Landmarks and Not So Little Girls

Some of you kind enough to read this stuff every week have been with me for many years, a few even from way back in the days when I used to write funny trip reports. One of the loveliest things about that for me is your kind and sincere interest in my family and our journey as the girls have grown up.

I often get comments from you saying that you feel you know us even though we’ve never met and that to me makes all the effort of writing the reports and the blogs worth it. You are a lovely lot.

In all that time you’ve shared all the landmark moments of the last thirteen years or so, most of them good, a few not so much and seen the girls turn into the lovely young women they are today (even though I say so myself).

Like most parents with grown up kids I spend most of my days wondering what happened to all those years and at times wishing they were little again. I’m sure when they were little I was wishing they were grown up already. That’s life I suppose.

In these blogs in the past I’ve documented first boyfriends, bad boyfriends and the odd good one too. All Dad’s of little girls joke about the time when their girls start dating and it’s all bravado to acknowledge that really they are pretty powerless when it comes to the choices their daughters make in this area. Both Rebecca and Emily have made some really bad decisions at times and all you can do is keep your eye on them, offer advice that will be ignored and then breathe a huge sigh of relief when finally they see the light and move on to better things.

Well, today I need to share another landmark moment with you. You may know that Rebecca has been seeing Tom for a good while now.


Well, a little while ago Tom came to see us to ask me and Louise THAT question. Could he ask for Rebecca’s hand in marriage. I did wonder why he has was asking me that as surely Rebecca is still only eleven years old and is far too young for that sort of thing. Apparently she is a fully grown adult now and this was all fine from a legal perspective.

Tom is the sort of boyfriend that you wish for if your daughter has to have one. He treats her very well, works hard, respects her family and knows that Rebecca is a princess and he behaves accordingly. With all that in mind he is one of the few humans on the planet that we would entrust one of our most treasured things to, so we said yes.

With that done he went away to plan the event, helped and supported by Emily for inside knowledge and a girl’s perspective and last night it happened.

He had secretly booked a hotel room in Manchester, telling Rebecca they were just going to the Christmas markets. He decorated the room in a Beauty and The Beast theme and Rebecca shared a bit of this shortly after he popped the question.



What followed were probably the most excited texts we have ever received from Rebecca as she told us all about it and how incredibly happy she was. As you know the rule is that if the girls are happy then we are too (generally!).

I am so pleased for Tom that he managed to keep it all a secret and that it all went to plan as he put a lot of thought and effort into the whole thing. I hope he now understands that he has set the bar very high for every other special occasion they share and that the hard work only starts now!

This morning they are both hungover and excited in equal measure and sharing the news with family and friends.

So there you have it. That little girl you saw in the stroller in the theme parks for all those years is now engaged. As with most things in life you think you have all the time in the world until all this stuff happens and then it just does. My bank manager and I pray for a long engagement but I am sure she already has it all planned. You will no doubt here all about it as it unfolds!

Till the next time…..

22 thoughts on “Landmarks and Not So Little Girls

  1. Wow!! Go Tom. Congratulations to them both.

    Maybe you could invite your bank manager to the Disney wedding? He would then understand all those years of skint-ness! !

    Was the hotel Gt John St? Looks lovely


  2. truly enchanted and romantic. I’m in bits here. Many Many CONGRATULATIONS to Rebecca and Tom on their engagement ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Aww how lovely, perfect proposal for her! Well done to Tom 👍 Congratulations to the Both of them xxx

  4. Congratulations to Rebecca and Tom x.
    Good luck with the saving Craig and Louise, I have a feeling you will need it xxx

  5. Awwww Rebecca must be absolutely made up with her Disney themed proposal and Tom did a wonderful job. Thank you for yet again allowing us to be part of your families life, I still can’t believe the girls are all grown up……seems like only yesterday they were little girls being photographed stood by the front door embarking on yet another Disney adventure. I’ve loved every trip report you’ve written and it’s nice to still be able to follow the key events in the Williams family life via this blog. I think Louise & you are fantastic parents.
    Congratulations to Rebecca & Tom xx

  6. As someone who has followed your family for many a year😳
    I would like to say a huge congratulations to Rebecca and Tom🎉🎉

    Joan Morgan

  7. Congratulations to the happy couple. Those stroller years dont seem long ago to me, so to you and Louise it must feel like the blink of an eye. You have raised 2 beautiful daughters and its been a real pleasure to share some of your special times. Thank you x

  8. Aww that is so lovely . Congratulations to them both. Can’t believe the little girl stood in front of your door on her way to WDW for all those years is now engaged….You will be taking your grandchildren in no time….LOL xxx

  9. Wow, how romantic! Congratulations to Rebecca & Tom, I cannot quite believe ( a bit like you!) that time has gone by so quickly. Exciting g times for your family!

  10. Oh how lovely many congratulations to them both Disney wedding me thinks?? 😀 xx

  11. Oh wow, I have tears!
    I am reader of those reports and especially remember the video of the girls being silly in the back seat of a car on one of the journeys in Florida- I think they were around 12-14, that funny, transitional age.
    As my son is a similar age I feel our journeys have always been mirrored in our numerous visits and trip reports, not that I have many trip reports, and the effect on our wallets over the years are forgotten amongst all those precious memories.
    How wonderful he gets the Disney stuff, you need to grab those partners into the fold and I am happy to say our son has found one too and she will be joining us a first foursome this year.
    So huge congratulations to them both and hang onto that wallet, but as we know the new memories will be worth every penny!

  12. Aww how lovely, I’m another who has followed your blog for a long time after first reading all your trip reports on the dibb. It’s been a privilege reading all about your family over the years and I look forward to reading more in the future. Huge congratulations to Tom and Rebecca x

  13. Tale as old as time …..what a beautiful way to propose – many congratulations to your Belle and her Prince!

    From your early trip reports on the DIBB to your books and now your blog – I still enjoy your writing – it’s always so honest, funny and a pleasure to read. This part of all your lives could actually become a feature film …..that’s gotto be next on the cards!

    Enjoy being The Wedding Planner! Exciting times ahead.

  14. I too have followed you from the Dibb Craig and loved reading your trip reports and now your blogs. Many congratulations to Rebecca and Tom, what a lovely proposal it was. Thanks for sharing your lovely news.

  15. Oooh! Congratulations, though i am still wiping lots of tears away. As you said you’ve been kind enough to be a virtual reality florida family to me theough your writings and as my kids are just a bit younger than yours as many others have we’ve seen them grow to be beautiful ladies. Well done on being a brilliant dad and mum x

  16. Congratulations Rebecca & Tom!! What a wonderful proposal, he must have put a lot of thought and planning into that, it seems he is quite the catch!!

    I can’t believe that little girl posing by the front door for all those years is getting married! Wonderful news Craig!

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