Sad news and a very brief blog.

A week is a long time in bloggage.  I was writing of our pain last week and this pain endures, but it now rests in the context it deserves due to the events of today.

It is proving hard to get into the flow of this week’s stuff for any sort of blog post, as we had some sad news this morning, with a bereavement in the family.  This isn’t the place for details of course, but we had a dash up to the hospital this morning where Louise’s cousin hard passed away.

It was a surreal experience, and one that makes the pithy nature of these blog entries a little irrelevant.  So I’ll keep this brief if you don’t mind.  I will attempt a mid week update, should I have anything of note to report on the week’s events, but until then I shall respectfully draw this to a close.

Should you be looking for reading material, you can always head over to WDW Dads and catch up on quite a few new articles from the past few weeks, and I will be back with you in full moany sarcastic mode asap.

Till the next time…..

11 thoughts on “Sad news and a very brief blog.

  1. I’m so sorry to hear your sad news. My thoughts are with your families at this difficult time.

  2. We are very sorry to hear this news – our thoughts are with you, Louise and family.

  3. Sorry to hear your news Craig, thinking of you, Louise and family at this sad time

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