Trying to Write (sic) some wrongs

I was pointed at something this week that concerned me. I thought long and hard about whether to give it further coverage here, and will probably, no undoubtedly, regret doing so, but I found it so wide of the mark that I felt I should.

It probably won’t make any difference, but this post is just an attempt to explain and correct some obvious misconceptions that are out there, held hopefully by just a small number of people.

I have been a member of an excellent Disney forum for ten years. Yes, ten years. I owe much of my knowledge of WDW to it, (outside of dozens of visits of course), I have had better holidays because of it and I have made some lovely friends on there, several of which I have met in real life. Indeed one of those is even a moderator there.

I hope to continue to be a part of that community, and visit most days as I do now to keep up to date on things and contribute where I can add value to the conversation. Unless this post gets me banned of course! I hope not. The forum cannot be responsible for the opinions of those using it, and I have no problem with the site itself, or those who put a lot of work into keeping it going. Indeed I promote it here and in real life regularly.

The only relevance of telling you about said forum is that these misconceptions were expressed there, and that is all.

So this kerfuffle was a discussion thread about the release of my latest book. (No link included so that nobody thinks I am promoting it again).

Some kind supportive user posted that it was out and a few more contributed to say they had got a copy. Some people however expressed views that concerned me and I’ll be honest, hurt me a little. Having an opinion that differs from mine or hurts me is fine, but not if the reasons behind it are wrong. So I need to explain some stuff.

I have to do it here as that thread has now been closed to prevent further debate. That is appreciated and probably wise. It is the first thread I have ever been involved in that got closed, and I didn’t even post in it!

Over that ten years of forum membership I have offered my advice where I felt it would help someone, and of course I have posted a decade’s worth of trip reports for people to read and hopefully in some cases enjoy.

As you will probably know, I put those reports into a book earlier this year, (again, no link to it, why would I want anyone to find it?) as an anthology. My reasons for doing so were as follows –

  1. I like writing, and if time ever allows I may try to write a book. I wanted to understand how this self publishing thing worked so I tried it out.
  2. I wanted my trip reports to be stored somewhere other than a forum on the internet. Who knows when the folks who run that site may lose interest, close the site or have it explode in a cloud of reclining seats and taking kids out of school debates.
  3. People had left feedback on my trip reports each and every year telling me that I should put my trip reports into a book. So I did.

I am immeasurably grateful and astounded that some people bought that book, left me lovely reviews on Amazon and enjoyed reading it. It was a huge learning curve for me and I’m glad I did it.

You will notice that in my list of reasons for doing the book above, money is not mentioned. If anyone thinks that a self published book makes anything like an amount of money to justify the work and effort involved then they have never self published a book. Try it, let me know how you get on. Maybe I’m doing it wrong?

I earn a good living doing my real job. I don’t enjoy it half as much as my hobby, but who does? However, it pays the bills, and for stupidly expensive holidays most years. I don’t need an extra income, not that I would turn one down should it be offered of course. Who would?

I wouldn’t be so vulgar as to tell you what I earn from my real job, just as I won’t tell you how many pennies I have “made” from selling books. There is nothing to be gained from that, and frankly it is nobody’s business but mine.

Surely nobody else makes money from a hobby, like hand made cards or calendars or other such things. Why people should have to pay for those is silly right?

Let me make it really clear. The act of publishing these books is not about the money, it is about the writing, the publishing process and the exposure.

Just out of interest though, even if I were to make a fortune from writing stuff and selling it to folks willing to pay for it, why would that be an issue? Again, for clarity, this is NOT about the money and I am not making fortunes from it.

For a good few years I have been writing a (free) blog pretty much every week, full of nonsense, pithy comments and rants about life in general. It started small of course and was really intended as a diary for my own benefit. Much like learning about self publishing, I started a blog as, at the time, it was relatively new, and relevant to my job. I felt by doing one for a while I would learn some things that would help me in my job. I did and it has.

The readership of that blog has grown to a number I could never have imagined, and I’m guessing that is because people like reading it. Why would anyone subscribe to a blog they don’t like? That would be like following someone on Twitter or Liking a Facebook page that you didn’t really want to see updates from wouldn’t it?

So with that growing readership I thought, hey maybe I can use this to have a go at writing something these kind folks have never read before, and put that in a book. The first book was all content that was (and still is) freely available on the internet. Having worked hard to grow that blog readership over many years through regular posts with (hopefully) decent content, backed up by other social media activity, I had a potential audience to read the thing.

So when we booked our next holiday for August 2013, I wrestled long and hard with the idea of not posting it immediately on a forum, and instead putting it out as a book.

I felt conflicted, as my relationship with the Disney forum had given me the audience and readership I had developed. That is where most of my blog and book readers come from, I’m not stupid enough to think any different. However, I have never posted on that forum to promote anything I do or write which is for sold for money. That would be wrong, as they have a very good sponsor programme where advertiser’s can promote their wares. I respect that and I don’t have the budget or need for such a thing.

The forum is huge with thousands of users, and my not putting this trip report on there immediately would not even register any impact.

Indeed, I’m not naive enough to think that the trip reports I have posted (for free) in the past are to everyone’s taste or that everyone actually gives a toss whether they exist or not. I don’t like or rate some that I read, but I move on, and acknowledge the fact that somebody else probably will.

So I decided to take a risk, try something different, do the book first, and perhaps then post the trip report on the forum later. The format in which it needs to be for an eBook and a forum could not be more different. It would take time to reformat it all, but to post it was my intention. But hey, wouldn’t that upset all the folks who had parted with their £2 to buy the book? Probably, so this was a little bit of a rock and a hard place.

With that in mind whatever I did, I knew it would probably upset some people. Even before it was published, and probably even after releasing the last book, people who had previously been engaging, supportive and friendly via social media were now not so much. I felt a change in some of those relationships. That’s life. I don’t like everything other people do either and I react accordingly. We are all grown ups.

It does seem though that there is an incorrect perception that I am in some way just trying to make money out of these books (God forbid). Along with that comes a strong objection to me doing so, and this seems to have drawn out some strange comments. I came across some comments that this was a good way to fund my next trip. Wow.

I won’t bore anyone with the details of how this self publishing thing works. If you care about it that much then do the research I had to. Let me summarise by saying that after paying Amazon to deliver a 7MB file, pay Amazon their cut and then pay VAT, the surplus is in the pennies per copy.

Anyway, to fund my next trip with book sales I would need to sell, on rough calculations, a book to most of the UK, not a few blog readers, some of which are kind enough to fork out a couple of quid.

Either I am overpaying massively for my holidays or some folks are vastly over estimating how many of these I’m selling and the resultant profit margin.

I also noticed someone asking “Why should we pay to read something that was once free?”

Well, don’t. Honestly, if in some way you feel uncomfortable in doing so I insist you don’t. It won’t make an impact on my life and I truly hope it doesn’t on yours.

By the way, this particular content wasn’t once free. It is new. That is kind of the whole point of the exercise.

What I am trying to do, in my half-arsed way is to perhaps gain some sort of reputation and/or exposure as someone who could maybe do some proper writing for someone or something. Maybe by having a couple of books on Amazon, on a subject I know something about, somebody somewhere may take an interest.

This may be a ridiculous ambition and one way beyond my capability, but if you never try, you never know!

I have in the past written (for free) for other Disney sites just to get some exposure. It is all part of that half-arsed plan, but that has yet to come in for criticism, which is odd.

I don’t have a voracious sense of ambition in life, but to begrudge me that half-arsed plan seems petty to be honest. Especially from some of the folks who encouraged me to do just that for a decade.

