A Gig With Midges….Ure.

I sit here with another gig under my belt. This might explain the unsightly bulge, but with each one, I feel I’m getting somewhere closer to the standard required. We played a charity gig last night, and despite it being a little chaotic in the early parts, once we got set up and playing it was good fun. It’s always nice to get a good reaction and we did. The fact that most of the audience had been drinking all day had nothing to do with it I’m sure.

charity gig grapes 13-6-15By the time we got on it was bloody cold and we made a lovely meal for the entire midge population of Bolton too. It was good fun though and I was home at a much more reasonable half twelve as well.

The only other bit of news this week is one that we’ve been sitting on for a while. You may remember my hysterical over emotional rant back in April when Emily came home from the Cultural Representative Programme? It seems half the internet got involved and some of the nastiness and abuse I got, both publicly and privately was truly a bit scary. I didn’t share any of that on here as I didn’t want to fan the flames, but trust me, it was vitriolic and worrying. This meant that when I posted an update to that rant a few days later I was suitably vague about how Disney had redeemed themselves.

This was mainly because I felt that had I shared what had happened, certain parts of the internet may have exploded in disbelief and outrage and with our emotions still all over the place it was the last thing anyone needed, especially Emily.

With considerable water under the bridge now and my blog visitor levels back to the usual readers (mainly) hopefully I can share the news with you without having to check under my car each morning before turning it on. Crucially, this week Emily decided to blog about this so I feel it’s OK now for me to mention it here. It would always be her call.

So when I said that Disney had been in touch, they had. The Head of Recruitment called Emily about three days after she got home and said that they had found her a role in Merchandise (where the offending tattoo can be covered) and gave her a range of dates to consider. Surprisingly, they even offered to fund her flight back to the States. So after a lot of thought she chose to start this August and finish next June. We are hopeful that she can fly out with us when leave for our holiday. We’re just waiting for confirmation from Disney that this will be OK and that they have booked it for her.

I really, really, don’t want to open up any more debate about the rights and wrongs of what happened. I’ll say now that I won’t publish any comments (nasty or nice) about the rights and wrongs if they go any further than wishing Emily well. Β It is likely those so intent on abuse last time will come across this update and want to continue to call me anything from a liar to much, much worse. My blog, my rules. Only Emily and to some extent us know everything about what happened and nobody was without blame. Hopefully, this news can just be taken for what it is, which in my view is just a good end to a not very good situation.

I have another request. If you are connected to Emily and want to send her a message, please avoid doing so publicly on her Facebook. Her current managers, who were kind enough to immediately take her back on when she returned would see that.

So for those who have asked recently if Emily was coming on holiday with us etc, this is why I have avoided answering you. Sorry!

Obviously we are very pleased that Emily has a second chance at this experience and I thank those at Disney who were gracious enough to make it happen. We are also very proud of Emily who handled the issue better than I did at the time and has had the courage to go back and try this again despite the experience she had last time.

It certainly feels good to have shared that at last!

Till the next time….

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  1. So pleased everything turned out well in the end. You must all be very proud of Emily. I am sure she will do well and have a ball.x

  2. That’s wonderful news for Emily. I’m so pleased she’s got the chance to follow her dream. I’m sure both you and Louise must be very proud of how she’s handled all of this x

  3. Very pleased for Emily and that’s a bonus with the flights. Having Disney daughters as well but quite a few years younger I’m looking forward to seeing how Emily gets on as it might be something for us in many years. I’m sure the merchandising position will be interesting and I bet she will make full use of every spare minute visiting every little bit of Disney World.

  4. So pleased for the whole family that this is resolved. I did think it might have been due to the lack of Emily in the holiday plans.

  5. Brilliant news about Emily, I read it on her blog earlier this week. I’m so pleased she has a 2nd chance πŸ™‚
    Infact she has been the topic of conversation at our dinner table today, as my 16 year old is seriously considering applying for the CRP once he’s finished his A’Levels next year.

  6. I read Emily’s blog yesterday and was so happy to see everything sorted with a new plan πŸ™‚ Really hope you are now all looking forward to another fab holiday and helping her settle in x

  7. Wonderful news about Emily. Wishing her the very best when August comes around. Thoroughly looking forward to the trip report later this year.

  8. Excellent news for Emily and now you can get on with the holiday plans which is’nt long now ….ooh I’m excited..(it doesnt take much) haha

  9. Hi Craig,

    Just wanted to say how thrilled I am that Emily is getting to fulfil her dream at last. It’s just a pity that she won’t start until after our trip so I won’t get the chance to say hi to her. Hope this time the experience will be everything she hoped for and more.

