Blinked and missed the week.

Having been a single parent all week, I can’t believe how busy I’ve been, and therefore how quickly time has flown since last weekend.

Louise is still in hospital, waiting for anything like a decent diagnosis, and is pretty fed up.  My car knows the route to the hospital without any assistance from me, and the days seem to fly by in a dizzying routine of work, visiting, eating crap, and collapsing into bed.

Work was nothing notable, although I did have a very interesting meeting with a lady called Suw (yes it really is spelt like that), to discuss the phenom….phunom….new thing that is social media and how we should be using it as a company to communicate with our customers.  Few things work related capture my interest these days, but this meeting was one of them.  The fact that things such as social media consultants exist blows my mind, and it echoes what the headmaster said at the girl’s school recently.  Apparently 40% of the pupils now in school will do jobs that don’t exist yet!!

George Michael is gay??? Really???

I believe that, as when I was at school, and Grange Hill was on TV, Wham in the charts and you could buy cans of Quattro, the idea of having a job that involved managing web sites would have been crazy, mainly as no-one would have known what a web site was!!  Anyway, that is what has happened to me, so goodness knows what the girls will do for a living.

Having just made myself sound about 206 years old, I should point out how young, credible and hip I am by telling you that I managed to actually purchase an item of clothing for Rebecca today, without her being there, that she likes and is willing to wear.  Fo Schnizel…as the young folk tend to say.

Forgive the brief nature of this entry, but my brain is frazzeled, my body weak, and I need to consume some mindless TV and/or play copious amounts of mindless X-Box games in an attempt to relax and unwind.

I shall hopefully post again during the week with news of Louise’s return home.  Fingers crossed.

Till the next time……

One thought on “Blinked and missed the week.

  1. So sorry to hear about Louise, we hope she feels better soon. Five years ago Dave was in the same situation terrible pain, admitted to hospital twice, the second time for 2 weeks, all in all after many many tests, and a good MOT, we knew what was not wrong, however they eventually came to the conclusion that it was IBS. He has been on tablets ever since but is slowly being weaned off them.

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