If my updates about the book here and on other social media are not to your liking, I apologise. My experience from the last book taught me that one post won’t do it. People are busy, and their lives do not revolve around making sure they read every word I spout into a computer. So I send a few posts and tweets, at different times, on different days so that anyone who may be interested should see one.

There is an absolute direct relationship between me posting something about what I write and people reading it. Whether that is a blog post or book. It is not rocket science. You tell people it is there and they go and read it. My blog stats are crystal clear on that. What writer (of any standard or standing, even amateur old me) would want to write something that nobody then reads?

I try to warn folks when I’m going on a promo spree. If you don’t want to see these posts, tweets and updates please Unlike, Unfollow, hide, delete, whatever you need to do.

I appreciate every person who connects with me on-line, and I try to keep my posts, tweets and updates light, aspirationally humorous, and non invasive. Saying that you are tired of seeing content in these forms is like following me down the street in the real world and then complaining about my aftershave. You have the control, not me.

For the minority of those folks complaining about my decisions and choices, I respect their right to hold those opinions. I do object to them holding those opinions for all the wrong reasons, but there is little I can do about that aside from try to explain them here.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, that is life, and that it is most certainly the internet. All I hope is that opinions are formed on truth and not some invented sense of resentment or misunderstanding.

I’m trying something new, something that nobody else has tried from this particular community of Disney fans, and most people from that community have been absolutely lovely, supportive and generous. The length of this explanation is probably more than the minority who have not been deserve, but I do take massive exception to some of the suggestions around my motives and actions. If the lunch hour spent writing this clarifies anything then it was worth it.

For everyone else who has continued to support me when I honestly can see little reason to do so, thank you. I am my own worst critic, and your continued lovely comments, positive vibes and yes, your collection of £2’s mean a lot to me. Indeed I have brought forward my retirement plans purely on the book sales over the last week, and I move to my own private island shortly!! Sigh….

I’ll still be blogging each week whether the audience for it is just me or what I have now. As much as it can be a bind sometimes, I enjoy it.

The fact that I have dared to do something different seems to have ruffled some feathers, and I am sorry to see that. I don’t apologise but all of this is an attempt to at least explain why.

Those who think I am somehow cashing in will probably continue to do so, but at least I have had a chance to put forward the facts.

Hoping there is one….

Till the next time……

118 thoughts on “Trying to Write (sic) some wrongs

  1. Craig,

    Keep up the great writing, ignore the people out there who don’t understand supply and demand.

    I wasn’t going to buy a copy of your book (as much as I LOVE your trip reports on the DIBB), but after reading this blog entry I just might 😉

    Take Care.


  2. It was an odd thread. Some people seem to feel proprietary about your trip reports or seem to feel they “belonged” to the site. Good luck with the ambition, why shouldn’t people have a dream, isn’t that part of the Disney ethos?

    PS I’m not a customer, I’m too mean!

  3. Well said Craig. I don’t go on the website in question much these days so I haven’t seen the thread but the fact that there was one astounds me. You certainly have no need to apologise for anything. Even if you were making decent money from the book then why not – you are under no obligation to write your trip reports for free for ever more. It takes a lot of time to write those reports and I for one am very grateful that you take that time as I love reading them. Even if you were charging £10 for the book I would still pay it and I would hope you were making money out of it as you deserve to do so for taking the time to write it. It is still a book, therefore why should we expect not to pay for it?!! Public opinion of some astounds me

  4. I have to admit to being disappointed that this trip report went straight to book – but not because I care if you make pennies (or millions – although I would be very envious of the extra Disney trips! lol) but because the anticipation of reading the trip reports is what makes it more fun for me. You post one and I read it and then I check back in now and then to see if the next day is up – when it isn’t I wander around the Dibb to see what else is worth reading (shame to waste a visit there!). I don’t get on the Dibb very often (it’s too depressing when I know it’s a while until we can visit Orlando again) so HAVING to go there to read your latest trip report is a great excuse to dream about the next trip. Waiting to see what on earth you’ll get up to next is part of the fun and I’m not sure it would be the same to read a whole trip report in one go. Heck when I’ve read old ones that I’ve missed I’ve done it in stages to extend the enjoyment. Bizarrely I KNOW I wouldn’t do that with a book as books are meant to be read – if that makes any sense at all! lol

    Mind you I do curse you when there are days days between each episode of the trip report! I guess the answer is that you can’t win! 🙂

    1. I feel exactly this way, but I hadn’t realised until I read your comment (weird!). I love Orlando, so of course I think about going back every day, but in a fleeting manner – it’s not at the forefront of my mind, but it’s always there somewhere. And I’ll be going about my day and something will make me think, “Ooh, wonder if Mkingdon has updated his trip report yet?”. And I’ll go and check, and then I’ll get into some kind of maelstrom of planning for my non-existent next holiday. I love the teasers you post here when you first get back, and then I love the anticipation of the next chapter – it’s just like the build up to a holiday of my own! So I don’t want to read it in one go, because I want to make it last as long as possible (because every year you say you aren’t going back!).

      Craig, you’re a really good writer – and that is coming from someone who had dabbled with writing since I was 10 years old. I think what makes your trip reports so enjoyable is that they could be anyone’s holiday – they remind me so much of the trips I had as a kid, and I hope that my kids will experience trips like them as well. Every time I click onto one of your reports, it’s like going back in time – and you do a really good job of transporting us there.

      I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t bought either of your books. I think it’s 90% that I don’t have any kind of Kindle/e-reader, and the other 10% is because I’m hoping that you’ll upload the next instalment somewhere for free, because lets be honest, I’m a stingy bugger (we have to be, we have holidays to book!). But I absolutely understand your need to advertise here – what’s the point in producing an e-book that no one is going to read? If you wanted to create something purely for yourself, there are ways of doing that and just making one physical book. But you created something that is meant to be shared, and that’s what you’re trying to do. And I respect that.

  5. Craig,

    I loved your book and my sister and I both read it the night it was out with a glass of wine and spent the night laughing 🙂 I appreciate the time and effort that must go into each trip report and good for you for trying something a bit different. I’ve watched your girls grow up at disney and to share those experiences with the dibb world is above and beyond but I thank you for doing it and always look forward to each years reports.

    ChristieK0310 🙂

  6. I bought it and am happy to do so. I have been published in a work context and can agree that the financial recompense is neglible. Don’t let a few spoil the enjoyment of the rest of us and keep up the trip reports any way you wish.

  7. Here here Craig. We all have a choice and surely it is up to individuals whether they want to buy or not, and that is choice and I’m sure they would hate to be publicly berated for making their own choice.
    keep doing what you do best an I’ll keep making my choice and buy you books.

  8. I bought the first book even though i had read the later years on the forum, I laughed and enjoyed each trip report and to have them all in one place was a bonus. I visited Orlando in August this year and the last week of our holiday was spent trying to spot Ryan! (And of course you and your lovely family) I have been patiently waiting for the new trip report and bought it within 10 mins of you posting it was available. I have read it now and again it made me laugh out loud. Please keep doing what you do and even though you do not know when you will visit again i will be waiting for the next report/book/reality tv series x

  9. I’m really sad you’ve had to write this, Craig. I read some of the comments on that thread and was, quite frankly, astounded. Of course that’s the whole point of the boards – that we can express an opinion. But it’s become a common thing just recently that certain members will have a “pop” for no reason at all.

    For the tiny amount of money it costs to order your books, it would cost the same to print.

    I don’t know why people have a problem with it.

    Jealousy is a terrible thing.