    Debbie x

  10. Good for her,so pleased it has worked out in the long run. Hope she can put this behind her and has an amazing time. May bump into her when we in Disney in Jan

  11. I read this earlier in the week on emily’s blog and meant to comment but forgot (:(). That is great news and a happy resolution to what must have been a stressful time for all involved. It will be good for emily to have you there with her to let her get set up over there.

  12. A really great blog! Some things have been well said πŸ˜‰ Good luck Emily and yay!!! It looks like your gigging is going well too Craig, so pleased things are going well for all of the family.

  13. I’m really pleased to hear that Emily can pursue her dream, I must admit I thought it was a bit odd when you kept leaving her out of the holiday plans !

    We are going next May so hopefully we might be able to pop in and say hello to her.

    What is her blog page again ?


  14. That’s awesome news for Emily, I’m glad she gets another opportunity πŸ™‚ do her bosses not read your blog then? πŸ˜‰

  15. I’m really happy for you all. How exciting! Good luck to Emily and have a fab holiday the rest of you!

  16. Greta news for Emily, really happy for her, glad Disney did the right thing in the end!!

  17. Fab news about Emily, I was only wondering about this earlier today, you must all be delighted 😊

  18. Great news about Emily. I hope she has a great adventure and finds time to post the occasional update.

  19. Craig I am feeling tearfully happy for you and your family especially Emily. I know how much this has meant to all of you and I have said before that your family remind me so much of my own being from Bolton with two daughters of a similar age – and our eldest who is now 18 being desperately in love with all things Disney. We fly to Orlando on 30th July returning 17th August so if Emily goes earlier than you travel and we can help out then please let us know. All the best to you and your family x

  20. Lovely to to hear there are some right b&Β£@. On the net I hope she has a brillent time and you and your family have a brillent holiday

  21. That’s great news. She will do great and have a fabulous time πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

  22. Thats great news for Emily and well done Disney for offering to pay for the flight back. This seems like a great end to what must have been a horrible experience for Emily and your family. Can’t wait to hear all about Emilys year in Disney.

  23. So pleased that Emily is now able to follow her long held dream!

  24. Fab news about Emily, sooo pleased for her ( and yourselves) glad it worked out, look forward to hearing all about her time there when she goes. xx

  25. Fantastic news, sorry that you’ve had to suffer from people who aren’t worth commenting on, I’m sure if I had been in the same place I would have done the same. As a parent our concerns are always our children first and foremost. Well done to Emily and I’m sure she’ll enjoy her time xx

  26. I’m so happy for Emily that she gets to live her dream after all. You and the rest of the family should be proud of the way you’ve all handled it. I hadn’t realised how much criticism you had over it! Shame on those who made what was a tough time for your family even worse. Bet they wouldn’t have said bad things to you in person but hiding behind the Internet gave them the courage to be obnoxious. Anyway wishing Emily the very best for her upcoming adventure, I look forward to hearing all about it.

  27. good stuff, im very pleased for Emily and all of you, I hope she enjoys the experience , will keep an eye out for her when we go in sept

  28. So pleased to hear Emily’s news. Will be watching her blog/Twitter for updates πŸ™‚

  29. Awwww that’s fantastic new, I will look out for Emily whilst we’re there in sept xx

  30. Absolutely brilliant news. I had hoped this would be the outcome and nice to have it confirmed. So pleased for you all and especially Emily of course. They say everything happens for a reason and it will be really nice if you can all fly out together and have a few days family holiday time before the official start date. πŸ˜ƒ

  31. This is brilliant news, so pleased that Emily will get to live her Disney dream,

  32. Fantastic news pity we will miss her we go in July! Hope she has a great time & learns from all her experiences

  33. So glad to hear this news. I was truly sad over what had happened. Now the adventures can begin and I wish Emily all the best. I hope she has the time of her life xx

  34. I’ve just sat and cried after reading this. I’m so happy for Emily x

  35. Excellent news Craig, happy for Emily and wish her well in her venture.

  36. Brilliant news, so happy for Emily and for you all as parents and family.

  37. Have left a longer reply on the dibb and indeed on Emilys blog!
    Dreams do come true!!

    Wonderful news for you all.

  38. Just catching up on my regular blog read(s) Very glad to hear the news about Disney/Emily…that’s a load off your mind.

  39. That’s fantastic news regarding Emily, so glad everything’s turned out ok in the end πŸ™‚

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