It has been a very sad week in our house.

On my return from London, literally as I walked into the house, my mobile rang, and it was a tearful Louise, at the vets with Henry, telling me that the vet had advised that it looked like time to let him go.  I had the thankless task of telling the girls and bundling them into the car so that we could go and say goodbye at the vets.  From that point on, tears have been an almost constant from someone in our house until, well, about now.  Saying that last goodbye and going through what needed to be done to send him to sleep was something Louise and I will both never forget and hopefully never have to repeat.  The girls were obviously in absolute bits!!

Fourteen years is a long time, as we got Henry when Rebecca was just a few weeks old.  Having two children under eighteen months old was obviously not stressful enough for us, and we added in a hyper active puppy for good measure.  From that day on he has been one of the family.  He has of course driven us mad at times, from eating numerous dummies, which involved me chasing him around the house with one in his mouth, to the fun of reading the foam letters in his poop, after he had pinched them from the bathroom and added them to his diet.

As the years went on, he developed a penchant for going for a wander, and when an open door presented the opportunity he would go for a walk all by himself.  The most legendary of which saw him make it the two miles down the road to my Mum and Dad’s house, crossing several major roads, and managing to find their house and sit at the back door waiting to be let in!

He was clingy, whiny, and in later years snotty, but the sudden loss of him hit everyone like a hammer on Wednesday night, and every time we look around expecting him to be there it hurts a little more.  The first time we came home and didn’t have him at the door wagging his tail was another punch in the guts, and the tears came again.

He has been a terrific dog with the girls, growing up together, never once showing any sort of anger or aggression to either of the girls despite some rough treatment in their very early years.  He has also welcomed and tolerated a procession of other animals into our house over the years, from other dogs, a plethora of cats, a rabbit and the odd guinea pig.  He had a wonderful nature.

It is impossible to capture in a brief post here the impact he had on our family, and the hole he has left behind so I’m really not going to try.  The stark realisation that he won’t be around again is a tough one, and it is sinking in very slowly.  Apologies for the very dry, straight forward and brief entry this week, but it is the very least the little bugger deserved to have a one of these to himself.

Henry, my mate, thank you for all the years you were with us, all the laughs and joy you provided, and the loyalty and unconditional love you gave us.  Wherever you are now, you are hopefully at rest and pain-free.  You will never be forgotten.

Henry snow
Henry in the cold stuff
Come to Daddy!
Henry in the car
Say Cheese
Henry the dog
Handsome Henry
Henry sleeping
Snoring again
Henry cuddle
Being spoilt
Henry water
Posing for the camera

Sleep well Henry. We’ll really miss you.

Till the next time…..

22 thoughts on “Henry

  1. Oh Craig – so sorry to hear about Henry. They might only be pets to some people m, but they’re not, they are part of the family and we grieve for them the same as we would any other member.

    You’ve got some lovely memories and photos of him – enjoy them while he looks down on you all with his own thanks and happy memories.

    God bless, Henry, sleep well xx

  2. I am sat here with tears rolling down my cheeks, what beautiful words to describe Henry. I am so sorry to hear your news – don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. X

  3. Hi Craig. As a regular reader of your blog, I just wanted to say how very sorry I am to hear of the loss of Henry. I shed a tear reading your post, having lost 2 very special dogs in the past, I can appreciate the sadness & heartbreak you and your family are feeling right now. You are all in my thoughts.

    Rest in peace Henry

    Fiona xxx

  4. A sad but fitting blog Craig. No-one can ever really capture in words what their dog means to them but by God you feel it when they are not there.

    You have my sympathy as I know how tough that time in the vets is

  5. A beautiful tribute to Henry. I hope the pain eases for all of you soon Craig and is replaced by the many, many happy memories you have of your boy that will make you smile when you think of him….

  6. Aw Craig, so sorry for the loss of a fab dog and a member of your family – been there and it is heartbreaking.

    Sleep well Henry..


  7. So so sorry Craig, as others have said, been there too. Time does heal and your faithfull friend is at peace now. My very best wishes to you all. X

  8. So sorry to read this Craig. As a follower of your trip reports for years now I have read all the antics of Henry over the years! He seemed like such a beautiful boy and as a dog lover myself I read your port with tears running down my cheeks.

    Sleep well Henry, you won’t be forgotten

    Beth x

  9. Oh so sorry to you all, we have dogs and love them deeply so absolutely know what you must be going through, We had a dog put to sleep years ago and was utterly heartbreaking, but the joy love and loyalty is such a wonderful thing, Hope you are all ok
    Night night Henry x

  10. I am with you every step of the way – you know why. I will miss him too he was a very welcome surrogate to our family too.

    Di xx

  11. So sorry to hear about Henry Craig – That was a lovely tribute to him and it’s obvious how much the little fella meant to you.

    Having two dogs of our own for over four years now, I know what a special part of the family dogs are, bringing joy, laughter, frustration ( lol ) and companionship to all of us.

    A dog’s loyalty and love is complete and unconditional and only another dog owner can begin to understand the hurt and sadness you guys must be going through.

    The pain will ease as time goes on but the memories will never go away…. think of the good times and joy he bought to you all and remember him with a smile.

    Sleep well Henry…

    Colin & family.

  12. Oh Craig I’m so sorry that you’ve all had to go through this. It’s a horrible experience that unfortunately is inevitable, it just seems so cruel that the longer you know them and the more you love them, the harder it s.
    At least Henry is at peace now, thinking of you all,

  13. RIP Henry xx

    Sat here crying at your beautiful post about Henry

    Hope your sadness turns to smiles at happy memory’s of Henry.

    All the best to you and your family

  14. Thank you for all your lovely comments. The amount of folk reading this entry has set a new traffic record for my blog, which is a fitting tribute for Henry!!

    We appreciate all your comments and good wishes!

  15. Really sorry to read your sad news. We have two spaniels and our oldest, Winston, is nearing 13 now and starting to show signs of wear and tear. I dread what’s around the corner so reading about Henry feels very close to home.

    Your tribute was lovely Craig. He was obviously very much loved and I hope that you will soon feel able to focus on happy memories rather than the sadness at the end.

    Your love and affection for him comes across and he was obviously very deserving of both. What a very handsome fellow he was.

    Love Linsey and Ian

  16. Oh, gosh. So sorry to hear about Henry. The loss of a member of the family is a terrible, painful thing. We have a 13 year old terrier and are starting to notice his age. He struggles to jump on the sofa and takes his time going up the stairs. I can’t bear to think about the inevitable – he’s been our baby substitute and is now a fantastic ‘big brother’ to our two young children. I’ve lost count of the number of times he’s been dressed up, cuddled, wrestled and taken for a walk. He is the rock of our family and part of the furniture.

    Best wishes to you all and thankyou for your loving tribute to a great dog.

  17. Gulp. 😦 I’m so sorry to hear the sad news about poor old Henry. It’s obvious from your blog posts (this one in particular of course) how adored he was, and I hope you all take comfort from knowing you gave him the best life he could possibly have had. Love Jo x

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