Johnny Depp and Love Eggs. A Normal Weekend.

One of the side effects of Louise studying to become a nurse is that when she isn’t on placement and working silly shifts, she is at home locked in the bedroom, tip tapping away at a keyboard for hours, and days on end. She is, as I type, wrestling with an assignment, this time being a case study of the care of a lady with breast cancer.

Before last night, we had last bumped into each other at some point during last week when I was getting ready for work and Louise turned over to go back to sleep. So with that in mind, last night we resolved to go out, without any kids and see if we recognised each other. Emily was working, and Rebecca was out with her boyfriend’s family for his birthday meal.

I had spent almost all of yesterday watching all of Homeland, but despite this, we decided to go to the cinema. Not being huge fans of super hero films the Spider Man and Captain America films were not options we wanted to take. Beyond that, unless we wanted to go and watch a Bollywood film, we were really only left with a new Johnny Depp film called Transcendence. Yes, I know it sounds like an energy drink you might buy from Aldi, but knowing little about it, we took a chance based on Mr Depp’s presence in it.

After a swift drinky in the bar, we took our seats and overly priced confectionery and settled in.

It was shite.

I won’t spoil the plot in case you see it in the future, but it just seemed to totally lose its way as a film. It started off as a half decent premise about Artificial Intelligence (like the cast of TOWIE), but then sort of wandered off into a semi-war film, with a very silly battle scene where random men in khaki fired shells at solar panels….really.

Depp himself was OK, although he seemed to be going through the motions, and overall, the film resembled one of those motions you have after eating the nachos with jalapeno peppers, as Louise did, during the film. The lead woman appeared to have been cast because they couldn’t get Scarlett Johanssen and there was also that bloke who was in the film Wimbledon a few years ago and that woman who played a reporter in House of Cards and got her norks out a bit. She didn’t even do that in this film, so her performance was marked down immediately. Morgan Freeman also appeared, but I think he has made them remove him from all promotional material.

Despite our whelm being not very overed, the pick n mix and actually having a night out made the evening worthwhile. Thankfully, I had laid my hands on some freeby vouchers for the cinema in question, so aside from the £100 for sweets, we didn’t actually pay to watch this nonsense.

In less than twelve months now, Louise should be qualified, and employed which should mean we can once again afford to eat and see each other for multiple hours per week.

The Easter break brought with it several hours of actual sunshine on Friday, and I undertook my first dog walk of the year with fewer than seven layers. It was glorious. The fields through which Oli and I usually battle the elements were strangely firm and unmoist, and we posed for what I believe the youngsters of the day may call a selfie.

sunny oli 22014

The future looked so bright I had to wear those glasses that go dark in the sun and make me look “special”. Of course, since Friday, we have been back to the brutal biting winds and several layers, but summer was nice whilst it lasted.

I hope your eggs are lovely. I have no eggs, of either the chocolate or love variety, which is a disgrace. I shall have to rely on stealing Emily’s, as she often has Easter eggs left at Christmas. Well she would if I didn’t go and release them from her storage/hiding place in her wardrobe. It has become a tradition.

Send eggs….and money….and flight tickets to Florida!

Till the next time…..

One thought on “Johnny Depp and Love Eggs. A Normal Weekend.

  1. Oli poses well for his selfie, but you with your special glasses ruined it a bit for him really….only joking of course!!

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