For you, the exchange trip is over!

And so the eagle has flown the nest, and our contribution to the cordial relations between England and the Father Land come to an end.

Kathl, it has to be said, was a delight, and her ten days with us flew by.  This was mainly as school had them out on activities almost all the time, and so we actually saw very little of her.  It was a nice change to have a teenager in the house who could manage a smile and a hearty good morning.  I’m not too hopeful that this is going to rub off on Emily any time soon.

We escaped the rest of the week without further sleep overage, and with the nicer weather, Rebecca and Kathl spent most evenings at the local park with various other friends of both nationalities.  I think some of the local boys had ideas of improving Anglo-Germanic relations somehow, but Kathl was having none of it.  On Thursday evening a few of them went out for a traditional English meal as a goodbye.  Yes, the local curry house was the scene of this truly English celebration.

Smiling, and this was pre breakfast!!

So the week drew to an end with me taking Friday off to do the farewell honours, and most of the early morning was spent in the giving of presents to Kathl and some to take home to her family, and then weighing her enormous suitcase to make sure it made it in below 20kg.  There were ounces to spare.

I dropped her off at school, and left both nationalities to say their goodbyes.  So then I had most of Friday to do with what I wished.  However, amidst housework, and the inevitable intrusion of work emails, I didn’t get to do a lot of nothing.

Typical of another quiet Williams week, Dad was back in hospital on Wednesday, but this time it was planned.  He was to have something drained (details omitted for those having eaten recently), and all was well.  He felt much better for it, and I visited him on Friday evening, glad to see him much more like his old self, with some decent colour and in jovial mood.

He was allowed to go home early on Saturday, and knowing my Dad, if he thought for one second that my Mum would let him, he’d have been planning a round of golf on Sunday!!

In other health matters, earlier in the week, our seemingly Benjamin Button style cocker spaniel, Henry, had a turn for the worse health wise, and we took him for the millionth time to the vets.  The usual dispensation of steroids and a bill saw him improve rapidly, but at 14, we are, and to be honest have been for some time, bracing ourselves for the inevitable.

However, by weekend he had perked up no end, and on Saturday I took him on a lengthy walk, of about four miles.  How did I know it was four miles? Well, by the wonders of my phone with an i, I have an app for that.  It is a good one which shows my route, tells me how far I walked and how many calories burnt.  Yes, as I have said repeatedly, I am indeed that sad.

Anywho, despite seeming to enjoy the walk at the time, in hindsight, one of that length and pace may well be beyond him now.  He was knackered, and also seemed to be suffering a few aches and pains all evening, and indeed most of the bloody night too, as he whimpered and wandered around keeping us awake.  He has slept most of Sunday too…well, that’s alright for him!!  You can see that he was a little sleepy afterwards!


Saturday morning started with a lovely little battle and shouting match, with me “encouraging” Emily to get her arse out of bed to do some revising.  How cruel of me to insist she joins the world of the living at the ungodly hour of eleven o’clock.  I have to admit that I raised my voice ever so slightly, and then together we constructed her revision timetable for the Easter holidays.  She was delighted.

I for one will be delighted when these bloody exams are done, as I am sick to death of going to war with her over her revision.  She’s done a fair bit this weekend I have to be honest, but finding that balance between letting her make her own mistakes, and putting a rocket up her arse every few minutes is one I am struggling to find.

On the positive side I only have four days left at work until a welcome break.  I finish on Thursday until the 3rd of May.  I cock my hat to the Royal couple for the additional holiday, but saying that I’m no doubt paying for a vol au vent or two so it is fully deserved.  I will not be glued to the TV watching the event to be honest, I have lots of grass growing in the back garden that demands my attention more.  It is a close call as to what would make my blood boil most, having to sit through this nonsense or watch Britain’s Got Talent.  It returned on Saturday and it never fails to make me angry.  Apologies for those bearing the brunt of that via Twitter at the time!

Another uneventful week comes to a close, with a new one around the corner, which of course means a Monday.  What joy.

Till the next time….

2 thoughts on “For you, the exchange trip is over!

  1. Am glad to hear all went well and Anglo German relations are on a firm footing. Doubt they want a hat-trick of defeats anyway. I never watch BGT but I felt I had with the welter of abuse filling my feeds from you and many, many others….more entertaining than the mentals they attract on that show anyway

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