That was the week that was…bobbins.

I have to confess to not really being in the mood for my usual jovial glance back at the week just gone.

We’ve had a tough one, starting literally with the week, when Louise’s Mum called us early on Monday morning to say “she wasn’t feeling very well”.  I’m not going to go into loads of detail, but Louise hasn’t stopped all week, backwards and forwards to hospital, after two admissions in the week.  The diagnosis is still quite unclear, ranging from some sort of stroke to meningitis and although she is out of hospital, much the better for the medication, she’s far from right to be honest.

Louise’s Mum stayed with us here one night, in between admissions, and she’s now recuperating with another family member until everyone, including her, feel she is more ready to be home alone.

Add to all this that two other folk I know, one virtually, and one originally virtually but now also in real life, have also had pretty rotten weeks too.  It isn’t my place to outline their events, or even really comment, but the sooner the week is over the better all round I think.  Many of you will know who they are I’m sure.

Other events over the last week then pale into insignificance, and therefore I’ll refrain from rambling on about them here.  Not even a pleasing week of football results can rescue it from the bottom of the league table of weeks.  I can summarise events in one sentence.  Work, waney lap repair success and walking the dog.  To lighten the tone of this post, here is my mate Oli, now six months old, and becoming a very handsome young man, pictured on Saturday morning.

Oli six months
My mate

This may of course lead to a very short entry here, and me feeling that I’m short-changing anyone that cares.  Imagining that anyone does care, and may well be feeling short-changed of anything, I have posted a new article over at The WDW Dads website.  So please head on over there, and have a read by clicking this here link.  It deals with the oft discussed topic of what age is the best to first take your kids to WDW.  Consider it an attempt to inject some magic into a week bereft of any.

So with a respectful nod to friends with crappy news this past week, and a wish for Mary’s return to full health, I give this last week a two-fingered salute and one of my stares.

Onwards and upwards into a new week which will hopefully deliver closure on which bloody job I’ll be doing, and some improvements all round.

Till the next time….


5 thoughts on “That was the week that was…bobbins.

  1. Aaah sorry to read about your week Craig, really wishing Mary a speedy recovery and fingers X this week will be much better for you all 😉

  2. Sorry about your week Craig – hopefully things can only get better! Fingers crossed for Louise’s Mom… Chin up!

  3. Wishing Louise’s Mum a very speedy recovery. Hope you all have a better week. We shall join you in that two finger salute. All round I have to say what an absolute pile of well…poop January has been! Very best wishes to you & your family 🙂

  4. can only hope that you, your friends and family are due some good times in the future

  5. Wishing Mary continued recovery. my first chance to catch up on your page for a little while Craig, and that was a distinctly crappy week for a few of our online and real life friends….
    love and happiness to you, louise and the girls xxx

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