Seven Tears, Two Trains and Too many tweets.

I fear that I may have been over active on the media of Twitter and Facebook, especially on Thursday.  I’m afraid this is what happens when you trap me in a steel tube for four hours with only the internet for amusement.  Due to these over frequent updates, you will no doubt have gathered that I was in the capital this week for a “meeting” regarding an “opportunity”.  The existence of those speech marks is probably irrelevant.

There is nothing secret about this opportunity, as I have as you also know already resigned and am preparing to start my new job next week.  However, I just don’t want to jinx anything by talking about it before it is anywhere close to being in the same vicinity as my bag, never mind in that bag.  I will say that the meeting seemed to go OK, and I have just heard that I am through to the next stage of the process next week, again in frickin London, so location aside, that’s pleasing.  This opportunity is quite different to the job I have accepted in many ways, and it would make a significant difference to us as a family in all sorts of ways.  First priority is to get the offer, then decide if it is the thing to do.

Regular readers will know that I am not a fan of these trips to the capital.  By some quirk of the ticket web site I had managed to secure First Class tickets for pence more than standard, so it was slightly more bearable.  Your ticket involves food and WiFi access.  Having done the bare minimum amount of work in the first few moments of the journey down, I was then in the unusual situation of having spare time and the internet.  Usually, whenever I’m on the internet I’m “doing something”, like work, writing stuff for here or the WDW Dads, or looking stuff up.

Having all that time, and all of the internet at my disposal I was a bit lost to be honest.  Discounting all those web sites that men have been known to visit when alone, as this was probably not suitable for the carriage, I found my way to Youtube.  Alas, the internet access was pants, and I spent about two hours buffering.  Now, as I said, I avoided those web sites that usually involve any sort of “buffering”, and doing that for two hours would improbable and impressive in equal measure, so I do mean that the videos were taking an age to load and then freezing half way through.  Very frustrating, as I could easily have busied myself for hours looking at all the sad 80’s bands that I used to love.

You’d be amazed at how many Goombay Dance Band videos you can find!  There simply isn’t enough fire eating in pop these days.

If you do watch that video clip, what a superb week that was in the charts.  So many iconic 80’s songs in the Top Ten in one week.  Most were crap of course, but still iconic.  Haircut One Hundred, The Associates, Tight Fit, ABC…..all songs that are still known and played today.  All topped off of course by the permed fire eating power house that led the Dancers of Goombay.

I shall leave you to ponder which of those songs and artists I actually do like, and which I offer in jest!

In other more important news, Louise’s Mum is on the mend.  She is something close to her old self now, but we are not kidding ourselves that she is out of the woods, so we continue to keep a very close eye on her.  This typically takes the form of Louise spending long periods of time on the phone with her, being told the same tale seventeen times, and then fighting the urge to stick a sharp object in her own eye afterwards.

The week ended with the annual disabling of the entire country by a few flakes of snow.  As well as earning every weather person and reporter invaluable overtime as they stand outside some random location, delivering tales of chaos and calamity, it also introduced Oli to the white stuff for the first time.  He is obsessed!!  He’s spent nearly every waking minute in the back garden, charging around, rolling in it and shoving his nose into it.

Oli snow nose
He nose it's snowing

There are hours of endless fun available now by watching him charge around, slipping and sliding his way from one pile of snow to another, a bit like Frankie Cocozza on a night out I suppose.

So I shall leave you to dig yourselves out of the snow, should you have it, as we are going out tonight.  Due to the complete absence of cash since all this job nonsense started back in November we haven’t been out in ages.  So the plan, Louise tells me, is to go and have some tea somewhere and then the cinema.  We did have a minor disagreement when she came out with the statement “Cos then we won’t need sweets for the cinema”.  I countered with the only phrase that was apt in the face of such lunacy, “Are you out of your mind?”.

I shall be a picking and a mixing tonight.

Till the next time….


7 thoughts on “Seven Tears, Two Trains and Too many tweets.

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for the job Craig. A cinema visit without pick and mix, no, no, no.
    Have a lovely evening.

  2. Good luck with the job opportunity, I look forward to you possibly being the first man to work your notice at a position you never took up to begin with…although to be honest I have lost track of what you do and where you do it before you move on to the next place you do it at…’re not a Spook are you?

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