    I personally have loved every minute of you, the family – and Ryan’s – experiences. I just wish I could write trip reports as eloquently, hysterically funny and interesting as yours.

    It’s a sad day that you’ve had to come on and feel you’ve had to explain yourself.

    Cos you know what – you don’t.

    Here’s to the next book – except this one I will be damn sure I’m getting to you to autograph, so when you’re even more famous I can say I’ve been a fan of yours for years!

  10. Please don’t let them get you down. You have many people out here who love reading your reports and blogs, and appreciate the time and effort that must go into each and every one. I’ve already asked for the new report to be the first thing on the kindle I’ll be getting for Christmas.

  11. Well said Craig. I started reading the post but stopped as soon as the “why can’t we have it for free” posts started. I knew it would turn nasty. Although I read all of your trip reports on the forum I still bought the book. They were something well worth keeping and re-reading. I would have been one of the ones that would have read it for free and then bought the book as well.
    Please keep writing those trip reports as they really are something to look forward to.

  12. Hi Craig
    I have never commented on your blog before but felt I just had to say well said and spherical objects to the nay Sayers.good on you for chasing your dreams. Don’t be discouraged and keep up the writing..just off to press buy on amazon for your latest.

  13. I cannot even believe that you feel you have to explain yourself Craig. I too have been a member of said forum for many years now and like you, I browse it regularly. Unlike you though, I do not post much these days for fear of some retribution from somebody who may differ in opinion ( even if it is whether I like to stay on IDrive or LBV) so even though I do have a few tips that might help someone, I keep them to myself rather than post on said forum. It is sad really, such as it is a pity that some people think that they own you and your writings and think it is their god given right to read your stuff for free. You are a bloody good writer and I for one enjoy the things you write. In fact I think your writing is that good that just in the same way as I would pay to get a Harry Potter book, I happily pay to acquire your books. If I didn’t like what you write, I would not buy – simples. Now I haven’t seen said thread but I can only assume that some folk are complaining that you are now charging for something you have written that once upon a time you made available in the first instance for free. Well I’m sorry but what you decide to do with what you write is no one elses concern but your own and it sickens me to hear that people are actually complaining that you dare dabble with publishing ebooks , Take no piddling notice Craig. People who value your writing for the quality that it is can make their own decision to pay for it or not – and most if not all will purchase because it is worth purchasing. Those who just want something good for nothing will have to wait (frankly if it was me, I would not post your trippie on said forum at a later date, I really wouldn’t after this). I don’t doubt for one second that you are not in this for the money and I want to hear no more about that because what would it matter if you were? I really hope that one day you can make some decent profit from your writings – why shouldn’t you???? I am nowhere near as good as you in writing things down and I hope this comes across in the way I want it to. You keep up the excellent writing, you publish it any way you can and want and if people do not want to buy, then no one is making them. I cannot believe I have just read what you felt like you needed to write. Jeez…it beggars belief. I wonder how many peeps who suggested you make your trippies into a book are now complaining? So on that note, I bought both your books – the first because I wanted to support you even though I had already read it all on said forum (its great having it all together in one place though 😉 ), and the newest ebook because I wanted to read your excellent work – nobody made me buy it, I wanted to and now I am off for half term, I am going to get stuck into a jolly good, entertaining read. Money well spent 🙂 xxx rant over 🙂

  14. I love your blogs and updates and love your first book. I haven’t yet purchased your new book but will do very soon. Ignore the criticise if they have an issue they don’t have to follow you or read your books etc.

  15. Very well said Craig, I haven’t seen the post in question as I haven’t been on there for a little while however I love reading your blogs and your trip reports and will be buying both of your books very soon. You have a fantastic writing style and I love reading what you write so please keep it up, so many people love what you do.

  16. Hi Craig, I am over in our happy place at the moment and was told about the thread by my daughter in law, NuttyBird, on said forum. By the time she saw it the thread had already been closed and we couldn’t believe it.
    This is the first oppertunity I have had to buy today as we were out shopping all day yesterday! butI have now done this.
    I would like to thank you for taking the time to do these reports Craig as will many others I am sure. They make me laugh, cry and feel good.
    Please don’t ever give up because of the “few”.
    Take care,
    aka grumpys wife on said forum 😉

  17. Best thing to do is keep on keeping on and sod the few that carry their own personal black cloud. Here’s a thought maybe if you charged £2.50 would that bring the private island closer, sooner. 🙂

  18. I saw the said thread on the forum and was quite disappointed with some of the comments! I certainly hope it has not put you off posting on there as I do like to see your posts.
    As the saying goes ‘you can please some people some of the time but not all people all of the time’!
    By the way, I watch for your Sunday evening update blog every week 🙂

  19. That thread over there really annoyed me…I did post on it saying that you were told by many members over the years that you should be published,then when you did just that,some were ready to knock you down. You are a brilliant writer and deserve to be published. It was awful seeing how some were turning on you,jealousy springs to mind. I’ll be buying your new book and saving it for my flight in December. Don’t let anyone put you off doing what you do so well.

    Here’s to a lot more holidays with you and your lovely family.

    Linda aka Scotsmomma x

  20. I just want to say a big THANKYOU for all the time and effort you
    have put into you trip reports over the years I have loved reading
    them and hope this does not put you off writing about future trips.
    I for one don’t mind paying. I did not see the post but I’m glad
    It was closed. Thanks once again for all your trip reports they have
    been fun and informative

  21. Hi Craig , you don’t know me but I follow your blog am also a member of the forum you mentioned . I read the thread and must admit was rather surprised at some of the comments on it . Just like to say I love reading your trip reports and have bought the latest one from Amazon . Good luck to you and really hope you achieve your dream .

  22. Ah Craig I’m so disappointed. I was thinking/hoping that you’ve made loads of dosh from your trippies! Anyway, it’s the usual trouble makers in the happy place So I wouldn’t take any notice. There is one huge difference between the USA and UK. In the US they applaud success, they love winners but in good old blighty the knives come out, pure jealousy. Now, I haven’t bought your books yet but I probably will one day, mainly because I’m stingy lol. You don’t really have to defend yourself Craig and I thought your absence from the thread was genius 😀 Don’t be worrying about the miniscule minority. Good luck for the future and I really hope something comes of this for you, Melanie

  23. I can’t believe you felt th need to explain yourself you have a dream(were would we be if we hadn’t) and are doing something about it well done you!! I have really enjoyed both your reports & your blog & long may it continue I was debating wether to wait for the freebie or buy now but after reading this I am off to Amazon 🙂 good luck in all you do and long may it continue, you never know you may get that island one day!!

  24. Hi Craig

    What an amazing reply to the minority who begrudge your ambition. As previously said, in life there is this thing called ‘choice’ you can choose to do what you like with your precious memories, you own them, they are yours. The assumption is that because you have a long history with said forum they have an automatic right to those memories, well they don’t.

    I for one am delighted that you have followed your ambition and produced these trip reports in book form, I am more than happy to part with a few pounds to recognise the time and effort you have put into to writing them and as my reward I get to spend many evenings alongside your family on these holidays. One day I may even get to go there myself to share some of your experiences.

    I have downloaded the most recent installment and am furiously finishing off the book I am currently reading because I can’t wait to find out what you all got up to.

    In addition I look forward to your blog popping into my inbox each Sunday, for those few minutes it takes me to read it I can escape my own reality and sample a little of yours, written in your own unique style.

