Back Pain, not going back pain and Applebees

Just as I start to think I a recovering from post WDW blues, someone does something which brings all those thoughts and longings back.

Twitter is a cruel mistress

As much as I do feel honoured that the chap or chapess who runs the Applebees twitter account found me and decided I was worthy of a follow, as I read that email it hurt.

There were two reasons for this.  Firstly it was 4.43am.  I was just about to set off down south to get to Head Office for a couple of days, but secondly and mainly it reminded me that the joys of an Ultimate Trio at an Applebees was so beyond my reach that the pain was tangible.

I suspect it is more likely that Applebees will open up some UK branches before we get to go back.  That’s right, I am declaring right here, as is my annual tradition, that I don’t think we’ll be back next year.  The new house demands attention like a naughty toddler, and more than that, it demands whatever disposable income we are likely to stumble across.

I won’t go on about it, as we all know that isn’t the first time I have been here, so we’ll leave it there and wait and see.  It is Emily’s 18th next July, and she has been less than subtle in declaring where she wants to be for it, but that doesn’t magic up the multiple thousands of pounds required, regardless of the amount of guilt I would feel if we didn’t do something special for her.

In real world matters, Louise’s back is improving, thanks to some physio and lots of medication.  She should be returning to her hospital placement tomorrow which is excellent news.  The physio seems to think that the back problems are caused by a long-standing ankle problem which is forcing Louise to walk in a way that compensates for the pain she feels, and this in turn throws her pelvis and back out of kilter, and leads to her back “going” from time to time.  So the end game is to resolve the ankle thing.

The first step (pun intended) in this process is naturally to throw away the £50 trainers she has had for a few weeks and buy some new ones which will be better suited to her needs.  Smashing.  Should anyone want a pair of black Sketchers that have been worn about six times do let me know.  Best price guaranteed!

With Louise mobile again, I am hopeful that we will tonight complete a long-held ambition to enjoy a night with a Bat Man costume in a darkened room.  This is not a Shades of Grey type reference, more a 50 pounds of Pick n Mix reference as we are heading for the cinema.  Our local Cineworld is still showing the Dark Knight film, despite the fact it has been out since July, and having heard nothing but good things I intend to snack up, settle down and slob out for a couple of hours.

Next week sees me in Manchester, Marlow and London, none of which have an Applebees and this is something I am struggling to come to terms with.

However, my pain is but a low throb compared to the white-hot burning heat of a post WDW depression that @tweetwizzo is feeling right about now, having recently landed back in the UK.  He’ll be starting his trip report soon so look out for it.  At the rate I am getting through mine, not only will he finish his before me, he will probably have had another holiday too.

Mind you, neither of us seem to be enduring a lack of mojo on a scale to compare with Gordon (The_Finkelstein) who hasn’t been seen much since his return back in the early days of summer.  I am thinking of hosting a 24 hour telethon appeal to get him the support he needs in these tough times.

Right, I must go.  The X Factor repeat has come on the telly so I need to go and throw it out of the window.

Till the next time…..



3 thoughts on “Back Pain, not going back pain and Applebees

  1. I think the odds of Emily celebrating her 18th on the Uk are pretty low. Might as well accept it, and start saving 🙂

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