A tale of two convertibles…..

Work has been inconveniently busy and stressful this week.  It isn’t enough that I turn up every (most) days whether I want to or not.  It seems in exchange for the money that arrives in my bank each month, they need to me to actually do stuff.  Stuff this week, seems to have been in the form of an endless conveyor belt of problems and panics, that to me don’t really sit with me to fix, but no bugger else seems to be having a go at, and so it has fallen into my lap.

This has severely restricted my ability to monitor the football transfer window via Tweetdeck, and all this having to attend, and pay attention in meetings is nothing short of just downright inconvenient.

Still without work, I would not be able to fund the runaway budget of our new bedroom.  See how I did not use the word garage there?  It can no longer be described as anything close to a garage, as it has electric, a window, and an ensuite that is all but ready to oblute all over.  I enjoy a good oblute.

A week ago the chaps working on it were telling me that it would all come together very quickly and they expected to be done in a week.  I laughed at this suggestion (not to their faces of course, they are big builder types), as it still looked like four walls and a lot of dirt.  True to their word, we have been drawing up snag lists for their last day on site tomorrow.  It did appear that every workman in the North West was at our house towards the end of last week, with electricians, joiners and plumbers falling over each other.

So the journey is almost complete…



Half Garage Half Bedroom


Nearly done..


En Suite
Th'En Suite

This positive news is however tinged with sadness, as it inevitably follows that now, the decorating must begin.  A choice between decorating and sitting on a hot poker would be a tricky choice for me, so to make sure I get on with it, yesterday we went out and ordered the carpet.  We have asked for it to be fitted on Friday of next week so that I have no option but to struggle on through the horror of turps and stiff brushes.  Not wanting to waste the next four weekends, I have booked three days off from work, so I can just get it done.

For those three days I can wear pants that display a spectacular builder’s arse, a T-shirt that is far too tight for wearing outside, but is fine for getting full of paint, and pretend that I am a manual worker, and not the office based, soft handed, namby pamby wuss that I really am.  I shall drink strong tea with six sugars, listen to the radio all day, eat steak pudding chips and peas for lunch and then present Louise with an extortionate bill.

To get a head start the work began today, and I have –

  • Hoovered (or should I say Dysoned) the room, trying to suck up weeks worth of dust and stuff
  • Put paste all over the newly plastered walls.  This was a tip from the builder, so either it will make the painting easier, or it is just something he tells idiots like me who work in an office to cheer up his working day
  • Glossed all the skirting boards and doors.

So with a decent effort on Wednesday and Thursday I can have it done, and then give the Xbox some hammer on Friday whilst awaiting the carpet delivery.

Speaking of delivery, finally, after a ridiculous wait for the new insurance documents, Louise got to pick up her new car on Thursday evening.  Here we sit in the 21st Century, and still Tesco Insurance tell me they cannot email, or would you believe even fax the new documents to me, and I had to wait for first class post to take four days to get to us.  I then scanned it in, emailed it to the garage, and picked the car up on the same day!!

Louise's convertible....the cat converts into a nuisance very easily

Thursday night was a stinker weather wise, and the final journey in the Mini was pretty horrible, and it seemed to take forever to get to the garage.  Half way there, Rebecca started to feel very unwell, with a lot of stomach pain based around that regular female event.  This added nicely to the pleasure of the journey, and upon arriving at the garage she was surrounded by every female member of staff in the building, offering hot drinks, seats and lots of advice.  Two strong pain killers and a hot drink helped, whilst I cracked on with the signature marathon that is the purchase of a new car.

How can it be so complex?  I must have signed a dozen documents, and been there the best part of an hour.  Daft!

Finally, Louise was let loose on the new car, and we set off for home.  After the marathon journey and signature fest, we decided to call in at Nandos near the Reebok Stadium for tea.  That helped.  I’m not good without food.

Upon leaving, we needed “some bits” from Asda around the corner, so Louise gave in to the girl’s pleadings to drop the roof.  Now, it was a very, very cold night, and by the time Louise hit second gear, the girls were pleading with her to stop and put the top back up again!!  The two minute journey resulted in frozen snot candles on them both, and a lesson learned that the top stays up until Easter at the earliest.

So here I sit, aching and sore from all my painting efforts, the girls are out a party somewhere, and Louise is starting the tea.  Tomorrow, I am in that there London for a meeting I could well do without to be honest.  I’m off to see a major sports brand in London, a brand that have sports bars, and I am more interested really in the fact that they are based in a Disney building, and all of the meeting rooms are themed.  I’m hoping for the Lion King room personally!!

Before all that, I have to be up at some silly hour to get the train from Manchester at 7.30.  The joy!!  I think I’d rather be decorating.

Till the next time….

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