Probably not as good as last week’s blog!

So, last week’s blog went pretty well!

And now, normal service is resumed, both in terms of the lack of exciting content, and in terms of me being able to talk about plans for our upcoming WDW holiday.

We’ve been waiting so long for the reveal that I always thought once we’d done it, we’d be more or less setting off for the airport immediately.  Unfortunately this is not the case, and the week since has been one of the slowest I can remember.  We have two more to conquer and I don’t see them whizzing by either.

So as tradition dictates, my holiday clothes shopping started at around 10.30 on Saturday and ended two shops later at around 11.45.  I have my bright white trainers, a new pair of “leezure pants” in which to travel, and some other bits and bobs.  Done!

These are all white.

As usual, at this time of year I dust down Ryan, and check out whatever we left in him last year before he was tucked into hibernation for the year.  It turns out he didn’t contain half of the things I hoped he did and so had to visit Amazon for some stuff essential to the modern traveler.

  • Rechargeable batteries for the camera
  • Four new plug adapters (for the vast array of electrical hair devices and phone chargers)
  • Some inflatable neck pillow things (who needs Business Class?)
The main man

The dollars were ordered this week.  No doubt I could have gained an extra three dollars or so by studying the phases of the moon or Michelle Obama’s menstrual cycle, but instead I just ordered from Travelex for next day delivery and got on with my life.  I am not cool and sophisticated enough to be able to resist counting my dollars and even having a quick sniff when they arrive though!

Now of course it is not unusual for all those pre-trip concerns to rear their head.  Of course being on an indirect flight the main fear is that this will cause us trouble. The risk of one leg being delayed is a worry.  Only on the way out really to be honest, as if we’re late coming home I can live with that.

The relief of getting to check in to find that everything is running to time is one I really look forward to.  If it isn’t, be ready for one enormous sulk, and be thankful you are not travelling with me!

From everyone’s lovely comments and replies last week, it really does seem that half of the UK will be in Florida with us, most of whom seem to be staying at Old Key West.  If you do see us there or anywhere else, please come and say hello, and I’ll do a collection of blog reader photos for a special blog when I return.  I’ll even let you hold my sack!  In fact, let’s make that a rule.  To avoid any embarrassment of approaching some bald bloke of the internet you must introduce yourself by saying “Hi, I’d like to hold your sack”.  That should be an ice breaker.

I see that I also picked up a number of new readers last week, so welcome to you all.  You will quickly discover that last week’s exciting and emotional post isn’t something to expect every week.  More likely you’ll find irrational rants and woe is me moaning, but hopefully you will stick around for a while.

You should know also that the rule is that if you have ever read one of my blogs you must buy my book.  It’s the law, OK?

I’m off to watch the clock tick down some more and work out how the hell I can write a trip report that is in some different from all the ones before.  That may take some thinking through.

Till the next time….

12 thoughts on “Probably not as good as last week’s blog!

  1. I’m so excited that I may be able to hold your sack!!! Sod the thrill rides and memories I’m spending the whole of our trip searching for Ryan!!! Lol.

  2. Nooooooooooooo don’t bother with loads of plug adapters… take an extension lead and 1 adapter – I got that handy hint from the Dibb ;o) To be fair, we normally only use the lead to charge the phone, camera batteries and boil the kettle – which does generally take FOREVER but the coffee machines where we stay always taste of descaler… (cheap and on occasion not cheerful!)

    I, too, sniff my dollars – can’t help it :o)

    Looking forward to reading your Trippie

    Dozy Doris from the Dibb

  3. Just as long as they approach the correct balding chap and ask to hold his sack, otherwise there might be trouble!
    Can’t wait for the trip report, and love the trainers 😉
    Twiga6 from the dibb

  4. Really looking forward to the trippies and any bloggage that may be done while in the sunshine state. Nice trainers

  5. I too will be on the look out for your sack 😉 btw – we don’t want a trip report that’s different. We keep coming back to read them over and over because we like them as they are 😊

  6. Looking forward to the possibility of holding your sack! 😉 I’m sure the beam from your new trainers will help me locate you! Have a great trip 🙂

  7. Had I known about getting the opportunity to meet you and get my hands on your sack, I’d have postponed our May trip till now !!!

  8. I wouldn’t worry too much about making your trippie different – I think we all enjoy it as it is! What about doing a video diary though? If that would push you over the edge maybe Emily would enjoy making it one instead. 🙂

  9. I am disapointed that I will not be able to cradle your sack in my hands, unless of course you are back in WDW for June 2014,

    I WILL buy your book, now I know that you are published. Perhaps I will send it to you for an autograph ?

    Have a great holiday, I do hope it all runs to plan. Cant wait for the trip reports.

    Regards to all the family.


  10. Hi I am new to your blog as I recently bought your book. We go to WDW the same date as you and return the same date with our 5 children. Your book has made me even more excited to see there little faces. What an amazing birthday present for Emily. I hope you all have a wonderful time and if we see you I’d love to hold your sack 😉 Tara x

  11. I’m gutted that I won’t be able to ask if I can hold your sack, having returned from the happiest place on Earth just today (well yesterday but my watch still says today). Can’t wait to hear all about your trip. My other daughter and her fiance will be over in POFQ when you are there so I may well have a photo with Ryan by proxy if I can persuade her to ask to hold your sack…ooer…something tells me I’m going to get a string of abuse with my request…lol

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