    Please continue to follow your dreams and keep writing….because if nothing else it puts a smile on my face 🙂

    Kind regards

  25. Craig, it’s a form of Tall Poppy Syndrome. As hard as it is to do, please try and ignore the miseries who just love to whinge and moan. And if you do manage to make any money out of your writing that would be fantastic. What is it to them fgs? I hope your plans/dreams come to fruition. I am sending a big, fat MEH to all those joyless, life and energy sapping souls. Don’t let them get you down. Keep up the good work and fab entertaining writing. Please. 🙂

  26. Absolutely spot on.

    I’m so happy you responded in that way. Infact in any way.

    I’d of paid £2 to read that response to the group of individuals bitter enough to not think of the idea themselves!

    Carry on regardless! Xx

  27. Hi Craig, haven’t seen the thread you refer to so am posting blind. I just want to say I appreciate what you do and have no issue paying for something I enjoy.

    I have written a couple of trippies which are not in the same league as yours and I know how much time they took. Yours are better in all ways than mine so I can only imagine the time you put in.

    Please don’t let the close minded opinion of some tarnish what should be an enjoyable process for you.

    Thank you for all the work you put into giving something enjoyable to others

    Best wishes


  28. I’ve bought the book (and the previous one), loved reading it, sharing your holidays with you and laughing in all the right places. Please don’t let a few moaners put you off doing it again….. I for one am eagerly awaiting your next trip and reading all about it.

  29. Hi Craig, I read your previous reports on said site & still bought your first book & am currently reading your new one – excellent so far!! Cant believe some of the comments no need for you to justify your actions hope you make loads from the sales to fund next years trip so we can all laugh, cry along with you & your family

  30. Hi Craig didn’t want to read and run! I for one have had plenty of fun reading both your posts and blogs since joining the Disney forum and would like to express my thanks for the time and effort you put into posting these. It is absolutely nothing to do with anyone else what your motivation for doing so is whether you make 2p or 2 million quid!!! In this day and age people believe that they have the right to comment on or have an opinion on stuff that is none if their business and forget somewhere along the way that kindness costs nothing. So for me please continue doing what you are doing and ignore the haters they are always there hiding behind their keyboards waiting to pounce 😦 and should be treated with the contempt they deserve!

    Kirsty 😉

  31. It’s a British thing, they are sour ignore them. Any fool knows you won’t make a fortune doing this …. but if you do that’s your business and good luck to you. I spend a lot of time in Florida, I’m lucky I can but I worked hard for it ….. some people won’t see that though …. part of the great thing here in the US is the can-do/have-a-try attitude. We need more of that in the UK. At my home in the US people try and sell me every service you can think of …. In the UK I have to chase people for a quote and I can’t find people for those small annoying jobs (think gutter cleaning) …. The difference ….. in the US you are not paid to sit at home all day … you are rewarded for working. I don’t understand the British attitude on stuff like this. It makes me post a lot less in said forum.

  32. I love your reports Craig, so much so that I happily paid for the first book and waited for the second, as soon as it was out I bought it……I could have borrowed it but happily paid the £2. That book kept me going though the long night last Saturday when I couldn’t sleep cos my mum had just died.
    The problem with forums is that you will always get small minded miseries and those others who like to start an argument just for the sake of it………ignore them…….I for one cannot thank you enough for your reports……keep writing!

  33. I love reading your trip reports and didn’t mind in the least buying the book. It means I could read it all at once instead of waiting with anticipation for the next day. Please keep writing and I for one will certainly keep reading.

  34. Well said Craig. I bought your first book after I had read all of your previous reports on the forum (more than once), and enjoyed reading them all again. I intend to read them again – that is the beauty of having an electronic copy. I bought your new book at the weekend and the only thing I can see wrong with it is that it’s not long enough (ooh err missus)! I’m half way through the new book and am enjoying it immensely as usual. I have paid far more for books by more established authors which have been very disappointing. This was £2.11 well spent! Keep up the good work.

  35. So very sorry you felt you had to put your point over, it is your decision and I am going over to Amazon to buy said item right now! I enjoyed all your previous trip reports watching the girls grow into lovely young women! I pop onto your blog as I love to read what’s happening in your life,you make me laugh😁 good luck with writing a book in the future will look forward to it. Take care Joan

  36. Well said Craig! I have you lastest book and enjoyed reading it along with all you other trip reports, they always make me laugh! If others don’t want to part with £2 then its their loss.
    Keep writing, I look forward to your next blog on Sunday!

  37. Wow, what a post. I love the way you write.
    I’m not a fan of afore mentioned website or forum so had never read your trip reports, I discovered your blog via other UK Disney fans and blog writers. Your blog posts now lighten up my Sunday evenings with your sarcasm and observational humour.
    The trouble with the Disney community and any fan scene for that matter is that it is fickle. A popular act can turn into a negative one in seconds. Keep doing what YOU want to do. You’ll always have haters but you’ll have a LOT more supporters.
    I’m off to buy the second book; I have no issues with you flying Upper Class and staying in a huge Bay Lake Tower suite on my money!!!! 😉

  38. Welcome to the Fame Game -Strangers papping your photos, handlers (well, Amazon) taking more than you pocket, & public misperceptions: You’re def well on your way to that private Isle de Williams! lmao. (Plze don’t start tossing cell phones or falling out of your limo half dressed, tho~stay classy. 😉 On a serious note? Wonderfully explained. Healthy philosophy. Gorgeous writing ambitions (about which you’re doing everything right). Enjoy the highs & lows that accompany being a (woohoo) & keep going!

  39. It’s so sad that you have been put in to a position whereby you have to explain yourself, how dare others make you do this! I read that thread on THAT forum and to be honest, I was so disappointed. I used to love that forum but over the past year, I have watched it turn in to one of the most heavily moderated, cliquey forums out there. The attitudes of these human beings shock me and down right nastyness and “I’m entitled to” attitude I just simply cannot relate to. £2, seriously… yet they all have countdowns and signatures painting a story that implies they can easily seperate from a measly £2 but I know it’s not about the money.

    I’ve booked mark your report, to download on Sat when I am husband free and DD plays nicely for an hour whilst I have a breather. I cannot wait!

    Keep blogging Craig and keep writing, you have a cracking style and even my DH has started to giggle along to them (someone who never rates anyone else) so please stay positive.

  40. What a fantastic blog! I haven’t bought your new book yet, my holiday isn’t until May and reading about your exciting times would just make it seem longer. But after reading the above and hearing that negative things have been said about you/your book……I’ll be purchasing it tonight.

    Looking forward to a great book 🙂

    Yvonne (peewee88 on The Dibb)

  41. How quick some are to condem those who strive and achieve success in whatever form. That’s certainly not the American way.

  42. Hi Craig,

    Firstly, as many others have expressed, I feel so sad that you have been made to feel that you should explain your choices regarding your writing.

    I thought I would just write a little note to express to you how much reading your trippies means to me. I am an avid fan of your reports, I read your blogs every week and I enjoy your humour. I read your trip reports and dream about taking my own children and having the wonderful family experiences that you have had with your wonderful family over the years. My little boy is 2 and I am already dreaming and planning for when we have the funds to be able to take him. It is so heartwarming to read reports from a man who is so clearly in love with his family and the fact you holiday in my favourite place on the planet is mearly happy coincidence. You feed my desire to have the amazing family Florida experience you have with my own family. You also inspire me to write! Please continue to do so! I love hearing about what you get up to! I realise I may sound stalker-ish but I promise I’m not!

    I hope your dreams and aspirations come true! Everyone has dreams and if I can help achieve them I will so tonight I am going to be purchasing both your books!

    Keep the Disney dream going!

