Is It Because I Is Back?

Hello? Is this thing on?

My body is back in the UK, but my mind is yet to accept this. Mentally I am still in the technicolour wonderland with a warmer climate where every meal is a brush with a cardiac arrest and the amount of money spent doesn’t count as dollars aren’t real money. I do quite like it you know!!

It always blows my mind that within a few short hours you go from wandering around a baking hot Disney Springs (don’t we all do that before going to the airport?) to landing in an ever grey Manchester.

I am avoiding reality for now. I haven’t dared go anywhere near the scales and I refuse to admit to myself that I have to work for a living again on Tuesday. I’m not dressed yet and I sit here in my dressing gown eating something between breakfast, lunch and supper watching people go past our window doing grown up things like jogging, walking their dogs and generally engaging with the world in a way in which I simply cannot right now.


We had a blast. We narrowly avoided a visit to a medical facility which is the exception rather than the norm for one of our trips, although we came close a couple of times. Instead, we spent more time in pharmacies than theme parks and if anyone needs a cream or potion for any ailment on earth, give me shout as we’ll have it.

That feeling of being at home over there gets stronger with every visit. I know after the amount of times we’ve been that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, but the feeling is strong.

I won’t steal any more of my own thunder as I need to get on with a trip report. I have made the token gesture of downloading all the photos to my laptop and getting them up on photobucket ready for inclusion but beyond that, the fog of jet lag and the fact that I am struggling to see the laptop over my stomach have restricted my progress…well, progress indicates that something is actually happening, which it isn’t yet.

I will say that we and especially Emily and I realised that we didn’t have enough time at Disney. We knew that before we went I think, and it was intentional that the trip would be different, but there was a feeling of being slightly robbed of time there as we inevitably missed out on some stuff that we love. As fantastic as our time at Universal and Siesta Key was, as soon as we got to the Beach Club there was a strong feeling of belonging, peace of mind and joy that reaffirmed what we probably already knew. Any future visits will be WDW centric. Still, moaning about that after almost three weeks over there seems churlish.

I feel confusingly knackered and refreshed in equal measure. Mentally it always does me the world of good I think, but physically I feel close to a hundred years old right now, not helped by gigging last night on seven hours sleep out of the previous 48 hours.

So I shall leave it there for today. I will commit to day one being ready for next Sunday as if I write it down here I will have to crack on despite my working week looking grim. Thanks to all of you that followed our trip online in real-time and hopefully I can keep your interest for the trip report to come. Oh and discussions for our next trip started before we got home….but hey, what’s new?

Till the next time….

9 thoughts on “Is It Because I Is Back?

  1. Looking forward to the trip report and pics. Enjoyed the live updates too even though they weren’t live by the time I saw them lol

  2. When you said you were “going to the beach” for a week I thought WHAT !!! what a waste of time when you could be lying on the beach at The Beach Club…then again I dont like lying on the beach, I prefer sitting on a sunbed reading at WDW..But I look forward to the trippie next week.Glad you had a great time it doesnt seem like 5 mins since you went.

  3. So glad you had a great time, and we know what you mean! Two weeks on site to come with DDP and we still cannot fit it all in even after do many trips!
    looking forward tot he trip report.

  4. Can’t believe you’re back already! Can’t wait for the trip report, with no trip booked for this year your trip report will be the closest I’ll get this year!! But this time next year we’ll be back on it!!

  5. I’ve spent the weekend reading your Tales of Family, Food and Florida (I’m up to 2007) and thought I’d pop in to see how you were. Thrilled to see you’re just home from another trip and already thinking of the next one.

    P.S. I am delighted to see that Ryan is still on the go. I am going to inform my OH of Ryan’s endurance and perhaps then he will stop insisting we need new cases every trip despite the fact we now own very expensive Tripp ones.

  6. Really pleased that you had a great time, but of course you would have, it was Disney (oh and the other places, but it sounds like you have learned the error of those) 🙂 Can’t wait to read the trip reports and the planning for the next holiday x

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