A week of pain, and I don’t mean the piercings.

We are a family in pain.  We are in a bad way, with high levels of suffering.  What is the cause?  Severe WDW withdrawal symptoms!!

I have Louise posting on Facebook roughly every seven seconds about how hard she is finding the fact that we aren’t going, and I have Emily, listening to Spectromagic on repeat on her iPod and Rebecca joined in the self-inflicted pain by sitting with Emily at the iPad watching WDW parades this evening.

parade pic
Craig, I miss you!!

Me?  I am coping admirably, and I don’t think about it much at all really.  I would say there are several seconds in each day where the thought of going on holiday does not cross my mind.

It does not help that I have two cyber friends fully immersed in Disney-dom with @tweetwizzo tweeting about ten times a minute whilst on his fourteenth trip in eighteen months, and Gordon in full planning mode, clogging up my twitter and Facebook timeline with WDW footwear conundrums and questions about dining options.  Thanks chaps!

I have to admit that I have spent some part of today on websites related to the booking of such trips.  We ABSOLUTELY cannot afford one, and it is only the fact that I want to eat in the coming months that I have not followed this searching with some plastic damage.  Louise wants to go more than I do….so she says….but I think I just hide it better to be honest.

With a house move this summer, and then once moved, quite a bit of work to do to the house to make it acceptable, I have to save all my available credit card balances for that, and not squander them as usual on a trip to the States.  Now, of course there is always Christmas…….stop it, and more importantly, stop me before I do something stupid!!

Speaking of the house move, things have kicked off, and I spent most of today filling out endless paperwork, and sending off pretty much every important document I possess to prove that I work, earn, exist and live as I claim I do.  It is complex stuff this house move business, and I expect many a twist and turn before we eat that traditional take away amidst unpacked boxes on our first evening in the new place.

Planning a house move is substantially less fun than planning a trip to Florida.  The costs are pretty similar, but the levels of resentment attached are just not in the same ball park.  I can justify any cost attached to WDW, but paying some legal bloke a few hundred quid to check there isn’t an open mine shaft under my new house is just throwing money out of the window to be honest.

So with much expense to bear in the coming months if at any time you see me near a computer, all misty eyed, credit card in hand, please do the decent thing and stop me.  I’m either just about to book a trip I can’t finance or I’m on one of those websites that require a credit card to proceed, and neither will lead to long-term happiness.  Both give short-term relief to certain problems of course, and you do only live once!!

In other news, Louise became unemployed on Friday, leaving her steady regularly paid employment to become a student again.  She has immediately bought three Smiths albums, some weed and two dozen pot noodles.  On the plus side she won’t need to shower or wash her clothes for three years so that should save some cash!

This new lifestyle has also driven her to include the kids in this new hippy student lifestyle.  Despite me putting my foot down and insisting it would NOT happen, both the girls had their noses pierced this week.

emily nose pierce
I nose this will be trouble

I enjoy my position of ultimate authority in our house.  I have absolute power of veto as log as Louise agrees with the decision.  In my experience, one out of two of every piercings goes wrong in some way, and involves yet more expense for lotions, creams, antibiotics or trips to the doctor, and this time my money is on Emily.  Call it fatherly intuition.

So with three students in the house now, I expect to come home to a smoke-filled house, with three females suffering the munchies and searching through last week’s dirty washing to find something they can wear inside out.  If we don’t own at least one Levellers album in the coming months I will be astonished.

So we plod on, holiday-less and hopeless, suffering the intense pain of absolute WDW cold turkey.  Should any of you have a pot of money you aren’t using, and feel the need to donate us a trip, I would be delighted to accept, and even name the trip report after you.  I have a minimal amount of pride I can assure you.

Someone please end this pain…..

Till the next time……


7 thoughts on “A week of pain, and I don’t mean the piercings.

  1. Happy to help Craig. You will be thrilled to know, after your advice and expert guidance that I am going with both Active Footwear (Sandals) AND Crocs this year. I also spent a good while this afternoon picking out some new Star Wars t-shirts to wear when I am over there. If it’s any comfort you will have without doubt fitted in several WDW trips before I get to venture back over after this summers jaunt. As for the piercings and student lifestyles of the ladies in your house…..good luck with that!

  2. Great read Craig. I can go to bed now, been waiting all evening for this!
    Please Craig, just book it, you know you want to…………….and will. Take care.

  3. If I win the lottery Craig, my money will definitely go towards the Williams WDW fund 😉
    I now the feeling well and it really does hurt BIG TIME. Hopefully you will end up being the beneficiary of some unknown twice removed long lost uncle who bequeathes you thousands in his will and your pain will end. Until then, join the long line of the rest of us hoping a band-aid will help ease the pain of WDW withdrawal symptoms 😥

    Good Luck Louise on your newfound studentship xxx

  4. Craig, you have my sympathy regarding WDW withdrawal symptoms. I have spent many hours this afternoon trawling through You Tube videos and Mouse specific websites only to come to the unpleasant realisation that, whilst I need to return to the World asap, it will sadly have to wait for for yet another year. Oh well, Walt started with a dream after all!

  5. I also would have no hesitation in booking you all in at the resort of your choice if those six little numbers came up Craig…. As long as there was a trip report at the end of course! 🙂 In the meantime, I’m taking bets on how long you can resist the temptation…!

  6. I feel your pain here too Craig 😦 what really hurts in our case is that after winning a free trip on The Dibb we arent able to go (i’m Redriva on there) … We should have been flying off to the fun on May 3rd but instead we are stuck in wet grey England and trying to get enthused about a week long UK break in the June half-term! gutted doesnt even begin to cover it 😦

    Hope this week is going better for you! xx

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