The brief blog about being back

So we’re back.  It is as grim as you might imagine, and me booking today off was an absolute stroke of genius.  Louise has not been so lucky and has started her new placement today at Chorley A&E.

We had a great time.  Leaving this time felt (for Emily and I especially) even more sad than usual.  There is a real malaise and sadness that I can’t shake, but I’m sure that will clear in the coming days….won’t it?

For Emily the end of this holiday signifies the end of her childhood in some respects, and that may explain her upset and sadness.  What my excuse is I don’t know.

With this feeling hanging over me, each time I look at my notebook, and think about starting to write a trip report my heart sinks, and being honest I cannot bring myself to put fingers to keys right now.

One thing I have decided is that I’m not going to rush it.  Normally, I write a day in about an hour or so, and get them posted as soon as possible.  The endless correction of grammar and spelling I have (and still am) going through in my book has prompted me to make sure I take my time with this one and only post it when I’m happy.

If it does end up in an ebook sooner or later this will make my life easier and your reading less frustrating.  For those of you who bought my book on day one I can only apologise for the mess it was in!  It isn’t as bad if you buy it now!

Writing it more slowly and maybe even writing the whole thing might be the way to go, so please don’t be anticipating it any day soon.

So I’m off to lick my wounds, eat some more and try to prepare myself for the horror of the commute and work tomorrow.

The trouble with having great holidays like this is that the come down afterwards is worse than doing cold turkey off hard drugs (I imagine!).


Till the next time…..

8 thoughts on “The brief blog about being back

  1. Craig, for you it is also the end of Emily’s childhood but believe me there are still many more happy times ahead of you, this is not the end.
    I cannot describe to you the pleasure of taking your grandchildren for the first time. When you show them that beautiful castle, it’s magical. It is like experiencing it with your children all over again. I know this will be a few years off yet but something to look forward to none the less.
    In the mean time start looking at the Dates for next year………..please xxx

  2. Craig it may be the end of her childhood but it won’t be the end of holidays together. Ours are now 19,19 and 22 and are still wanting to holiday together (although I think the fact that mum and dad fund such holidays may have something to do with it)!!

    1. Don’t get me wrong. I have no doubt that they will be holidaying with us again. I meant it more that she now has to enter the big bad world and sort out her future. Scary stuff.

  3. Craig, I hear your sad words and I can sympathise with you, we thought that last years trip, would be our last, all together, as our kids were 16 and 12, but we have booked again for 2014 and my daughter will then be 18…,she too will have completed college, which she hates, and will be entering the big bad world as an adult! I am already sad that this could be the end but if you keep offering “free”, all inclusive holidays to the kids….can they say no. I look forward to your reports, as do all your followers, they keep us going until the time arrives where we can trace in your footsteps and re-live your trails…..thanks Craig, in advance. Paul

  4. glad that you are back safe and sound, also it reminds me of realising way back in 2000 on our return from a florida hols that we may not have many left to share with our kids [ they were son david21, and daughter stacey17,] we had a couple more with them . then the inevitable happened and they flew the nest , and so for a few years we disneyed alone , not quite the same but enjoyed never the less,now we have come full circle and take our granddaughter with us , have done this few times , and its like starting over again we all go next august and I cant wait our daughter cant either , she already regressed to that 9 year old girl talking endlessly about Disney and all the memories she has, so whatever happens craig when the inevitable happens and your lovely girls fly the next , carry on being Disney mad because it will come full circle for you , then you and louise can start all over again …

  5. I have exactly the same feelings for tomorrow, but to the joys of work after three weeks off. Really cannot shake the Disney blues right now especially as we won’t be back for at least another two maybe three years. Hope tomorrow goes ok for you

  6. Hope you give us the head’s up about the TR. can’t wait to read it even with your malaise I’m sure it will be funny and an emotional read. Was looking out for Ryan at DTD but we were only there the same time for a couple of days so missed my chance…

    Ah well perhaps next year…..

    Chin up old boy and all that…

  7. Feel for you. I sort of feel I know Emily a little bit through chatting with her on twitter and know how much this trip meant to her too. We’re still in the excitement of an up-coming trip bubble but after that I’m not sure when we’ll be back, hubby has threatened not until 2019 … Take care and although we all can’t wait for the trippie, remember that first and foremost it is for you and your family so wait until it is just right. 🙂

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