A&E and a few other vowels.

Louise is in hospital.

As we speak (well technically, we are not speaking, unless of course you are speaking whilst reading this, which is impressive muti tasking, and pretty unlikely, but I think you know what I mean) Louise is on ward F5 of the Royal Bolton Hospital.  I have no idea what makes a hospital Royal though, as I certainly don’t think any royalty have graced it.

Anyone who has known Louise for a period of time will know that this set of circumstances isn’t the most unusual in the world.  Indeed our annual passholder car park pass is again coming in handy, and it is always nice to be greeted by your first name and a wave as you enter A&E.  She has had a plethora (that in itself isn’t an illness) of ailments and operations over the years, and we are very well rehearsed at the trip to A&E scenario.

Friday saw another one.  I was at work, and Louise sent me a text that she was on her way to A&E having spent Thursday night in incredible pain.  As routine as this type of thing is, I was still less than happy that she had driven herself there.  Anyway, I left work and made my way to A&E, where we began the well known routine.

Step 1.

Try to explain to the thirteen year old doctor a forty year history of operations and procedures, guessing at dates, and wishing we’d written all this down.

Step 2.


Step 3.

Finally, Louise gets some proper pain relief and colour returns to cheeks.

Step 4.


Step 5.

Blood tests and Xray.

Step 6.


Usually once the pain is managed and they can’t find any real reason for it, Louise is sent home, and wished well until the next time.  However this time she was admitted, as sometimes happens, for tests and stuff.

That was Friday.  Sunday morning has arrived and there has been little action to be honest, and the promised scans etc look like taking place tomorrow.

Rebecca at Hospital
Fringe with iPod

We visited last night, and took Louise the essentials.  Not Lucozade and flowers.  More like Clarins face wash, moistureiser and two Toffee Crisps.  Louise hadn’t eaten since mid Friday.

As this is week 2 of her Weight Watchers campaign (losing a healthy four pounds in Week 1) this nil by mouth apart from two toffee crisps should see further impressive results!

The girls took their own essentials, however Emily forgot her iPod earphones so they had to share.  We all have to make sacrifices at times like these I suppose.  The girls lasted a full ten minutes at bedside before becoming too loud and annoying for a very tired and morphine filled Louise so they were despatched to the shop for their own safety.  I lasted about an hour before I had the same effect, and was sent home.

So we’ll have to wait and see just how long Louise will be in, and in the mean time I am becoming a black belt at the washing machine, and will be ironing and stuff later.  Not that I don’t do this stuff normally of course!!

Add in the fact that I have to do the “big shop” too, and I could play the woe is me card.  However, it could be worse, I could be the one lay in hospital next to some less than dazzling company, from, (allow me to be a snob for a second) less celubrious areas of town, not knowing what is causing all this pain, and wondering what will happen next.

Plus how rubbish must it be to be in hospital at the same place you go to work everyday!!  Anyway, at least it means Louise’s boss can easily make sure she really is ill and not swinging lead or any other heavy metal.

Emily at Hospital
Other fringe with iPod

So as Sunday morning drifts into Sunday afternoon it is time to get the girls out of bed, unload the washer, load the dryer, hand out random chores to the girls, make sure they are doing that homework they have said they were doing all last week, then go to the supermarket, come home, put shopping away, make the girls some tea, have a row as they haven’t done that homework still, then go and visit Louise, and try not to get on her nerves too much, and come home.

Plus somewhere in all of that I have several hours of XBox to fit in.  I really don’t know how I shall!!

5 thoughts on “A&E and a few other vowels.

  1. Oh noooo….(you didn’t plan this for Valentines Day did you now Craig so you wouldn’t have to get a pressie now ;)). Hope poor Louise makes a speedy recovery. Send her my love xxx

  2. …but it’s valentine’s day..:( 😦 😦 Did u kick fate’s puppy or somefin? …and it’s sad…:( 😦 😦 she’s not supposed to be there as a patient, unhappy..she’s supposed to be there as superwoman, wrinkling her cape n helping people.. 😦 😦 ~am not cross at u for making me laff so much there, when is sad, cuz know u gotta laff sometimes or go crazy. ( n think the 2 separate piccies, each wiv one earpiece is charming, bless em). ~looking forward to hearing happy post ’bout how well things turned out at hospital soon-as is v. much her due) ~good luck w/the homework-ing n mr.mom-ing.. 😦

  3. You’re a hero Craig holding the fort like that 🙂 On a serious note give Lou our love and let us know how she gets on xx

  4. Your an inspiration Craig….Louise will be in hospital thinking you are the one deserving every ounce of sympathy. You even did the ironing! I salute your indefatigability

    Best wishes to Louise obviously

  5. This wasn’t a fishing for praise/sympathy blog guys. Cos you know I iron and stuff all the time!! 🙂

    I’d much rather be at home doing the odd bit of housework then sat where Louise is. Speaking of which….off to visit now.

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