  43. I always read the reports on said website, but knowing just how long it takes to put them together on there i am more than happy to pay a few quid to read them in an ebook!
    If people don’t like it, they don’t have to pay – end of!!!
    Heres hoping my £2 for the latest one gets you that private island a little bit quicker!
    Vicki x

  44. Craig,

    I also saw the thread (and that it had been closed) and guessed before I read it that it was because some people didn’t like the fact that you had chosen to publish as an e book rather than making it available for free. I have already bought and read the book (and the first one) and have just one small criticism to make. It’s too short – please can you go for at least three weeks next time so that I have more to read!!!!! (and yes I will pay more for it as it will be longer and with more piccies).

  45. I did read the thread and thought it was bizarre! I love reading your trippies and am more than happy to pay the small charge. In fact, I’ve just downloaded the said book. Keep up the good work Craig. You have lots of fans out there! X

  46. Hi Craig

    Like many other people who’ve left comments I originally came across your work on a certain forum. I enjoyed it so much I used to print them out for my mum to read. When I found out you also wrote a blog too it was a no brainer…I signed up to receive your musings on a Sunday and must say that they are one of my weekend treats, along with Downton Abbey.

    It’s a sad fact that there are people who don’t like to see others make a success of something. I don’t know why…it baffles me….surely someone making success of someone is a good thing..? So to all those who have an issue stuff em..!! I will continue to buy on Amazon, read for free via your blog…or sneak a peek on Facebook and enjoy your musings. You are a talented person with a gift for writing brings the gift of laughter to this persons day.

  47. Well said Craig some people are just petty , if lovers of ur trip reports and blogs don’t mind paying for the books it’s no ones else’s business , ps keep up the good work , and I hope your dream does come true x

  48. Craig, you shouldnt have had to write this, well written though it is! I’m also a member of the said forum & am still working my way through your trip reports over there. When I’ve finished I will be buying your latest report. I have now got a kindle but not worked out how to buy anything yet, but its on my wishlist!
    Good luck with your writing, you are very good at it, thoroughly enjoying reading them!

  49. Hi Craig when me and my wife Liz learnt you were going to publish your trip reports we went out and brought a Kindle so we could read them.

    Over the years we have enjoyed your trips reports and more lately your blog, we have laughed and worried when a family had to go to the doctors in Florida .

    Over the years we have watched Emily and Rebecca grow up from children to beautiful, talented young women.

    I don’t mind saying that there was not a dry eye in our house when you graciously posted Emily’s reveal video on you tube and for allowing us to see you with hair.

    If you decide to write a book I for one will have it on pre order but “Confessions of an IT Manger” may be a little close to home.

    Keep up the good work and blog and thank you for sharing your life with us.

  50. As usual, well said Craig!!! As a user of the forum (although not so much in recent months due to having to postpone our next trip – it hurts too much to read other peoples plans when we aren’t planning ourselves) I started following / stalking your facebook, twitter and blogs after being thoroughly entertained by your trippies on that particular forum (I read them all back to back in about 2 weeks).

    I am yet to purchase your books, but only because it’s a bit too soon for a reread of the old trippies just yet, and because I was too flued up last week to read the new one – but it is very much on my to do list, and i’m looking forward to the latest round of innuendo, front door pics and food porn that we fans have come to love and be entertained by. They are definitely worth the money, and I’d certainly pay for a “proper” book if you ever take that step. It’s a shame not everyone can see that, but don’t let them put you off aiming for your ambitions.

    Keep writing and doing your thing Craig – I’ll be reading whatever the method that may be in


  51. Just managed to find the thread, missed it earlier. Wow there are some grumpy folks!
    I bought your complete trip report collection, and I’ve bought your new one, because I love your trip reports!
    It’s not compulsory to post everything on said website, and there are some very snarky people on there IMO.
    Don’t let it bother you, we know you’re not a millionaire yet, otherwise you’d have moved out there 😉

  52. They were so rude love your trip reports and have bought for my kindle sod em all .

  53. Well said Craig, I must admit I haven’t bought your previous book due to not having a kindle or tablet, but I will probably buy the next one and read it on the computer. It’s up to you if you want to do it that way, if people don’t like it it’s their problem.

  54. Odd people around as we all know..hello people it’s a couple of quid, and the people putting in the off comments are the same people who pay thousands for their Florida trip….if you don’t want it and don’t agree with the paying, don’t bother and read someone else trip report on the forum, there are plenty to choose from!

  55. If I buy both books for the second time, can I have shares in Ryan? Going Limp in Orlando was purchased almost immediately upon its release… And was finished not much later!

    Said forum is a very useful tool and I’m grateful to it, I really am but its a shame the same cant be said for those who have their heads shoved so far up their secret Mickeys that its squeezing the bitterness from them!

    Craig, you and your family just seem so much fun and its lovely to share your memories with all of us, so keep selling the books to fund your three trips a year ok? Xx

  56. Craig, I feel I must be blunt and I know you can take it like a man! These people are just unbelievable! How dare they begrudge you the right to use your writing talents in any way you see fit. You are under no obligation whatsoever to produce a trip report but the fact is you do. It takes time and commitment on your part but trip after trip you produce a great read. These doughnuts need to understand, it is not their right to have a trip report produced for them to read. It’s a bloody privilege that you let them in to your family holidays. And if you have decided you want to take that writing a bit further well good for you I say. You aren’t forcing anybody to buy your book – it’s personal choice. My choice was to buy the book because I’m quite fond of hearing about the amount of chocolate hostages Louise releases during a two week holiday. 😉 Feel the love and fook the haters. X

  57. Hi Craig,

    Didn’t see the closed thread on the afore mentioned forum (but I have just found it and read it!). As much as I love this forum and like you have learned from it, the attitude of some of it’s members is sometimes a little much.

    I am a avid reader of your weekly blogs and trip reports. I will probably buy this one to read as it is only £2 (I think!) and your trip reports are the funniest, most entertaining thing ever. I have written up my last few reports and as you well know it is not an easy task. I have tried to make my reports humorous like yours, but cant seem to place the peeping turtle gags and other innuendo as well as you do.

    Keep up the excellent writing and I dont begrudge you a penny if you manage to make any money out of your present or (hopefully) future publications.

    Cheers fella



  58. I am deeply saddened you felt the need to post such a blog post Craig. On holidays at the moment ( lucky me) and can’t wait to buy the book please try to be more thick skinned about it we all love your holiday reports and 2 quid lol it’s nothing compared to the laughs it’ll bring me I’m sure.

    Feeling pretty irate at the moment now that you’ve had to write the above 😦 shame on those who posted. That’s all!

  59. Hi Craig,

    I don’t think anyone that posted in the thread that you refer to actually begrudge you charging money for your own work. I think it was a case of being more disappointed at not having a chance to read your trip report on the site having supported and encouraged you on the site for several years.

    It does seem that the comments have been taken out of context, I have just read though all the comments and can’t see that they are attacking Craig. The comments say simply “good luck to Craig but they would not pay for it”

    Craig, I would urge you to go back and re read the comments with a fresh mind.

    After all, you did promote this on the site, there is a thread on the site where you have posted teasers.

    Lots of people on that thread posted looking forward to the read, only to find that it is posted as a ebook on amazon and not on the site where it was being promoted! You can’t blame people for being disappointed!

    Had it not been promoted on the site then people would have nothing to be disappointed about as they wouldn’t have been expecting a trip report to follow.

    example posts by you in that thread…

    “Yes if anyone wants to read Day One as a preview to the full trippy it is on my blog”

    “I’m currently half way through Day Five. I’m going to finish the whole thing before unleashing it upon the world this time”

    “I’m hoping to write the last couple of days this weekend. Then it will go to a very kind volunteer who has offered to proof read it and correct the endless spelling mistakes and then it shall be ready!”

