Sticking In A Sloth?

There are recurring themes in my blogging, which is another way of saying that I probably write the same blog post roughly every six weeks. Today’s theme is that I don’t really have time to write a blog this week, but such is my tragic obsessive nature that I sit here writing a blog to let you know that I don’t have time to write one. As I type I can see the bits of paint on my hands that I haven’t quite got rid of after painting various things in the bathroom a few minutes ago. If a pre-Monday isn’t bad enough, you only have to add DIY to it to make it a whole lot worse.

Add to that we have guests coming for tea (poor people’s dinner) in the form of Louise’s Mum and Rebecca and Tom and I have to somehow cram in watching a football match and it’s a marvel I’m not having a nervous breakdown.

The entire weekend has been somewhat scuppered by a stupidly late night on Friday when I was out being a rock and roll demi-God with Mustard. We played a new venue in Rochdale and didn’t come off stage (yes, there was even a stage) until just after 1am. With packing up and driving home that was a 3am bed time and my aged ravaged body has been playing catch up ever since. I have a good sense now of what it feels like to live to be a hundred years old.

Last week was so busy that I didn’t do ANY holiday planning at all….oh no wait, that’s a lie. Emily and I had a text conversation (despite sitting across from each other at work) about something new we may be considering adding to our stupidly full plan. Wild Florida is in our thoughts, mainly as Emily is obsessed with sloths and they have a sloth encounter amongst many other things which look like a good day out.

We haven’t had time to say it is absolutely locked and loaded into our plan as it may just be an activity too far, but it does look good. If anyone has been I would really appreciate your views and experiences.

So with apologies for what is a very brief post today (the game is about to kick off!) I shall leave you to enjoy your Sunday.

Till the next time…..

4 thoughts on “Sticking In A Sloth?

  1. As you might know from my FB/Instagram posts, we visited Wild Florida last week whilst in The Sunshine State. It is an amazingly lovely rest from the parks – clean, quiet and you really can get close to all animals, Sloths included. We didn’t pay for the encounter, but saw some who did having theirs and it wasn’t hugely long. You aren’t allowed to hold it and can be pictured by it. We got very close through the bars, with a sloth who voluntarily came to see us, nose to nose without anyone else around. Perfect and magical! X

  2. We are doing the sloth encounter when we go Craig. Will let you know how it goes when we come back.

  3. We visited Wild Florida in March, it’s a beautiful spot. We didn’t do the sloth encounter but the air boat ride was great & the ranch is just beautiful. Well worth a visit.

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