Putting holes in my kids

So I missed my usual Sunday time slot.  You might have spotted that?

I am not actually on this exact one

Right now you find me on a  train, enduring the luxury of First Class, so I have the internets at my disposal, and an impending breakfast on its way.  Such madness as the expense of First Class travel to London is unusual, as quite rightly we are expected to travel cattle class at all times.  However, due to some quirk of the system, First Class was cheaper than cattle at the time I wanted to go.  Result.

So after two minutes of typing and staring at my laptop, whilst my body lurches from side to side courtesy of the Pendolino, I now feel a little queasy.  Fear not I shall soldier on, as if I don’t get this done now, the rest of the week is more than spoken for.

So as I type Emily is on her way to her final exam, and what a mighty relief that will be for all concerned.  It has been a long six week slog for her, and anyone else in our household, as you will know from my oft documented travails around the R word.  Her reaction to most exams has been favourable, so now we wait until late August to find out what lies in front of her for the next couple of years.

Whatever happens results wise, she has, to be fair, put a decent amount of work in, and I suppose that is all you can ask.  Regardless of the letters printed on her results slip, we felt that she deserved some reward.  However, Emily has been holding us to a promise made (by Louise I must add) after perhaps one glass too many of an Old English Sheepdog.  As you know, we are short of a pet or two, so this is just what we need.  I have denied all knowledge of any such promise all along.

Knowing that she had me on the back foot, recently she has been gunning for another option, which was to have her lip pierced.  Every fibre of my body rejected the very idea of defacing her face, but Louise worked on me, and when compared to the dog option it seemed fair enough.  So last Thursday she went to get done.  As holes in your face go, it looks nice, and Emily is delighted with it, which I suppose is all that really matters.  Not to be left out, Rebecca had her belly button done too, again as a reward for efforts valiant, and to cheer her up as last week saw all her friends, and boyfriend go on holiday at the same time, so she has been facius mopius around the house, clutching her phone like some sort of life support device.  Thankfully, folk return today.

Our old pal Henry, our cocker spaniel, is feeling his age a little, and at 14, it is to be expected of course, but I fear we are entering the home straight with him now.  Our friends Steve and Di are visiting this upcoming weekend, and they, as his surrogate parents, will spoil him beyond all bounds I’m sure as usual, which might perk him up a little.  It is hard when it gets to this stage, as we have had Henry as long as we have had a Rebecca, so he truly is one of the family.  True, Rebecca does not lick her backside and eat grass as far as I know, but we can’t hold that against him!

So I have two days in our London office to do, and as I can smell the breakfast, and the swaying of the train is causing me to feel like I do when I have just stepped off of Manta, I will draw this hurried entry to a close.  By the way, if anyone sees the dollar rate surge in the next few days give me a shout?

Till the next time…..

3 thoughts on “Putting holes in my kids

  1. and when they tell you about the dollar rate, Craig, pass it on to me please 🙂
    29 days and counting 🙂

  2. Yes I did notice you missed your usual time slot… was all tucked up with a cup of tea excited to read… and nothing. 😦
    Well done for accepting Emily’s piercing: at least she waited for your permission though – my 17 year old sister is in Zante (Greece) with a friend and text my mum today to say she’s had her back pierced. What is a back piercing anyway!

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