    “I’m hoping it should be ready this week at some point!”

    example replies to your posts….

    “oh what a tease! I saw you were the last posted on this thread so I was sure it must be an announcement that the long awaited trippy had been posted!”

    “will it go on the blog or dibb, as this is the only way I can read these top rate trippies, thanks”

    “Omg can’t wait”

    “I’m so looking forward to reading this Craig – I just love your trippies.”

    “Baited breath … get posting!”

    As you can see the promotion on the site gave the members expectations that what was being promoted would be available to them on the site it was being promoted on.

    Just to repeat what I said at the beginning, I think the few comments that were made are not as bad as some think they are, they are about disappointment rather than attacking you in any way. You teased the members of the site but didn’t deliver anything on the site, so you must understand that some would be disappointed.

    There is nothing wrong in charging for your work, personally I think you should charge more than what you currently do as I know the work it takes to produce something that is worthwhile.


    1. Hi Stu

      I really appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment.

      A lot of what you say is absolutely fair enough, although, I thought the copied quotes were a bit OTT. I avoided such in my blog. Anyway, I hope I made it clear that I have a lot of gratitude to the Dibb, and respect for what you do there. It was not meant to be any sort of criticism of the site in that way.

      I did indeed trail the trip report there, but I have never at any time said that I would not be posting it on the forum. I always said when I had time to reformat it for that medium I would do so. I believe I have that choice at least as to what to do when with my own content.

      If you think I have over reacted then I respect that view. I would disagree on the innocence of (at least) some of the sentiments, but that is all down to perception I guess.

      You are right, I have received a lot of support over the years from The Dibb, and again I hope I made it clear that I recognise this, but in turn I have given a lot of time, effort and advice to that forum, gladly and with no need of anything in return.

      As to your last point, yes I know I probably could charge more, but that sort of reinforces my main point. It isn’t about the money and never has been.

      Thanks again for all the help The Dibb has provided and I hope continues to do so.

      All the best


      1. No, Craig don’t post your latest trippie on The dibb. I feel ridiculously churlish on your behalf about this now. It’s only £2 for crying out loud. As for the c&ping of posts by Stuart ….. words fail me tbh.

      2. I wonder if the people who moan about Craig making pennies from a book also harp on about how much money the forum makes from passholder subscriptions? I bet their profit is a hell of a lot more for their time.

        Same principle.

    2. With respect, I don’t really think it matters how you or others perceive the post in question. Craig is the one being written about and if he takes it personally and feels hurt, he has a right to do so. Quite frankly, if this is the only thing people have to feel ‘disappointed’ about in their lives then they are extremely lucky.

      1. My biggest bugbear is when people write patronising things like

        “if this is the only thing people have to feel ‘disappointed’ about in their lives then they are extremely lucky”

        Seriously shut up

      2. I approved this comment, as I have allowed every comment to appear, so that is only fair.

        However, I will not allow this sort of anonymous trolling on my blog. If you cannot put an identity to your comment then I suggest the comment isn’t one you should be making.

        Having an issue with other comments is absolutely fine, but have the decency to stand behind your view point with an identity or don’t bother commenting.

  60. Mike -The Finest Trippie Writer In The World, With No Funds To Go At Present-Jones says:

    Lmao at Stu and Craig’s exchange. It’s like watching two polite gentleman duelling to the death with feather pillows – ” no! after you, old bean!” ” no, after YOU, sir!”


  61. Mike -The Finest Trippie Writer In The World, With No Funds To Go At Present-Jones says:

    You speak wise words oh Ryan Wrangler. Best thing Stu could do is make me and thee mods. We’d sort the feckers out, eh? 😉

  62. I have bought both books. I have read all your trippies on the interweb. I paid £2.09 for book 2. £2.09!!!! If you want to post your trippies using Amazon, and if people want to read them, then there is no issue.

    P.S. I expect a refund of 9p soonest!

  63. So you are the Mkingdon my wife has been taking to bed over the last few nights, well she does love a man with a heavy sack and wide parting !!!

  64. Craig I saw the thread on the forum and was shocked at some of the posts. Please do not waste your time worrying what the minority think and concentrate on the majority who appreciate your time in writing these reports and sharing them with us. I had read many of your reports on the forum but still bought your first ebook as soon as it was out and have bought and started reading your new one already. It has been a privilege to have seen your two gorgeous daughters grow up and to sympathise with the long suffering Louise when you have shared more than she would like you to. I had been really looking forward to it and it doesn’t disappoint. You are a very talented writer and I wish you success in all you do. And if it means you can go to Orlando every year and we get a trip report for our kindles each time I would be happy to pay double to help make that possible!

  65. Craig, I downloaded your book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it – I think that I would have been happy to pay much more than I did and it was better than many books that I have paid more for. I think that many people who posted on the forum thread suggesting that you would be “raking it in” in some way didn’t really seem to understand that most of the cover price would be going to Amazon. You shouldn’t feel that you need to defend what you choose to do with your writing – it’s not public property and no one has a right to it (except you of course). For those who were saying that you should support the forum I think that all of the previous trip reports which you have written and which are on the forum more than do that.
    Please keep up the good trip reporting, blogging, terrible punning work!

  66. Hi Craig, I too am a long time member of said forum and I was really sad and disappointed to see the thread in question. I thought you would be really hurt when you read it and I thought it was a real shame. Anyone who knows you through your trip reports and the forum would know what your intentions were. I absolutely adore all your trip reports more than any others I have ever read and I cried like an absolutely baby at your reveal for your last trip. I think it is good that that you have been able to offer clarification for those that had negative opinions but please don’t let the minority upset you.

  67. I’ve been a member of said site since 2006, don’t post much and go through spates of reading . I missed the thread you refer to but would echo the previous comments, I love your trip reports and have no problem with the way you’ve gone with this one. These are your family memories and your words and you can choose to share them any way you like just as the audience can choose to partake of them or not. I’m only pleased that you take the time and effort to write and share them at all! I’ve had a great read over the years and wish you many more visits to the place we love. Not many people would open a window on their life in the way you do in this blog and reports. I’m sorry you’ve been put in the position where you felt the need to explain yourself. I feel sure you’ll be able to ignore the minority ‘moaners’ and keep up what you do well. Good luck, Ella

  68. Hi Craig,
    I only saw the title of the thread in question and ran off to grab my Nexus so that I could get the book! I didn’t actually read the whole thread, but ignore them. There are so many jealous people out there.
    Helen x

  69. Hi Craig, I’m the type of person who reads a lot on forums but never posts on them. However after reading your blog tonight I was compelled to post this reply. I just wanted to encourage you to be honest.

    Like many other people no doubt, my wife and I have really enjoyed reading / chatting about / laughing out loud at all your trip reports previously on the web – when they came out as a book I was glad to buy it – this might seem a bit weird but I bought it thinking it would be some sort of small thanks to you for how much I’d enjoyed reading them freely online (and your blog/twitter posts too). I was happy to pay the £2 for your latest trip report too, again thinking I was glad to give a tiny bit of thanks back to you for the entertainment you provide.

    I never saw the thread but I would very much echo the comments above basically saying ignore the minority complaints as best as you can and please carry on being your funny/sarcastic self.

    PS If your next trip report is more than £2 I won’t be buying it. Only joking 🙂

  70. 🙂 what a drama!

    I’m glad you have managed to have your say and (unnecessarily) explained yourself. I have loved reading your trippies and each of my Florida holidays has been enhanced because I did so!

