Sid Owen vs Olly Murs, Discuss.

I worry myself sometimes.  The state of my mental health is a cause for concern.  It is a source of eternal puzzlement where the random thoughts that populate my noggin come from.

Today, whilst packing the shopping into bags at Asda, completely out of nowhere I had an internal discussion with myself about how it was suddenly blindingly obvious that Olly Murs is having Sid Owen’s career, but in reverse order.  I had not heard from or seen either of these minor celebs during the morning, but still this startling realisation came to me from nowhere.

It made perfect sense to me, which is perhaps a greater cause for concern than actually having the thought itself.  Allow me to explain.

Both of these allegedly talented Essex/London types have somehow overcome the hurdles of a total lack of star quality and talent to forge what seem to be quite lucrative careers.  Olly has lucked his way through a TV talent show, only to emerge a year later turning out turgid pseudo reggae pop.  Owen on the other hand must have known someone in casting at Eastenders, and played himself for many years before becoming every impersonators catchphrase when referencing Eastenders.

All together now  “RRRIIIICCCKKKKKEEEEEE!!!”

So what of my theory that they are living out each other’s careers in reverse.  Well this is the thought that came to me.  Sid Owen limped along in Eastenders for too many years before believing his agent’s promises of Number 1 singles and TV specials, which led to him throw away that steady and well paid contract on Stenders, to them move on and release what could well be the most insulting homage to reggae since Boris Gardner.

Don’t believe me?

Murs it seems has started his career with a similar two-fingered salute to the reggae genre, and it can only be a matter of time before the hits dry up, and he meanders through panto in Bognor, to eventually turn up in Eastenders as some long-lost relation of some character I am not aware of.  So you see, careers in reverse!

Made perfect sense to me at the checkout today.  As I said, I worry myself sometimes.  The fact that Sid Owen’s pop “career” is lurking in my subconscious is a reason to visit the doctors all by itself.

Anywho, now I have that off my chest, what have we been up to?

He knows that fringe won't last!!

It has been a busyish old week really.  It has been my nephew’s birthday, and Jack is now 18.  Having watched him dance naked by the Christmas tree some very short years ago, I cannot believe he is now officially an adult.  Mind you at 18, it is surely only a matter of time before he is again dancing naked by a Christmas tree, but this time he won’t be four, and he will be off his tits on tequila!!

Rebecca and George
Rebecca and George (other nephew)

To celebrate, we all went out to the Red Hot World Buffet in Manchester on Saturday afternoon.  I believe this to be a national chain, and I would encourage those unfamiliar with it to give it a go.  What it lacks in quality, it more than compensates for in quantity, and to be fair the quality is fine too.  I ate a lot.  Those four words should avoid me having to describe the endless procession of plates that graced my table.

A veil shall be drawn over the exact events.  Safe to say, I got my money’s worth, mainly as Jack’s Mum & Dad paid, so I guess I got their money’s worth.

So by tea time yesterday we were home, stuffed, and to be honest ready for bed.  Louise, to her credit then went on to decorate the downstairs loo.  By that, I do not mean that she undertook some sort of dirty protest following a buffet overload.  No, she actually was wallpapering and stuff.

All of this bleeding decorating is going on as next weekend we are hosting a special event for Louise’s Mum.  We are having 40 family and friends round to celebrate a landmark birthday.  She will be 80!!

So this has meant that all of those jobs that we have been putting off, like painting the kitchen, and re-papering the downstairs loo after the not so recent garage conversion meant one wall got re-plastered (it’s complicated), have had to be done as we have folks coming round.  We may even have to hoover too!

Having failed to benefit from the so-called extra hour in bed this morning, I used the extra time to put the final finishing touches to the kitchen, and once finished put the decorating stuff back in the shed where it will sit going stiff until we decorate again, and then realise we didn’t clean stuff well enough and have to go buy some more.  I had finished painting, had breakfast, showered and dressed before 9am.  Tragic.  No wonder my mind was playing tricks on me during the BIG SHOP.

I shall leave you with just a small insight into my buffet experience.

Sweets Jesus!

You may be shocked by the contents of that plate.  I know, pathetic right.  This was Louise’s plate, I had twice as much as that!!

Till the next time……

One thought on “Sid Owen vs Olly Murs, Discuss.

  1. You are right to be worried Craig. Oh and thanks for reminding us all about Sid Owen’s musical attempt. Even he wants to expunge that from history. Eastenders is responsible for many crimes against humanity but the inexplicable musical careers of it’s cast rank amongst the worst!

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