Books, Blogging Again and Being Busy

It feels like a long time since I did my last proper blog. Some might argue that I have indeed never done a proper blog, and I for one would not be one to argue. However, I of course mean that it has been a good few weeks since one of these regular Sunday evening things.

The return to work was truly awful. I don’t mean that there was anything particularly bad this week, rather that it was just soul destroyingly boring and such a jarring contrast to the previous two weeks. It was about mid afternoon on my first day back when I sent Louise a text to tell her I wasn’t sure I could make it until the end of the day, never mind the next week, year or till retirement.

I did of course, as I have to. I’ve hated other jobs and companies far more than I do this one. In fact it is hard to fault where I am now, but of course it is still work, and I do still have to go.

Louise had her own challenges, being straight into irregular shifts at her new placement, this time in A&E. The highlight of the week for Louise has been to watch the removal of a couple of eyes for donation. She’s strange like that.

To make matters worse, after the first week back at work, I have been weekendless, as it just so happened that I had to go away with work. There was a launch event at Celtic Manor in Wales for our whole company, so from early Saturday morning until my about 3pm today that’s where I’ve been.

Celtic manor
To the Manor driven…on a coach

It’s a lovely venue, although I only got to see the inside of a conference room and my bedroom, but still it looked nice. Oh and Wales, let me know when you have a mobile phone signal and 3G and I may come back.

So life feels busy at the moment, and it is stopping me from cracking on with the trip report. I have started, and I think I got up to the part where we take off. So not very impressive progress.

Next week, I’m down in Marlow at head office for a couple of days, so getting anything done next week isn’t looking too good either. Real life does always seem to get in the way.

So far, I have been dodging a few questions about when I’ll post it and where. This is because I don’t know. Or at least I didn’t. Without even realising it, I seem to have sub consciously decided that it is going to be a book. This is because the format in which I started to write it is that, rather than for any forum. As I say, a decision made without me realising it.

This isn’t some attempt to make more millions of pounds from book sales (NOTE: I haven’t actually made millions of pounds from book sales). I think it will force me to do a better job, certainly in terms of spelling and grammar.

I don’t plan to charge for this book. However, Amazon do charge me for “delivering” the book, and as it will contain many photos, so I’ll just have to cover that. This does of course mean that it won’t be ready for a while.

What I might do is post Day One here when it is done. I hope that is OK?

In other news this week, Emily submitted her application for the Disney Cultural Representative Programme.  For those that don’t know, this is the people you see in World Showcase in each of the pavilions. Emily has had this in her mind since about the age of 15, so it is a bit of a big deal.

UK Pavilion
CRP People

Competition is fierce no doubt, but all she can do is give it her best shot and see what happens.

Rebecca starts her college course next week too. She will be studying Media Make Up and Hair at Bolton College. She has small ambitions to end up in Hollywood doing the make up for major movies and stars. Fingers crossed.

Based on my feelings about my last week at work, as ever, I just want them to find something to do that they enjoy and are passionate about. If you don’t, it sure ain’t fun.

So with a following wind and a bit of effort I should be able to get Day One posted at some point next week. If you read it one word a day, it might keep you going until I get the whole thing finished! Consider it the perfect stocking filler for that relative you don’t really like!

Till the next time….

9 thoughts on “Books, Blogging Again and Being Busy

  1. I did the CRP back in 1998. It was amazing and I can’t believe how lucky I was to experience this.

  2. Hope Louise is enjoying her A&E placement, I’m an A&E nurse and (at times) it truly is the best job in the world 🙂

  3. Are you using some weird mobile network or something? Vodafone works beautifully in this area (I’m not far from the Celtic Manor!).

  4. My daughter applied for the CRP this week, and she got a reply a couple of hours later, stating “that you don’t have the necessary qualifications” and that she should try again next year….:( she wasn’t very happy and neither was I as there was no way of contracting Disney to ask where she was failing…..we think that’s because she is only 17 at the moment…but she will try again next year. I do hope your daughter is more successful in her application.

    Keep your chin up…..


      1. Thought as much, she (Laura), is 18 in May, and she will have to apply then….just means i will end up paying for her to come with us in 2014…

  5. Brittany was asking the CMs all sorts of questions regarding the cultural and college programmes, not that she hasn’t done tons of research about it herself previously. She wanted tips about the application process etc and surprisingly some told her they were still 17 when they applied so she emailed James from yummy jobs who confirmed she wouldn’t be considered unless she was 18 at the time of application. Daft really as she would be 18 by the time she old start on the year long cultural programme – something she wanted to do in her gap year before uni. That has now been ruled out and I have gotten the blame for giving birth to her too late :O . Anyway, she is now applying for the college programme next year and bypassing any gap year. Good luck Emily with your application. We’ll keep everything crossed for you xxx good luck to Rebecca with her new college course too. I hope you live your dream xxx

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