    Carry on writing and carry on selling, the majority of people are more than happy to pay for such brilliant material!

  71. The volume of responses say everything.
    We have seen your front door get smaller every year or is it just the girls getting taller?
    Keep it up.

  72. Craig I am so sorry you have been hurt in any way by the posts. I too am a member of the forum and long term fan of your work. I love you writing style and the obvious joy the trips bring you and your family. I own both your books and have to say your latest publication was a joy after a very hard week at work, so much so that it had me bouncing tigger like round the room when I realised I got to spend my weekend with you and your family enjoying the place we all love.

    I hope you don’t abandon the forum altogether as without people like you we will be left with the Disney is just for children crowd, arguments against on or offsite and the perpetual how much spending money is enough!

    I hope your hobby brings you everything you want and some pennies too!

  73. Can I just say that this is all a bit bizzarre, why on earth could people get upset over such a thing. Your writing is terrifically entertaining and I for one would hate for you to stop. I have not yet bought either of your new books but fully intend to do so in the future – I might wait for the box set that includes that latest instalment. Keep up the good work.

  74. I was one of those “vile” people that commented on the thread. I have avidly read your trippies and enjoy them so much that I became a member on here because I enjoy your righting style so much. I don’t have a kindle so even if I wanted to buy it I couldn’t.

    I personally think you should have left it to the people to decided. Those that wanted to pay could and those that are happy to read it for free on the Dibb like they have for many years could.

    I bet I get a flaming now but if you read my comments I never once said you was bad just a shame you wasn’t doing it on the Dibb (for free).

    1. Hi,

      There is nothing to flame. As I pointed out to Stu, I have never said I would not be posting the report on the forum, and explained several times that it would need serious reformatting to do so, and that would take time.

      Maybe I didn’t post that often enough? But then again, that in itself would have upset many folks who were already sick of hearing about it.

      The whole point of my post was to correct the misconception that I was somehow being mercenary about the whole thing and “funding my next trip” etc etc. As much as that is nobody’s business, I take exception to that insinuation (not made by you you in the thread) and had to post.

      The content is not owned by The Dibb, I choose to share it there and have been grateful to do so, and would have been again.

      And I really hope you don’t think I called anyone “vile”.

      1. I know you didn’t call anyone “vile” just some of the posters on here have made me think that way. I have even got some thumbs down, just for saying my opinion.

        Thank you for replying and I hope I didn’t upset you. I just enjoy reading your work so much, its my sunday night guilty pleasure 🙂

      2. Not at all. As I said the “mercenary” theme was not from you.

        Delighted to have you here, along with anyone else who enjoys whatever I spout!! You do know I’ll be charging for every blog post from now on don’t you? 😉

  75. Hi Craig

    You know I have followed your posts, and trippies on the Dibb for many years and in later years followed your blog avidly. I don’t post very often – when I have, it’s usually been to thank you for writing the trippie and giving us readers so much enjoyment by reading it.

    When I knew you were writing a book, I was delighted to have all your reports in one place where I could enjoy them over and over again without logging on to the Dibb and searching all through old posts. Likewise when I heard about your latest book, I bought it as soon as it came out – and you never fail to entertain… the latest had me in laugh out loud stitches again!

    Which is why it made my blood boil to log on to your blog this morning to find you had to feel the need to explain your actions because of the comments of a few small minded numpty’s who apparently have been mouthing off on the Dibb. I didn’t see the posts ( I wish I had done ) and you say the post has been deleted now, so I probably never will… which is a shame because I would have liked to have known who was moaning and replied to them myself!!!

    Why are they complaining about having to pay? They wouldn’t moan about paying for the new Clive Cussler or Lee Child book … so what’s the problem? If you don’t want to pay for it – don’t buy it, and don’t moan!!

    Craig – take no notice and keep doing what you are doing matey. Over the years you have given countless people such enjoyment with your reports and I for one have recognized the sheer vast amount of time, effort and obvious love that that you have put into these reports to share with us all.

    Please keep writing the books – I would pay double, triple, the amount for them. I know its not about the money for you, and I really hope someone notices your writing talent an you can take this dream further – rest assured, the majority of us will be with you for the ride, supporting you all the way.

    Thank you again Craig for the many years of enjoyment, for the laughs and the tears and for letting us share your holidays with your wonderful family.

    Keep writing!
    All the best

  76. Craig, all I can say is keep doing what you’re doing, in whatever form works best for you! I happily bought your first ebook, even having read it all several times before, and downloaded the new one as soon as I knew it was out… I, like most i suspect, really appreciate the time and effort taken to do your reports and am happy to give something back for all the laughs and invaluable hints and tips.. Plus it has been a real joy to watch Emily and Rebecca grow up through your eyes and become the lovely young ladies they are now 🙂

  77. Just wanted to add to all the positive comments that everyone has left. You should be so proud of both books. You put so much time and effort into them and give so many of us the pleasure of reading them. I have brought both and for the laughs and pleasure of reading them would pay more. I really hope this does not put you off future writing as that would be such a shame. Just makes me cross that people have to be so negative sometimes. I look forward to my Sunday night blog each week and hope that I can buy another trip next year! Caroline x

  78. I just wanted to say how i have loved reading your blogs and trip reports. The trips about you, your family and your special relationship with your two lovely girls, they have made me laugh and cry, and for that little time that i get to sit down (busy working mum) and be immersed in your holidays, are worth every penny. So thank you and keep up the good work! x

  79. I have read all your trip reports. I have bought the latest one and am reading it now. There will always be some people who knock others, but its up to them whether they buy it or not.
    i enjoy sharing (a little bit) of your families holidays and other highs and lows, so thank you x

  80. Craig,
    I read your blog last night and I have read the “comments” on the dibb and have had a good think about it all today!
    I can tell by your blog that you are quite upset by these comments, I can assure you that there is indeed no need for you to worry yourself no more, if you do, your hair may fall out even more……
    I purchased your second ebook, my first ever, for the sum of £2.11 and should you receive, after royalties, any of this money, I would like you to put it towards your next trip. If you make £750, £75, or even 75p towards your holiday from your sales, then fair play to you. It is something that I would love to be able to do, but sadly, I am not capable of producing such literature.
    I came across the dibb, many years ago, and as you said, I too have learned soooo much from other Dibbers for our holidays to WDW. I am not a paid up member of teh dibb, but still contribute and offer advise as and when. The trip reports are both amusing and give people an idea of what else is on offer in Florida. There are many Dibbers who add trip reports and some are excellent and are well worth a read. I will always recommend the dibb to many other Florida travellers and I will continue to use the dibb. I will also continue to follow you on your blog, FB and twitter.
    Don’t take this too hard Craig, you have been kind enough to give strangers an insight into your life and people should be grateful for that.
    There are many other things I could say but bad language, poor writing skills and too much arse licking will be moderated out!
    Jealously comes to mind on some comments, but that’s just my opinion.
    The best compliment I can give is that I feel that I know your family, through your trip reports, even your old trusty sack, Ryan.
    Keep um coming Craig


  81. Craig
    I have absolutley no idea what has happened and i have just come across your last blog! Am guessing some idiots have complained about not seeing your trip report on the dibb and may have to spend a couple of quid downloading it…… this for real? I cannot believe you have had to write another blog explaining yourself! I have read ALL your trip reports on the Dibb THEN i downloaded your book and read them all again and furthermore i will be downloading your new trip report. Craig, we know its not about the money but i’m happy to tell you if your book was a tenner, i would STILL download it. For lack of a better phrase Craig ” Screw Em”

  82. HI Craig,

    I have read all of your previous trip reports on the Dibb and went to the land of the Mouse for the first time this year, a big part of my enjoyment of the holiday was being able to put some context around some of your hilarious escapades. I now follow you on twitter and read your blog every week, I like, thousand of others are virtual stalkers of you and your life.

