This lack of WDW is clearly affecting my health!

Having had Emily at home all last week due to a nasty bout of tonsillitis, it would seem that the baton of grottiness has now been passed on to me.  I wouldn’t mind being ill so much, if I were able to be off work with it, but in the current circumstances that will not be an option, certainly on Monday anyway.  Is it every company that devotes most of Monday to meetings at which, if you are not there to present, the earth will cease to turn upon its axis?

I also have a new starter turning up tomorrow, so not to be there would be very bad form.  How much better it will be that I drag my sorry carcus into the office, and infect him with my illness so he can have time off later on in his first week!

Oli first walk
Stepping out

Other than lots of work, which means stress, hassle and problems, in the usual seemingly unending stream of nonsense, the only other thing to report this week is that Oli has been out for his first walks.  With Emily too ill, Rebecca and I took him out around the block on Wednesday night, and he did surprisingly well to be honest.  He obviously hasn’t got the rules yet, and does tend to spend most of the time eating his lead or sitting down, but he could be a lot worse.

On subsequent days he has ventured further afield, and discovered that he really doesn’t like cars, and feels compelled to chase every leaf that moves!  I’m sure he’ll get used to everything.  On Saturday Emily and I had him on the local park for the first time, and then Rebecca had him down to my Mum’s.  This eagerness to walk him won’t last with the girls I’m sure, but it is good whilst it lasts.

Rebecca’s willingness to be out with the dog is based on the amount of attention he attracts.  If Oli brings “cute boys” into any sort of conversation with her then he will have served his purpose.  She’d better make the most of it though, as at the rate he is growing, it will soon take all four of us to manage him on the lead, which will cramp her style just a little.

With half term on the horizon, we’ll see how willing they are to have him out when the inevitable lashing rain and icy winds kick in next week.

On Friday evening, Louise and I went out for tea, and the biggest plus to come out of that was that we were then able to spend Saturday night watching the programmes we Sky plussed on Friday night, rather than endure the seven hour marathon that is the X Factor.  Modern Family and An Idiot Abroad are two of our favourite programmes, so not being able to watch them on Friday made for a much more palatable Saturday.  My decreasing health levels, having to pick Emily up after a gig, and not much sleep last night have led to a Sunday of extreme couchiness for me.

Louise has had to do the BIG SHOP, and the ironing, added to a load of decorating yesterday.  Yes, it continues.  It might sound like we have a kitchen and dining room the size of Surrey, but we haven’t.  It is very nearly done now!!

Before I slumped into this life threatening cold, I did manage to splurge some random words out for the WDW Dads site.  Feel free to go have a read if you are so inclined.  It covers one of my favourite subjects, food!!

It does seem that most of the other WDW Dads spend 90% of their daily lives inside one of the parks, which makes me sick in a whole different way!!  Their constant tweetage from these places is both informative and depressing in equal measure.  Jealousy isn’t pretty, but then again I never claimed to be in any way pretty.

So that’s your lot for this week, my illness obviously is affecting my ability for bloggage, and I need to go and feel sorry for myself some more.  It is funny but in dozens of trips now I have never been ill on US soil, and never had so much as a sniffle inside a Disney theme park.  For the sake of my health, and the NHS it is my duty to be there as much and as often as possible.  You know it makes sense.

Till the next time…..


3 thoughts on “This lack of WDW is clearly affecting my health!

  1. Craig! Just as I was starting to break out in a cold sweat after spending the weekend (also with cold) in my PJs and reading your back catologue of trip reports – DH and I were sat on different sofas reading different reports and giggling away and different bits (I’m ahead of of him so had to keep saying “which bit are you at” much to his annoyance). Anyway the point being that I was starting to panic and then spied your Blog! AND I can access it at work. Yipeee.. and once again all is good in the world. Happy Monday 🙂

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