The Going Limp in Orlando Tour 2013

Clearly a blog post from me on a Saturday can only mean one thing.

I have a book out!!

(If you go back through my post history and find one on a  Saturday when I didn’t have a book out, then I reserve the right to be wrong and to declare you sad).

This (probably) replaces your normal Sunday dose of blog.

Finally, after the most tedious teaser marketing campaign in the history of teasing, I am pleased to announce that the latest trip report is ready.

The Going Limp in Orlando Tour 2013 is available to download from Amazon right now!

Book Cover
The Going Limp in Orlando Tour 2013

If you do not own such technical frippery as a Kindle, then fear not. There is probably an app for that. If you own a smartphone, laptop, tablet or even PC, you can get a FREE Kindle app from your relevant App Store, and use that to download and read this thing.

As ever, I need to thank Louise, Emily and Rebecca for allowing me to flaunt their holiday all over the place and I especially need to apologise to Louise for the chocolate hostage situation. All will become clear in the book.

I also need to thank my volunteer proof reader, Janine (@disneynine on Twitter) for taking the time to flag up seemingly endless spelling mistakes and other errors.

No matter how often I read my own stuff, I still miss glaring stupidness, so having someone check this before release should make your reading a less frustrating experience. Proof reading has little effect on the actual quality or originality so that will be all my own fault.

I am also thankful that anyone gives enough of a toss to want to read this thing. I’d love to get your feedback if you do read it, either here as Comments, via Twitter (what do you mean you don’t follow me???) or the Facebook page.

If you feel inclined, any (nice) reviews will be very welcome on Amazon itself too! Any nasty reviews can be sent to me at

If you aren’t sure what all this is about, and you want to try a bit before you download, then you can sample Day One here, to get a feel for the tone.

It has been very different writing this trip report in this way. Normally there is a mad rush to get each day posted as quickly as possible which of course led to the enormous number of typos in the other book which I then had to go through and correct after it “went live”. I only spotted them when I read it on my own Kindle, having been blind to them in Word or on the internet. I don’t do detail very well, and I suspect I didn’t correct them all.

Being able to write it all in one go has hopefully meant a more consistent standard (consistently poor) and a cleaner read (I don’t mean less smut). Of course, on that topic, not being subject to forum moderation (yet), I have not had to worry about rude words and close to the knuckle innuendo as much. Whether that is a good or bad thing I don’t know.

I hope those of you kind enough to download it enjoy “Going Limp” as much as we did. First to finish gets a prize. The glow of self satisfaction.

Till the next time…..

37 thoughts on “The Going Limp in Orlando Tour 2013

  1. just had it delivered to my ipad. A whole week off now on half term to enjoy reading. Timing purfick 🙂 Can’t wait till I get to the song 😀

  2. Downloading it now! I only finished the other book the other week so you’re timing couldn’t be more, perfect, thank you 🙂

  3. Just downloaded, perfect bedtime reading thanks Craig for taking the time to do these trip reports and for letting us share your holidays!!

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to write these trip reports. All our family really enjoy them and keep saying we will do our own some day. Maybe. Can I just say as well, I am more than happy to pay a fair price plus a bit more?! Gawd, I’ve paid more for a rubbish book from an establised author! In the meantime off to download another fabulous read. Thank you 🙂

  5. I cant possibly buy this as i stubbornly refuse to purchase anything that costs £2.05
    What is with the extra 5p,actually id say 6p as it should be the standard £1.99.
    Is this the plan to fund the next holiday,with all these 5 and 6 pence overpayments.
    Well you havent fooled me,ive had to miss florida this year but have a trip to cyprus next week,maybe reading your trip reports will make it feel like florida.
    Just drop the sixpence!

    1. Ah yes indeed. Amazon’s pricing mechanism is a mystery. Basically you set a dollar price and it does the rest. It should always have been £1.99 but between me submitting and it being accepted a dollar rate must have changed. It then takes twelve hours for any adjustments to take effect. Anyway I bet it is £1.99 so go and bloody buy one 😉

  6. Just downloaded you latest blockbuster can’t wait
    For tonight when I can read it. Thanks a lot for the
    Time and effort you put in to your trip reports and
    Hope you get To go again soon

  7. Well Craig, I’ve bought it…..and it’s gone up 6p since last night! Must be in high demand….looking forward to reading your report. And this is my first ever ebook!!

  8. As usual Craig another excellent read.
    Well worth the wait and the best £2 I’ve spent in a long time.

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