    I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t planning on downloading the trip report, for no reason other than DW won’t let me book another trip yet and I thought it would depress me too much reading it. Having read this last night i did what any other sane human being would do….yes i downloaded it. I’ve been to London and back today and spent the whole journey back reading it and laughing out-loud (much to the annoyance of the yoof next to me).

    I don’t know what was said on the Dibb, but clearly there are some people who believe, not only should they get access to the Dibb and all it’s information for free, but this also gives them the right to have access to anything that anyone who has contribute to the Dibb decides to publish in the future. They need to get a grip !!!

    Well done and please carry on doing what you do, in exactly the way you do it now.

    Till next time …..


    PS just one thing, Paul’s daughter, is her name really spelt Naimh, my niece in Ireland is called Niamh (nieve) just thought id check ?!?

    1. Thank you. Well, slight confusion over whose daughter Naimh is as she is Jakki’s not Paul’s but I am the last person to ask how to spell her name as I always get it wrong!!! 🙂

      1. Ha ha I think it might well be Niamh, but if you knew how bad my spelling and grammar are you would laugh at my trying to correct yours !

  83. Craig,

    Its funny that I want to write this but i think every positive voice out there can only be a good thing.

    I have been on the DIBB for a few years, and i happend, as im sure many have upon your trip reports.
    Frankly i love them! I have read them all and some multiple times. I think you have a voice when you write that few people have and like many others enjoyed your tails of disney. In fact i used to avoid your earlier trip reports as i didn’t really want to read about a family with young children going to disney as its normally just me and my wife. but since finding out i am going to be a father have started rereading the earlier ones just to see what it would be like going with young children. And they have made me truly smile.

    I brought your first book as it was worth it just to have all the reports on my Ipad and not have to load up multiple pages. Also for 10 years worth of writing i don’t think charging for it is anything other then good sense.
    As for the new one, that was brought on the day of realise and worth every penny of the massive £2 i had to pay!

    What is wrong with the internet now days?
    Everyone wants something for free. And when its not, they cry foul and moan as if someone has sneaked in to their house and stollen their hard earned.

    I personally would think fair play if you made enough from the book to go on holiday and only think its shame you wont.
    Just imagine the injustice of someone trying to earn money from something they love!
    Don’t hear anyone moaning about the adverts on said website, the capitalist pigs!!

    Anyways, I just wanted to say you have given me many happy hours reading. You have made me reflect on my own trips and smile, but more then anything you have let me share in your families holidays while sharing a smutty joke.

    And for that i say charge away. As long as you keep writing go for it


    My wife has just said say thanks from her for keeping me quite for a few hours.

  84. Hi Craig,
    Having just read this blog and can only laugh at the people who think it’s a given right that you post your latest offerings on the dibb first is beyond me. You haven’t signed a contract with the dibb saying they have first dibs and the few who are moaning are the ones who’s problem with paying a couple of quid is insulting to your work. It’s like itv showing a trailer and demanding they get the film.
    I for one will buy your books as our forthcoming trip to the happy place needs some research.
    Ex dibb member Alexd
    Alex duxfield.

  85. Hi Craig. I haven’t read the thread on but I hope it does not put you off writing anymore trip reports and publishing them, blogging them or posting them wherever/however you want. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of them. Even if you were making lots of money that should be of no concern to anyone. If people are buying your book it is because they want to, no one is forcing them. I for one love your reports and know how much time and effort goes into them (I tried to write one and gave up as it took so long) and it is definitely worth the few quid charged for the enjoyment they bring.

    I enjoy your reports and I enjoy your blog so please don’t stop writing. I am looking forward to next years 😉

  86. Was doing my best to avoid buying this book as we’re not planning to go next year. No, really – getting a bit familiar* and I reckon a year off will a) be good for my wallet and b) restore some of the magic.

    Figured after reading this blog post though that I’d pick it up as one in the eye to the nay-sayers. Mind you if I get tempted after reading your trippie and book again next yearI figure you owe me a few grand for the outlay. After all you’re clearly rolling in it with all these sales otherwise the Dibb wouldn’t be having such a middle-class outrage strop about it all shirley?

    I’m sure it will all calm down soon – after all it’s been about 5 mins since the last ‘take your kids on holiday out of school hols’ thread, the pirhanas will soon have something else to have them biting chunks out of their keypad. It’s a helpful place but I did once see a thread ‘how many times do you wash’ from a particularly bored (and clueless, possibly smelly) individual…………..

    Good luck with it all Craig.

    *Not that familiarity is bad. How many brown trout/hostage, nob jokes and Costalot-Care visists are in the trippie ;0)

    1. Ok bought the book and read it using my kindle for iPad one gripe compared to reading it on the forums is that the pictures are tiny…. Really tiny or perhaps it’s my settings anyway loved the book but is it me or are you getting sentimental and soft in your middle age? Hehe. Loved the innuendo although sometimes I wonder if I’m reading it where there should be none haha and the occasional frosty drives which I’ve also experienced once being the only driver! Drive in 4 lanes and in a torrential down pour but it’s still my fault if I miss the poorly light exit 😉

      Anyway I digress great read made me lol literally and was sad to see it end 😦 looking forward if and when it’s published in forum for the better pics 🙂

      1. I know. The pictures thing is a real challenge. Even at the size they are they make the file size quite big (expensive to deliver). If I made them more “real” size it would be more expensive, which isn’t good, but it may accelerate the growth of my Rolex collection! 😉

  87. Sadly, I don’t share your writing skills and therefore cannot provide the appropriate eloquent response………but I share the views of others, I’m sad you feel hurt and that you felt you had to justify yourself……..
    ‘Don’t let the ……….. get you down’.

  88. Craig, dont beat yourself up over it, when they start contributing to your trip financially then they can complain about you publishing your trip reports at the huge cost of £2.09 … Its not even the price of a cup of coffee for godsake .. I love your reports and have read them on line and bought for my Kindle, and look forward to you’re weekly blog as well … keep up the good .. no great work .

  89. Lol, the joys of humanity getting its knickers in a twist, its your life Craig, stick your fingers in your ears and carry on. You have a loyal fan base because of your wonderful ability to share the magic of our favourite place in a humorous – potty – way which has brought me to tears on many an occasion. Wish I could win the lottery to help you buy your island until then I am going to have to settle with the donation to amazon for the best selling novel of the year xx

  90. Wow! What a reaction to somebody just trying to share their holiday memories.

    Craig, you are a victim of your own success. If people didn’t look forward to reading what you had to say then I doubt this blog would have generated so many responses.

    I, like most of the above, have trawled the Dibb for advice for many years and have enjoyed better holidays as a result. I enjoy reading the trip reports but realise what a huge undertaking they are and have never managed to post one of my own.

    Your own trip reports have resulted in many “laugh out loud” moments and I imagine you need to charge now to cover the royalties to the Krankies. Only joking, you can never have too many “turtle head” jokes.

    Please keep doing what you do. It brightens up the days and is greatly appreciated.

    I’m waiting until I get the offer from Groupon before I buy it!!

  91. I bought your book, well done you for trying to make a bit out of your very well written reports nothing wrong with that. I can’t believe people were being that petty there, I didn’t see the treat in question think i saw the start where it was saying your book was out and i went right to amazon and bought it lol …loved it btw 🙂

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