Video Skills That Make Us Go Aww!

It’s a cliche to come out with this phrase and for those with no trip booked, it’s very annoying. However, we go to Florida next month!

We are at the stage where the trip feels ridiculously imminent and miles away at the same time. No matter how much planing is done, and I do too much, every trip rushes up on me and I have last minute palpitations that I have forgotten some vital element of the process.

However, I’d settle for a bit of rushing up on me right now.

Last night Louise and I had a very rare night out. With Louise working quite a few weekends and me progressing my rock star career with gigs of a weekend evening we’ve not seen a great deal of each other. We went to a local favourite of ours in Horwich. Sokrates is a Greek Taverna….in Bolton. Over some Taramasalata, Kofta and Baklava I explained to Louise what she’d be doing on holiday!

I assume Louise reads my blogs where I outline every second of every day of our holiday but somehow it still wasn’t clear to her where we were staying and for how long. The conversation turned into a tour of Florida restaurants as I described our itinerary with where we were eating. Thankfully, my plan was met with approval, which was handy as I’d like Louise to come along!!

We also did a bit of reminiscing about trips gone by. This was brought on by my re-discovery of a video of our 2008 trip. Emily and I edited it a couple of years ago, as the first of an intended series of all the years we have video footage for. A few years on and we’ve still only done one. For those that didn’t see the link yesterday here’s that video.

Yep, that’s nine years ago. Looking back at our lives like that brings back lovely memories of course and a self congratulatory pat on the back for booking all those holidays and not doing more sensible stuff with our money, but of course, I don’t mind admitting a small lump in the throat moment as it confirmed that time has marched on, the little girls aren’t anymore and instead of watching them play in the pool and buy pointless plastic tat, this week I took Emily to pick up her first car and Rebecca is moving into a new apartment this week with her boyfriend. Damn you time and how you relentlessly rumble on.

That video also shows me how bad I was (am) at videoing stuff. It seems to be a collection of us pulling faces to camera and walking around. Mind you, there are some folks on YouTube making a living doing that!

Watching that has given me a timely kick up the arse though. Today Emily and I will commence Operation Edit All of the Videos. They are all sat on very fragile tape in a case somewhere and I’d be gutted to lose any of that, so it’s time to edit it all down and commit each trip to the internet where it can be preserved forever. You know I will inflict them on you so be ready for a few more versions of the video above with the girls at varying sizes.

They will not be troubling the Oscars voting committee.

So just to remind you, this time next month we will be well into another cliche, the single digit dance. These cliches will mean nothing to anyone reading who isn’t obsessed with these holidays, but stick around long enough and you’ll get the idea.

Right, I have boring real life things to do….

Till the next time….





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