to meet Gemma Atkinson in the first place?

    1. A drunk Louise had been dancing bare foot an an Xmas do and cut her foot open so we were washing it in the sink. There are more scandalous stories I’ll grant you…

  5. And they didn’t ask you to be on there with all those Celebrity Connections, how rude!
    Lovely pics of Freddie!

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